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Posted 2/14/17 , edited 2/14/17

GrandMasterTime wrote:

Dark_Alma wrote:

Noerdic wrote:

This is a very simplistic view of a very complicated scenario. While it's not an excuse to say "he didn't win!", it is true that Trump's victory was due to the flaws of your electoral system. By popular vote, Clinton won. Again, this isn't saying that Trump doesn't deserve to be President, but it is saying that you shouldn't blame your countrymen so easily. That way, madness lies. On top of that argument, if I heard correctly, some of the blame has to lie with the media for not immediately treating him as a contender. From what I have seen, the initial coverage of Trump was "hey look it's that clown again", and there was a lot more Trump coverage than there was of other candidates. I mean, the US isn't alone in that sense, but a country's media outlets need to balance the coverage on their own election. If you show too much of one candidate, no matter who it is or how early it is in the campaign, you're accidentally improving their chances.

Edit: Also, people make mistakes. They don't deserve to suffer too hard for those mistakes.

People need to suffer through their mistakes to learn. You don't learn by getting a slap on the wrist. Tell that to my 3 bullies who went on to commit murder. I told the teachers that they needed more than ISS. They never gave it, never sent them to Juvy...

Would corporal punishment suffice?

Violent punishment will just lead to more hatred. It is pointless. I believe if done right correctional services will do the job. That is if the person has even the smallest urge to change. If they do not then there is no "salvation" for them. I know 2 of my bullies were in the latter category. The one who killed his adoptive mother had a chance, but the school didn't dive on it.

Also, I have had corporal punishment before (spanked with a paddle board). It did all of nothing for me... Other than me reporting the principle to the police for not honoring the letter my parents signed at the beginning of the year to not use it. My parents learned at a young age that corporal punishment did all of nothing.. Minus making me rebel.

Edit: People will die under Trump, just like everyone has before that. It is never good... but the most you can do is work to avoid it. If Trump was to cut out the ACA without putting up a worthy successor, many hundreds of thousands of people could die in 1-2 years alone. That would hopefully urge America forward.
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