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Posted 2/13/17 , edited 2/13/17
As the 2016 election shows, United States is losing their protagonist role in the global setting; something that they had keep since the end of World War 2. U.S. once viewed themselves as the protagonist who is the lone savior of the developing nations for Democracy and economic advancement. Under this narration, they believe that the developing nations is unchanging and that the third world problems had always exist; in reality, the developing nations is undergoing rapid change and the third world problems had only arise a few centuries ago beginning with the colonization from the European empires and now due to Neo-Colonialism. The citizen in the developing nations are fending off the transnational corporate from U.S. who are establishing a puppet government to oppress the locals.
Now, U.S. is losing their status as the protagonist to the second world. The year of 2016 is the first time in the Age of Globalization where a foreign nation has a significant influence on U.S.; before this, the U.S. live in their own isolated world ignorant of external events. Will this be an opportunity for U.S. to face novel challenge and expand their world? Will this regress U.S. into second world, or even third world, status by Neo-Colonialism? Only time will tell.
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