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Posted 2/13/17
I love each and every season in Japan! They are each so unique and when you see one of the things that represent that season you kinda think "wow it really is winter/spring/summer/autumn". Gotta appreciate the seasons my friends.

So I thought I might as well tell you about what is so unique about Japanese seasons!
(I took the pictures and some info from so credits to them!)

Japan gets really REALLY humid and hot in the Summer but in winter it is FREEZING! Winter sports have become hugely popular in recent years and the 1998 Winter Olympics held in Nagano were hugely successful. The chilly weather takes it toll on the nation's health and it's common to see people wearing white masks over their mouths- yes it's not for fashion to make you looks super kawaii cos no dat stupid guys. The masks are not to protect the wearer from a cold but rather to prevent others from catching the cold. Sightseeing the Mt. Fuji is absolutely AMAZING and BREATHTAKING (guys it's so pretty I didn't take this photo but LOOK AT THIS)

Japan is well known for the cherry blossom trees blooming in spring and while the flowers are still blooming, they do something called お花見which I guess can be translated to "flower watching" they have picnics whilst watching the flowers. There is also a saying in Japan however that goes "花よりだんご"(hana yori dango) And my friends, YES THERE IS AN ANIME CALLED HANA YORI DANGO. Hana yori dango means "Dango over flowers" Dango is Japanese dumpling and sweet made from mochiko, related to mocha (thank u google) so you could say that this translates to "eating food over watching the flowers". Funny huh.

not a season but I'm going to talk about TSUYU
Tsuyu is the rainy season in Japan in June. Typical symbolic Tsuyu like things are frogs, hydrangea and umbrellas too I guess?? If you are going to visit Japan at this time, I will admit it is really pretty but but going to Disneyland etc. won't be fun. (No one wants to see the people in the parades with raincoats, it ruins it ;-;)


OK guys I have very strong memories from Japan in the summer and can I say, if you are visiting NEVER FORGET TO BOOK A PLACE WITH AN AIR-CON not that there isn't a place without one that I know but just make sure cos it is H-U-M-I-D! But then again even if you do get mosquito bites, Japan in the summer is really fun cos there is fireworks, すいかわり(a fun game where you are blindfolded and with the help of other people you have to crack open the watermelon with a stick, bit like a Piñata but on the ground), the sound of the cicada is very annoying but summer like as well! Don't forget the FRUITS OH BOY THEY ARE SOOO GOOD.

As the weather cools, leaves begin to change color and suddenly the landscape is a dramatic palette of bright reds, browns, oranges, yellows and greens. The koyo (red leaves) of late autumn are an often breathtaking sight, especially against a backdrop of Mt Fuji or a temple in Kyoto. It is neither too hot or cold and there IS GREAT FOOD LIKE YAKIIMO(baked sweet potato). Basically all the seasons have some kind of seasonal food linked to it!! They're all so good as well!!

This kinda got long but I hope you enjoyed it!
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