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Posted 2/13/17
Fall of Utopia Fantasy 1: The Job Thieves

Genre: fantasy, virtual reality, comedy, slice of life

Background Plot
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Posted 2/13/17
Prelude scene

Business Man: “My company will now withdraw support for you. You had allowed the Muslim terrorists to bypass your national security and damage the core of United States. The aftershock of the attack is affecting the nation even after this few years. The invasion had caused constant leakage of greed across the nation and it dramatically depletes our national supply of OPMs; we have less OPMs to run our oversea factories and less OPMs to sell in foreign wars. The attack also cause huge initial financial loss and discourage foreign investors. And the worse part is that it scares away my foreign workers.”

President Bush: “How many times do I have to tell you? The attack is unpredictable and no one can possibly predict it.”

Business Man: “You have no excuse for your ignorance! You were raised under the invisible hand who empower all individuals to unlock their hidden superhuman power so they can overcome all hardship of life by themselves. Your laziness allows the 9/11 attack to happen!”

Scene 1
Hero: “You are willing to replace many workers with OPMs, all for your own profit?”

Villain: “This is the will of the invisible hand; you cannot argue against it. Do you foolishly think that the force of order can overcome our force of chaos? The force of order is built on lies! You cannot possibly win against the invisible hand!”

Scene 2
Hero: “Many people discarded their greed into the No Man’s World but you keep and even embrace your greed? Do you have any sense of shame?”

Villain: “You fool! Greed is the driving force of the universe; the essence of progress. Without it, all societies will be trapped in stagnation. Even the desires for things like fame, connection, belonging, and return of favor all have their root in greed.”
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Posted 2/13/17
Scene 3
Female Reporter: “According to the report, the seducing OPMs use publicly indecent poses and lesbian scenes to seduce man. Those OPMs put those men under a zombie-like state by some form of mind-control and then make those men transfer their life force to the OPM.”

Woman in authority: “You mean that the OPMs is taking not only the employment of our workers but also the heart of our boyfriends? This is terrible; I cannot stop my boyfriend from being socialized to see women as sex objects especially when it encourages economic investment. We must kill all OPMs especially the seducing type. The report state that the seducing OPMs do not seem to fare well against idol competitor so I would mandate at least one heterosexual women for every hero parties. We would also have to train boys in the art of trap even when traps could harm the morality of our community.”

Scene 4
Manly Hero: “So you OPM use the power of lust to seduce many men into joining a zombie-like collective hivemind, make those men follow all your orders without question, and convert some of those men into traps to help you seduce more men. You even violate the copyright law by using the image of the Miku fictional character for your seducing. You had put many men under your mind control by seducing but you cannot seduce me with your publicly offensive poses!”

Miku OPM: “You may continue resisting but you will eventually fall under my girly power as I make more sexy poses.”

*After the OPM end her speech with a girly charm, the manly hero lost his mental resistance and become assimilated into the zombie hivemind. Shortly after, a female hero kill the OPM and free all the men from the mind-control*

Scene 5
Women: “Go back to your sense! You are my boyfriend! You had been seduced by a OPM and had fallen into its mind control for a few hours; the OPM are now defeated and you should now free yourself from your zombified state. You should resist the preaching of that OPM and stop saying that women are defined by their capacity to satisfy men’s lust.”

Boyfriend: “Women are defined by their capacity to satisfy men’s lust. Women gain their empowerment from evoking men’s lust. You do not satisfy men’s lust; you are not a woman.”

*And so a man get slapped in the face*
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Posted 2/17/17
Scene 6

Scene 7

Epilogue Scene
*A heroine codenamed Tsukineko handle various part-time jobs related to the OPMs. Before the invasion, she lives a lonely but peaceful life isolated from external conflicts like many U.S. citizen. Now, she is participating more in her community in response to the threats by OPMs. She wonders whether her current life is better than that before the invasion; the OPMs at first take her job and her boyfriend but now she gets to meet many people who share her interests and activities. *
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Posted 2/17/17
Fall of Utopia Fantasy 2: To the End of Dream

Genre: fantasy, virtual reality, drama, romance, action

Carry some major themes from the anime called ‘Zetsuen No Tempest’. This plot focus on the rebellion against the invisible hand and the beginning of governance by humans. The story is centered on the conflict between two sides: those who want to protect the invisible hand to preserve the current VR worlds and those who want to destroy the invisible hand. The plot begins partway within the previous story and continue after it. The protagonist, codenamed Red Rebel, is a mysterious talented hero who will accept low wage and harsh working conditions in his struggle against the invisible hand.

Scene 1
*The heroine and her allies appear before a villain. The villain get a brief shock but then make an evil smile*

Villain: “So, you and your comrades made it this far. I must admit: you may have the capacity to overthrow the invisible hand and you may bring a new era of freedom. However, do you think that the destruction of the invisible hand will allow you to live a happy life with your lover, red rebel? Had you ever wonder why he can change his biological sex even in the real world? Red rebel is not a human; he is a VR lifeform who embody a person’s will of revenge. He was born from the lost memories of a human who lost his future and lover. You may had originally work with red rebel against the invisible hand to get your revenge but you now work with him by love; he is the only one to help you in tour most desperate time and the one who accept you for who you are. Abandon your love and stop red rebel; if you do not then you could never by with your only true love because Red Rebel will disappear from existence wen the invisible hand is overthrown.”

Ally Male Hero: “So what! If he will disappear then heroine can get another man. In fact, she can make a clone of Red Rebel!”

*And so, a man get slapped in the face for not understanding a woman’s feeling*

Prelude to the Climactic Scene of First Arc
*At the cultist base*

Cultist: “So the heretic is now launching an invasion on our main base to stop us from summoning the invisible hand…and they apparently leave Red Rebel on the heretic base; this is suspicious. Why will the heretic invade us without Red Rebel who can dramatically improve the moral of the invaders and lead them to victory? The invasion force in front of us may be a distraction; the enemy may be sending a secret force from another location. Even when we are in a very desperate situation, we shall not deploy our elite units unless Red Rebel appear.”

*At the heretic base*

Red Rebel: “You mean that you launch an important invasion without me! I had been managing my finance and my personal life so I can prepare enough time for this invasion; I even recruit a boy as a cross-dressing maid to manage my house during this invasion. I had been managing the logistics of the organization to provide funding for this invasion. Do you know how vital my skills are to the force?”

Rebel Officer: “That is the point; we launch an important invasion behind your back to surprise our enemy. The enemy concentrate their spying activities on you because of your many past achievements so they can barely keep track of our other key fighters. We are also suspicions of your background. Since most of our members are now on the frontline invasion, you will now be guarding our base and doing menial labors even when you are an inspiring hero.”

Climactic Scene of First Arc
Cultist: “So you attempt to destroy the invisible hand even when you do not know what it actually is. I will explain what the invisible hand is to you especially when I must point to your foolishness. You cannot destroy the invisible hand; the invisible hand does not exist in a physical world! The invisible hand is an intangible entity that exist in the spiritual plane! Your foolishness does not even end there: your battles with the OPMs and the agents is causing the very chaos that is needed for its physical manifestation! The invisible hand is manifesting a physical form right next to us as I speak to show its glory! Look at the invisible hand! No matter how hard you look at it, you can only see this: it is a flawless government, it judges people per their work and innovation, and it is 100% anarchy.”

Heretic: “What are you saying? The invisible hand seems to judge people more accordingly to their wealth and ownership than their work and innovation. Also, how can I see the invisible hand when it is invisible?”

Cultist: “It is easy to see the invisible hand: we are in a lawless land where everyone can unlock their hidden omnipotent without restrain from the official government nor the law; you can use your willpower to develop a sixth sense to see the invisible hand in its natural purity. Invisible hand, use your authority to punish this heretic and fill me with abundant luxury.”

*The invisible hand make a miracle. The miracle will not be mentioned directly but it will be implied later in the plot.*

Prelude to the Second Arc
*Red Rebel had a dream. In that dream, one of his comrade talk about the wonderful miracles by the invisible hand: the invisible hand is now doing what it was supposed to do; it is now judging people per their deeds. He suspects that the invisible hand was the one doing the talking in the dream under the guise of his comrade but he can see no lies in its claim; right now, in United States, people who do bad deed constantly receive bad luck and people who do good deed with good luck. The invisible hand is still draining huge amount of resource from the developing nations but it is now enforcing an effective governance in US and maintaining economic stability. Some Capitalists are still following the invisible hand despite receiving bad lucks from their bad deeds. Red Rebel conclude that this loyalty to the invisible hand persist because many of its followers are dependant on it for individual empowerment to the point where they cannot imagine a life without the invisible hand. These recent miracles by the invisible hand is likely due to the appearance of a competitor…*

Introspective Scene
*Red rebel reflects on his life history: he was the shadow of a human born to carry out revenge; an embodiment of revenge. He initially cares nothing more than to carry the will of revenge by his human source but that change as he begins to absorb more aspects of humanity from his human source; he can now express the full range of human emotions and desires. He once prioritizes the vengeful goal from his human source at all cost but he now begins to question his initial purpose. He is once willing to absorb the humanity from his human source to gain the social capacity to make alliance and negotiate with people without hesitation but he now begin to doubt this action which could eventually put his human source into eternal sleep. He also begins to show concern to his new friends who work with him; He will disappear after the invisible hand is overthrown but how would his friends respond to his disappearance? Will they grief for his departure? Will they get mad at him for hiding the truth in this whole time? Regardless of the outcome, he resolves to overthrow the invisible hand. He is still motivated by the revenge from his human source but he is now driven by a more greater motivation: to create a future for the people dear to him. *

Climatic Scene of Second Arc
Villain: “Your rebellion against the invisible hand is foolish! Do you think that you can live without the invisible hand? Before the invisible hand come into your life, you are genetic VR lifeform who are fated for a plotless life; you are once destined to die as a meaningless bystander and disappear as a background character. If the invisible hand is overthrown, then you will be destined for your old dreaded fate.”

Red Rebel: “Your word may be true and unarguable. However, I had seen those who can progress without the invisible hand; a future that is unimaginable to the Western citizen. The dwellers of the unimaginable do not even take place in dark genre; some even dwell in utopia. If prosperity can exist in the barren, then there might be a possibility for one like me to exist in the unimaginable life without the invisible hand. Even if I cannot live in the unimaginable, I can at least prepare the unimaginable for those who would otherwise meet the same tragic ending as me.”

Villain: “So the invisible hand has lead you to this route. Let see where your route end.”

*The invisible hand is overthrown which result in the disintegration of all VR worlds in the United States. The VR elements disappear with the VR worlds while the non-VR elements of the VR worlds appear in the real world on the same place where it enters the VR worlds. U.S. suffer from brief instability as its citizen adjusts to the life without the invisible hand. This revolution prevents greed from being gathered to sustain the OPMs army oversea. Without the militaristic OPMs to supress rebellion in Mexico, the transnational corporation flee from Mexico while their puppet government eventually surrendered to the Zapatista…*

Zapatista member (in Spanish): “Victory is ours! We will now be building this nation for our future. May those who seek refuge in U.S. come back to help build our nation. We will now be executing this puppet dictator for betraying our people to the foreign corporate.”

Puppet Dictator (in Spanish): “Please do not execute me! I was supporting the transnational corporate so the invisible hand will give favor to Mexico! The invisible hand make me commit acts of horror toward my own people for the foreign interest! I only enforce the policies of murder and thievery of my own people so the invisible hand could make Mexico meet the economic standard of the first world!”

*In Russia...*
Russian Imperialist (in Russian): “So United States has now fallen from its glory; this is now the time for Russia to establish itself as the new top economic power. Mu ha ha ha ha.”

*In Cuba…*
Cuban citizen #1 (in Spanish): “Now that the WTO and NAFTA has been severely weakened by the revolution in U.S., Cuba is now experiencing an economic bloom as the Capitalists can no longer enforce economic sanction against Cuba. The Cuban government is now relaxing many of its economic regulations from the harsh economic period; I can now buy my own car and enjoy fresh vegetable from oversea.”

*The heroine now reflects on her recent past. She had worked for revenge before she meets Red Rebel. After meeting Red Rebel, she learned that Red Rebel will disappear when the invisible hand is overthrown which disturbed her. Red Rebel eventually realize her worry and comforted her. He put her at ease when he explains his origin; he further claims that he will exist as a human after overthrowing the invisible hand. She cannot be sure whether he is honest but she accepts his claim due to her devotion to him. After Red Rebel disappear, she researches his origin and identify his human source. She concludes that Red Rebel can still exist within his human source and decide to meet that human…*
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Posted 2/18/17 , edited 2/18/17
Fall of Utopia Fantasy: Diary of a Priest

Genre: Fantasy, Drama

Diary #1: “I become a priest of the invisible hand despite being its enemy because I am needed to make the invisible hand into a complete god. The invisible hand is an incomplete god who need my expertise of its nature to become whole. Its completion will make it vulnerable to external attacks but its completion is more important then its survival.”

Diary #2: “The priests of the invisible hand have a very low socio-status within the Capitalist religion. The priests receive marginal wage and often take the blame for any scandal or hardship of the cult. That is why an antagonistic people like me usually occupy this position.”

Diary #3: “I seem to be progressively losing my conscious. The source seems to be a being who is born from my desire of revenge: Red Rebel. As the priest of the invisible hand, I cannot carry out my act of revenge so Red Rebel is born to carry it out for me. The birth of a powerful entity like Red Rebel is possible due to my connection to the invisible hand.”

Diary #4: “I access the ongoing memories of Red Rebel: He is socially accepted and has many companions; his life seems to be more worthy of living than my life. My life has been one of loneliness, alienation, and lack of opportunities. A hospital stay is prepared in anticipation of my eternal sleep. I cannot achieve what I want in life but Red Rebel may achieve it in my place.”

Diary #5: “I now wake up from my sleep and learn that the invisible hand is overthrown. During my sleep, I had been sub-consciously obtaining information of current events from Red Rebel which I use to help the invisible hand become complete. A girl, who apparently have connection to the heretic, come to meet me. She has a feeling of uneasiness and stood beside me for hours but she does not interact much with me. She shed tears at one time during our meeting.”

Diary #6: “Despite my recent dependency on the invisible hand, I had decided to carry out my revenge because I resolved to follow my own future. However, I had become confused on when and where I made this decision. I remember that my decision occurred during my time in the hospital but my memory of the decision take place outside of the hospital. I remember that my decision occurs during a large-scale conflict between two major factions but I do not remember being in any large-scale conflicts myself.”
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Posted 3/31/17
I had complete the key plots of my story which focus on character interaction. I will now come up with the combat roles of the characters:

Tsukineko take the role of a healer and buffer.

Red Rebel take an offensive tank role. Across VR worlds, he tend to use heavy weapons with destructive potential like pole-arm, heavy twin swords, and bazooka. If possible, he will cause environmental destruction within the VR world to damage or hinder the enemies indirectly. He prefer such things as radio jammer and surprise attack to disrupt enemy formation. His adaptability and high combat skills allow him to be an effectively fighter on the many VR worlds; this is in contrast with many other combatants who can fight effectively only on a specific VR world. His adaptability include the capacity to enter a brief high-energy state and some transformation for greater mobility on a specific environment. This profile make him suited for military operation in No Man`s World with his resilience to environmental disturbance and the minimal impact of his destructive combat style.

Red Rebel's lover take both an archer and a de-buffer role.

The priest of the invisible hand take the role of a healer, buffer, and an assassin.

The cult leaders in the story tend to take the role of close-range combatant, de-buffer, or immobilizer.

The many heroes, agents, heretics, and non-elite cultists do not have a tendency to take a specific combat roles since they represent a diversity of groups from diverse backgrounds.
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I had not finish the plot and I do not plan to complete the plot after writing the key scenes. I will list plot elements that is unique in this story (and that may not be apparent in the scenes that did get written):

1) Deviation of "monsters attack innocent civilians but are then stopped by heroes": in general, the monsters in this story do not physically attack human nor harm them in any direct way. Instead, they steal jobs from humans and they are stopped by monster hunters who are not very heroic themselves. The monsters are also not commonly killed in public; they are often killed out of public view so the killers will not get lawsuited or ostrached in any way. The traditional monsters represent a feared entity that physically harm a person, are used as a means for hero status, and embody the traditional idea of evil. The monsters in this story represent an entity that is feared for their job-stealing capacity and embody the evil of Capitalism.

2) Magical VR worlds as proxy war: Some anime like Accel World have VR that are isolated from the affairs of real world. In this story, events in VR worlds is an extension of the affairs and conflicts from the real world. Past anime like the Hack series and Sword Art Online gave magical capacity to VR to allow more individual agent; magic already exist in this story and magic even allow the existence of VR. The proxy wars in VR worlds war is justified from the ability to disgiuse oneself with a VR avatar and the location of the VR worlds as a smuggling route for potential monster employees.

3) Low fantasy and alternate earth with magic: This story is an alternate earth with the same major events as real life and a basis in real life issues and conflicts. The magic here is not overpowered and is often used in combination with modern technology. The plot is a metaphoric representation of globalization with a focus on US and current events.

4) Realistically powered characters: the prominent characters are not overpowered in any way although they can be more influential than the bystanders. They may be overwelmed by situational forces and individual limitations. They do not drive the plot by themselves; the plot are driven by many other background characters and each prominent character representing an agency of the background characters. The prominent characters also have more realistic grey morality. Their morality do differ but not on the bad-good axis.

5) Rebellion against a God: the invisible hand which is protected and accepted as a symbolic ruler by the Capitalists in this story. The invisible hand in this story is used to sustain the magic in the many VR worlds, produce overpowered monsters, and provide key logistic support for Neo-Colonialism by United States. The invisible hand play a passive, but key, role both in the plot and in its administration over the Capitalist religion. The invisible hand is technically the lead antagonist but only because of its logistic role; it allow the villains to achieve their respective ambitions and its defeat will prevent the villains from achieving their ambitions (and so solve the challenge of the story). The invisible hand is very inclusive and will even accept its enemy to work on its shrine which allow it to gain power but make it vulnerable to internal threats.

6) Romance: Red Rebel and his lover. The romance play a minor role in the plot and act as a small part of a community bounding that allow Red Rebel to develop a more human-like morality. The romance drive the agency of only one prominent character in the plot. The romance get unresolved and have an ambigious ending.

7) Dark morality: the Capitalist characters and Red Rebel, the protagonist of the second story. The Capitalists in this story do embrace evil, epecially in their ideology, but it is subverted by their comedic traits. Red Rebel is potentially more cruel than the Capitalists but his cruelty is comminted in a more justifiable context due to his less dark agency and scrutiny from other characters. Red Rebel did develop a more human-like morality but only prevent him from giving absolute priority to his personal agency over the concern of other characters.
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