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Post Reply Is there something wrong with wanting a realistic/human character?
Posted 2/13/17
I like the realistic human characters however everybody seems to hate them most of the time.
For example Shinji from Evangelion is pretty well hated but he's a amazing 14 yr old human character.

I love the characters from RahXephon and alot of them are human with their flaws of losing love and time.

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Posted 2/13/17 , edited 2/13/17

qualeshia3 wrote:

What are you getting at?

...your "definition" of "reality"....

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Posted 2/13/17
I wasn't aware there was overwhelming demand for either type of character.
Both realistic, or maybe the better word would be relateable, characters that have the potential to grow and evolve and utterly unrealistic characters that don't have much room for developing any real depth have their entertainment value if the story is told in the right way.

While I generally prefer relateable and memorable characters that have depth and evolve throughout the story, like most of the cast for Space Brothers for example, I can also enjoy the antics of an unreasonably perfect character like Sakamoto that is so over the top there's just no room for any real character development.
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