This New Theory 100% Proves That Kishimoto Is Putting NaruSaku And SasuHina In The Boruto Manga
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Posted 2/15/17 , edited 2/15/17
Hello Crunchyroll forums!

I am proud to present my latest theory that 100% proves that Kishimoto is going to bring Naruto and Sakura and Sasuke and Hinata romantically in the new Boruto Manga, this theory is my best work ever it is 100% proof that NaruSaku and SasuHina will happen in the new Boruto manga

I have divided this theory into parts so that the theory will be easy to read and understand, Please NaruSaku forums read this entire theory I know that it is very long but it will ABSOLUTELY 100% prove that NaruSaku will happen in the Boruto manga and please give your best response to this theory topic after you read it :)

(Boruto Theory Part 1)

At chapter 699 you can still see Naruto still having feelings for Sakura.. all feelings for Hinata were made in the movie.. They had to make a flash back predating all to make it stick.. Naruto never hit on Hinata at the end of Shippuden.. Yet Naruto saved Sakura 2 or 3 times in the end arc.. Most put too much influence on Neji's death but still Naruto till the end is watching over Sakura.. Lot dismissal over the moments Naruto has with Sakura over the moments he has with Hinata..

Still the question remains why Kishimoto doesnt give Naruto and Sakura a proper closing with the events of the kiss on the forehead.. yet he still insist in showing the flip of the forehead with a Sakura cluelesss as to why Sasuke doesnt' just kiss her on the forehead.
Why does Kishimoto still insist on doing scenes with Sakura being nostalgic over Naruto if he means nothing to her..

If you think by far Naruto and Sakura got a closing during the Last movie.. that was not it.. Naruto got tell Sakura he lied to her as Sasuke and almost kiss her.. That is a can of worms that has not been open yet and has been omitted twice..

(Boruto Theory Part 2)

NaruHina fans think Hinata was the first person to ever care about Naruto ? LOL Iruka was the first person Hinata did not exist in the time line of the manga.. that is why I said all Naruto and Hinata were made in the movie.. Hinata and Naruto do not exist outside of the movie..

NaruHina fans are going on about what was said in the movie 15 years later... Hinata doesn't exist outside of movie for Naruto .. you know that during the pain arc and during the war arc Naruto always made sure Sakura had chakra.. that Sakura knew when Naruto was over working himself and she confronted him.. Sakura was always there.. Hinata was not..

If Hinata meant something to Naruto Sai would be the only character to really notice.. and he only notice Sakura and Naruto.. how they love each other but did accepted each told Sai it was not the right moment..

NaruHina fans take 10% of the manga with Hinata having a Naruto moment and dismiss 90% of the manga Naruto and Sakura supporting each other yet denying how they feel for each other..

The last movie is a one way trap because all ideas came from RTN a movie not suppose to be taken as canon..

There is negative and positive side to reading Naruto but most fall to the negative side..which think is the correct side..

(Boruto Theory Part 3)

Nor Hinata nor Shikamaru were there from the beginning.. they were placed during the chunnin exams arc in the manga.. and the anime brought them to the beginning.. they were never there..So saying Hinata was always the first girl for Naruto since the beginning is a lie.. Cause it was Sakura..

Sakura was the first girl Naruto fell for.. and many don't like it but that what it was.. there is no was no HInata nor Shikamaru.. Even when Hinata was put into the manga she was not flashback to the beginning.. she was flashback in the anime and in the movie.. so far back that .. they made an error while doing it.. Naruto could not do mini nor any kinda of clone.. his clones look sick and barely had a face.. this the first thing out place from the last movie

Second I dont look at just the text I look at the drawings itself .. they paint a very different perspective then what most get from the text..
As in your eyes you view as everything to be ok..
In mine there is a lie that still hidden .. that the author still hides in plain view.. since he still playing with it...He did it at the end of 699 .. he did in the last and he did in boruto.. he always puts a hint that the lie still there..

(Boruto Theory Part 4)

People take admiration for love.. Naruto gained admiration for Hinata cause Hinata was in the same spot he was .. yet while Hinata always looked down .. Naruto always look up to find how to get out of hard situations.. but most miss took sympathy for love .. Instead for 15 years Naruto went after 1 girl Sakura..

If NaruHina fans think how current events are fine then move on and leave those of us that continue to debate, discuss the story further... Been what hundreds of years since stories were made and people to this days still talking about them.. 

(Boruto Theory Part 5)

Depending on which translation you read.. Naruto said on chapter 3 manga.. "That is why I like Sakura-Chan so much".. or "That is why I love Sakura-chan so much" When he was about to Kiss Sakura.. During the manga run Naruto and Hinata did not even come close to anything cause Hinata would have feinted.. Hinata to Naruto yes she was in love with him.. Naruto to Hinata was not.. Naruto only had eyes for Sakura.

From age 12 to age 18 when it came to girls the only girl he looked after was Sakura.. The only girl he would think about was Sakura.. Naruto the main character of the story,,

NaruHina fans need to learn more about the thousand different love plots authors use to link people.. Kishimoto used most of them with Sakura and Naruto.. the first plot kishimoto use was love triangle between Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. which goes into accord with binary word for 3 which 001.. 2 people in love and 1 with hate..

The plot the NaruHina fans are trying to link is admiration denail and acceptance.. Naruto was at admiration with Hinata .. he never enter denial nor acceptance..

If Kishimoto had done it correctly and Naruto had weighted Sakura vs Hinata.. the scale would have tip in Sakura's favor since Hinata had done nothing to tip the scales in her favor.. Even Pain arc went Sakura Hinata Sakura in order of moments.. Hinata's relevance was only made in the last movie.. Is very evident that Hinata and Sakura were switched at the last minute.. Cause everything that happen in that movie goes well with Sakura as the main heroine rather Hinata..

I have seen too many soap operas or Novels.. to know most common love plots authors use.. If I understand correctly Kishimoto ended this segment of Naruto in negative as a liar.. to end the next one in truth..

(Boruto Theory Part 6)

There is more to Naruto then the simple logic NaruHina fans just said..

Kishimoto only had ended the second segment of the main story.. he is yet to write the third.. and do the 12th movie..

If you think he is done .. the number don't add up.. He has been so meticulous to make sure everything adds to 3.. and so far only adds to 2..

Some are so adamant that this end that what has been said is the real end.. never really paid attention to what Kishimoto has been doing in the background of the story..

(Boruto Theory Part 7)

After watching and reading chapter 3 I came to a conclusion that can explain current events to a degree..

Current events Naruto and Sasuke are always away.. Sakura is supposely married to Sasuke and Hinata is known to be married to Naruto.. if you go back to chapter 3. Naruto clones Sasuke and Sasuke is tied up in some room. Doesn't that looks similar to what is now.. Where as Naruto is using clones and Sasuke has been away and currently away again..

Another thing is the times Sakura has fallen into genjutsu when we see her again she is already free.. so far I can recall 2 times.. where this has happen.. but there has not been an explanation other then her word how she got out... yet we have seen how others have gotten out except her..

On chapter 3 after Naruto clones Sasuke it is shown that Sakura is daydreaming of Sasuke being the perfect guy for her saying the right things she wants to hear.. and after Naruto enter as Sasuke and you know the rest..

All I could assume and say is that all this smelling to a genjutsu world of Sakura where what is shown is her perception of how things should be in her mind.. if you take in consideration that ll things that have led to Naruto feelings for her have been omitted.. The only reason they can be omitted is if the person doesn't know them..

(Boruto Theory Part 8)

NaruHina fans think that Naruto and Sasuke had a rivalry to win Sakura's heart ?

They never had .. they didn't Sakura pushed herself onto Sasuke while he relentlessly screamed he did not want her..

The rivalry took part much later and it was over power.. don't fall in the trap of the last movie.. is a trap to confuse people.. Naruto was never in rivalry over Sakura with Sasuke it was all for power.. Naruto was shown that he had feelings for her even before the rivalry was acknowledged.. the rivalry took second place.. and Hinata was not even there.. if Hinata would have been made part of the love triangle between Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke .. it would be all different..

The main love plot has always been Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke to which Naruto owes them an apology..

(Boruto Theory Part 9)

No matter what I say .. NaruHina fans still fall into the same trap.. because NaruHina fans can't see that Naruto love interest was written in chapter 3 of the manga.. Hinata has always been a trap character for Naruto and Sakura to know what they each lost because they were not true to each other.. Naruto never speaking to her truthfully and Sakura denying all she felt for Naruto..

Naruto and Sakura's feelings were not fillers.. they were set in motion when the manga started but Kishimoto has never wanted to give up his best plot..Kishimoto has played with this plot to his hearts content and still does it..but most don't get how.. In the crucial moments when love moments matter Hinata falls short and Sasuke is not around.. but still most dismiss the moment.. Which is when Sakura is in peril Naruto always jumps to save her.. He burst out no where and saves her..

(Boruto Theory Part 10)

Let me summarize NaruHina fans are repeating the same thing all Hinata fans base their comments on:

She deserves him ( she is not the main character)

The had less moments but were important..(None of those moments Naruto ever showed love interest in her.. he showed admiration for someone who was stuck in the same place like him.. Gave support so that person would not quit.. that is not love)

Last.. none of Hinata fans want to admit Sakura is the better match for him from all angles (all love moments between them.are a copy of Neo and Trinity. romantic scenes)

I will just wait till Kishimoto decide to show who and what really is going right now.. Since he will do it at the end of Boruto Manga or the 12th movie..

I am tired of the same response..from Hinata fans that the only see Hinata's point of view and fail to see she was a trap character all along to show what would be like if Naruto and Sakura would never get together..This only part of Naruto Universe end of the second segment .. Third still to come..

(Boruto Theory Part 11)

All Kishimoto has to do in the next manga is declare this a genjutsu world is over..
The questions are when and where he would do it.. and who would be trap in it Which right now I am 100% is Sakura..

(Boruto Theory Part 12)

Naruto was already in love with Sakura.. and Hinata was never clear with her feelings for him.. she hide and kept in the background for long time.. I doubt with all the sticks in his body which would be painful he would be able to pay attention to anything she would have said while trying not to feel the pain..

(Boruto Theory Part 13)

Also before the war happened Sai spoke to Naruto about his feelings for Sakura to which Naruto answer now is not the right moment.. I think he put aside any romantic feelings to focus on the war where he was needed to be in full potential.. Yet still he protected Sakura several times.. Naruto was always aware during the war when Sakura would be in danger..

(Boruto Theory Part 14)

I would advice NaruHina fans to understand this quote "read underneath the underneath" it will give you a different concept of the story.. The author used as a line in the story and later repeated in an interview long long ago.. It really means when you think you know the truth keep digging there is more under what you understood..

It will help understand what Sakura and Hinata mean to Naruto..

(Boruto Theory Part 15)

When you learn to question images like this ... you and especially NaruHina fans will understand differently then what you think now:

[image and link to site that shall not be named removed by mod]

Why is Sakura the only one that can bring Naruto to life..? Why was she worried more for Naruto then Sasuke....? Why is always Naruto the one she aids not Sasuke..?

Why did Hinata trip and not made the effort to get there like Karin did..?

These are the things most don't question and dismiss over oh Hinata deserves him more then Sakura .. o Sakura has always love Sasuke since childhood.. Wanting someone is not the same as needing someone to keep living...

These girls put their lives on the line for them and bring them to life..Yet one of them never gets there the other gets there late but gets of them is aiding the one she suppose to not love.. and the one she suppose to love is being aid by someone else who also loves him no matter what..If Kabuto would not have been there you bet Karin would have used her knowledge to bring him back from death..

You have to learn to question drawings if you wanna learn more of what the author meant to hide..

[image and link to site that shall not be named removed by mod]

When your parents speak to you they look straight at you in the eyes.. they don't look away trying to hide something.. Sakura's eyes are turn away like she is hiding something .. and she is not blushing at all her blushing face is different..

Before you tell me I have not watch or have not read.. I can tell you .. you never paid attention to what was drawn..

(Boruto Theory Part 16)

NaruHina fans can't understand why NaruSaku fans find it complicated to accept Naruto and Hinata relationship ?

There's a Simple answer to that, end one properly .. then begin the other.. don't use lies to end the first one...

After the war the NaruSaku fanbase was expecting a proper end with the kiss on the forehead.. yet it never happened and to flame it .. the flip was used .. something that was never romantic but a playful side of a brother ended up having more meaning then a personal dream...

(Boruto Theory Part 17)

NaruHina fans believe (The Last Naruto The Movie) clarifies that NarutoXHinata makes more sense than NaruSaku ?

yet is all a lie..NaruHina fans took the gullible lie as truth.. all in the last movie was a lie .. since all was base on RTN a none canon movie.. LOL..

(Boruto Theory Part 18)

Most of the problem I have with people is that they dismiss this line "Read underneath the underneath" that line is the key to reading Naruto..

[image and link to site that shall not be named removed by mod]

Kishimoto later repeated this on an interview.. don't ask me which or where it is .. since is early Naruto stuff that I think is lost now.. due to most of this was on free web accounts..

Still that lines opens a whole new world how to interpret Naruto. Many are hang up on the door and never get into Naruto as a whole and those who are branded lunatics..

People think what I say is crazy and that I'm making it up .. but yet they hardly scratch the surface of what Kishimoto hid in the story or his systematic numerical order..

Kishimoto only has done 2 segments of Naruto and there still a third coming up.. call Boruto.. Yet most think Boruto is a totally different storyline and can't understand that is another segment..

Until people start to realize Kishimoto's pattern of writing they are gonna be at lost and think what is now is correct and don't understand that is just the beginning of the end..

Kishimoto has laid out this beautifully that he already told the major influence in Boruto are gonna be human clones.. yet most are not even aware of that lol..

(Boruto Theory Part 19)

Again.. understand see/read underneath the underneath.. and don't fall for obvious traps..

If you believe everything Kishimoto has said to be true and then you never understood what he said in the manga.. Kishimoto even explained it with graphics since Naruto fell x2 for the same trap..

You are just rephrasing the same thing.. all over is a trap whether you wanna see it or not its a trap.. since Naruto has not told Sakura the truth of chapter 3..

It amazing how Kishimoto plays with lies and truth and people like you fall for the lie easily..

(Boruto Theory Part 20)

The main error in the last are Naruto's chibi clones.. that alone should have shown you the last movie was a lie.. Naruto's clones were sick looking .. sexy no jutsu work cause it was not a clone but an alteration of his own looks not a full chakra clone.. Naruto full chakra clones were a mess till he learn shadow clones..

Everything in the last movie was an obvious lie.. yet you need to understand see/read underneath the underneath to get why it's a lie..

Kishimoto is not gonna come out in the open and say the truth of the third segment at least not yet.. Most of what Kishimoto has said so far are generalized answers he has not said anything as definite truth..

The truth is Naruto never saw Sakura as a sister or anything remotely he saw her as a love interest even prior to acknowledging having a rivalry with Sasuke.. Some are so adamant of the understanding the lie that the rivalry was over Sakura they dismiss the fact that Naruto was never shown conspiring to get Sakura to make Sasuke mad.. He was shown using Sasuke's image to understand his feelings for Sakura for which he almost kissed her.. that is not someone confused about his feelings for a girl.. I guess NaruHina and SasuSaku fans never seen or read males dressing as females or as someone else to find out someone feelings.. Please.. stop being too gullible..

The truth about Naruto's love interest was known so long ago.. yet what has not been shown is how to get them together it has always been hit and miss. Yet it wont be shown till Kishimoto really ends the story on the third segment.

(Boruto Theory Part 21)

Main problem with Naruto and Hinata is that their relationship is not working out.. most fail to see that..

Kinda simple answer why they were chosen.. Kishimoto need to close the Hinata loop and show that Naruto and Hinata are not compatible. Even though Hinata is married to Naruto she cant make him happy.. Naruto is doing what ever he wants and there is no one to control him.. Naruto's pressure is building up time will tell when he blows up.. Kishimoto needs to close the Hinata loop before he can move onto the Sakura loop. Kishimoto opens and closes the plots.. he can't move ahead to Sakura if he doesn't close Hinata's plot..

Also may I remind you Sakura was introduced as first love interest.. Hinata was introduced as second later on in the story of the manga.. Kishimoto has only ended the second segment of the story and next week gonna start the third..Since he does everything in 3s theres still his final love interest. So you can see Hinata was not it.. Willl there be a new love interest ? no it will go back to Sakura..

I am very eager to see how all this will be play out.. Since the romantic sequence of events for Naruto have been Sakura Hinata Sakura.. This was clearly shown during Pain Arc.. Sakura screams for Naruto, Hinata confesses. and Sakura ends the Arc hugging Naruto

(Boruto Theory Part 22)

NaruHina and SasuSaku fans are an example of what people should not do if you follow what the author has shown in the entire story.. Never accept what some tell you to accept just cause they say so..Besides Kishimoto is not yet done with this universe.. He just re positioned himself so he can end the universe properly.. He no longer has to draw, he know longer has to write the text.. he now can look at the entire story and finish it they way he envision when he began..Which is why he took the position of supervising.. Now he can focus on how the universe should end..

(Boruto Theory Part 23)

NaruHina and SasuSaku fans think that i'm pretty much deciding what Kishimoto thinks for the sake of shipping Naruto with Sakura ?

They are wrong I am not deciding I am trying to anticipate what he is gonna do based on what he already drawn, shown and said.. Very big difference of what you are understanding..
As is my understanding a good story teller will never tell you the truth of his work or story he will lead you to discover it.. that is his main focus to lead you thru the story to tell you something not so obvious..
Based on what he has said on interviews about what he likes that does not involve his own personal work which complex stories.. his work will not be that easy to understand.. as he has stated in his works.. that one reading had to deduce how information is gathered and process if you have not gain that insight from reading Naruto .. you are yet to discover what I have discover..

This goes back to plain and simple NaruHina and SasuSaku fans never paid attention when their language teachers were explaining to them how authors write their work.. As well as the several essay they most have sent them to do which NaruHina and SasuSaku plainly ignore the reason why they were ask to question and reason an author's work.

Kishimoto wrote a story base on symbolism and mysticism which derives from another story base on the same principal..

What I am doing is called second guessing and anticipating an authors decisions base on what he already revealed himself using the methods he stated on how to do it..

Like I said in another comment if you think I am obsess with the story and how it works.. Don't look at me but look at the author who put it there. Is not my fault if you have read the story and have not pick up on this..

At first prior to the end on chapter 700 of shippuden. I read and said to myself something is wrong this is not where it was leading. I starting to connect the dots base upon reading other comments of things hidden in the story and soon I stumble upon the pattern in which was written. Which was obvious from the first chapter in plain sight but many don't see it.. Which is everything in Naruto has a base value of 3 and its binary word for it 001.. That is the base pattern to read Naruto as it was meant to be read..

The story time periods if you label the each time periods have been Sakura, Hinata, XXXX the last time period has not been written yet ...right now is only beginning ... This also relates back to how each girl appeared first Sakura and then Hinata.. there has been no third girl only insinuations which one I can think of is Ino.. Yet I doubt it be her I will be very surprised if it is... Kishimoto always opens and closes a plot and so far thru all that has been shown he stills places hints that Sakura and Naruto are not over.. The last hint I can think off was place on Boruto the movie Sakura being nostalgic over watching Naruto run errands..If you pay attention Sakura is not even paying attention to what Ino is saying her eyes are fix on Naruto.

If you want to dismiss that as a clue well what can I tell you.. I cant decide for you what you take as clue I can only tell you where they are..

The last thing or the major clue kishimoto left on the story before shippuden was closing is on page 693 which is this can all be a Tsukyomi world of Sakura on which she will suffer greatly given the blow to the heart.. The Tsukyomi world has always been a backdoor Kishimoto place ever since its introduction in RTN.. Yet most people have fallen to the trap of being not canon.. yet all so far derives from it..Biggest question that comes from that is why was it label non-cannon.. if it was non-cannon why Tsukyomi was used on the main storyline.. The answer is simple the label was a lie to hide what was coming..

The question remains how long will Naruto stay idle watching her suffer at the hands of Sasuke..

Thru all my post I have given the clues and how to get to them.. is up to you guys if you listen or dismiss it I cant make that choice for you.. Since the first thing that should pop in your head is what is wrong with this story as it is.. if you have that question then you can understand what comes next which is to find out why is wrong.. not based on what I have discovered but based on what you can discover using tools kishimoto explain during the chuunin exam written portion both versions Ibiki's and Shikamaru.. is all I can say to lead you there..

(Boruto Theory Part 24)

NaruHina and SasuSaku fans think that Naruto is a simple manga ?

That is one main error most fans that have responded opposing my comments make thinking Naruto is a simple Manga..

Yet dismiss the fact of what it is based on and the influence the author had from others works to develop it..

If it was so simple the story would have been over so long long ago and not 15 years to get where it is now.. the end period..

Simple manga stories don't last 15 years and continue after it's so call end.. The average simple manga has a life of 3-5 years..

One of best simple works is 5cm per second 2hrs story involving 3 chapters but understanding it all lol..not so simple

This Universe suppose to have ended yet still continues..

Simple manga lol... that is too funny..

(Boruto Theory Part 25)

NaruHina and SasuSaku fans think Naruto and Sakura never had any significant character development ?

They need to Go buy better glasses... they are blind..

I am tired of repeating what I know and I am tired of people making excuses not to look for the obvious..

To each its own.. if they think Sakura and Naruto did not had any love development.. they have not seen or read enough love plots.. The manga is full Naruto and Sakura moments from different angles and Hinata gets like 10% and no those moments do not out shine Sakura's moments..

NaruHina and SasuSaku fans are only brushing off the surface of Naruto and have never dug deep enough to know this part of how the author wanted to be right now.. Naruto is in its third and last cycle .. at the end of it I am 100% sure Sakura will be the one next to him..

If Kishimoto really wanted to end the story completely there would not be any need for Boruto or him have any part on it..

(Boruto Theory Part 26)

NaruHina and SasuSaku fans think that it's possible Kishimoto will continue the story and not continue to focus on Naruto and Sakura's relationship ?

Yes.. but it would go against all he has set out so far..

Which is why he took himself out of drawing and writing text to supervising or in other words being the brains and not the body.. So now he can think and put the story in the order he established ..

Since now he only has 1 segment to finish it all and still be on his own deadline..

Naruto has been Sakura, Hinata, X ..The X girl will be define in Boruto.. Kishimoto no longer needs to explain relations or how they are tied together.. all he has to do.. now is get the last girl to where she has to be..

During Naruto's life he was alone but with a girl interest and one shy girl only interested in him.. When the second segment came out He still alone with one girl interest but now the girl was returning his feelings while debating between 2 people herself.. the shy girl finally made an effort to tell him ,, yet both girls ended with the man they wanted.. Third segment even with kids this couple are not happy both male parents are hardly there and what not..

In essence of Sakura has said that as long she lives Naruto will not die.. So in other words she cant live without him.. Yet can she live with him being married to someone else not being part of her life and staying on the sidelines.. Kishimoto already started this cycle like that.. Sooner or later Boruto gonna take backstage to his father to end the universe properly.. With both Naruto and Boruto with a happy ending..

(Boruto Theory Part 27)

The last movie was a lie just like RTN being not cannon.. ..Everything that has happen so far was shown in RTN world with some variance..but the main ideas still came from that movie..RTN was use a testing grounds for the end of shippuden.. if you did not notice that well about time you did...

The last was used to pushed, validate, and end a plot which is Hinata finally being with Naruto..

Even if you don't want to see it.. the last plot has always been Naruto ending with Sakura.

Naruto is with Hinata and is not working out.. Sakura is with Sasuke and the same thing. Neither guy is happy with their girl cause they are looking for something or someone they cant yet get their hands on..

So if RTN was not cannon why the ideas that came from it are... You get it now..

Some of this stuff is right on the story if you dig but if you only superficially read.. you wont find it or get it..

(Boruto Theory Part 28)

If the start was a lie you think the continuation will still gonna be true?

Sakura and Hinata were never that close to take precedence on the movie of a friendship. Sakura acts like they been friends forever.. and the only girl Sakura acts like that to is Ino..

Is true Sakura did not say she love him.. but is also true the Sakura that use to hate him change to a Sakura that care deeply for him.. Sometimes you don't have to tell someone I love you in order to show it.. Sakura has an inner battle of mind and heart.. Her mind tells that Sasuke has returned her feelings or has done something nice to her and her heart always screams Naruto.. In truth the Sasuke part is a lie.. which still remains hidden..

Even after all in Boruto movie you can see Sakura nostalgic over Naruto as he runs errands..

Kishimoto can still flip this around.. he has shown and left himself a back door to do it.. thing is when he will use it..

(Boruto Theory Part 29)

Naruto knew Sakura was lying when she told him she loved him .. Naruto ever since he learn sage mode keeps an eye on Sakura using sage abilities.. He knew Sakura was lying just did not know why till he talk to Sai.. Yet he told they both told Sai it was not the right moment to talk about love..

Cant recall if it was after he got hurt using Shuriken Ransengan that Naruto wanted to put distance between them and so he did he left with Jiraiya.. Only that the preparations took months and still he left.. Only to come back to a Sakura waiting on him.. Who he mets first Sakura.. Naruto has been keep an eye out on Sakura but has never revelated his feelings.. Yet Sakura knows.. but when she is in deep trouble where her heart calls for is Naruto.. not Sasuke.. When Naruto and Sasuke battle is always looking out for Naruto not Sasuke.. see the pattern..

Anyway back to The Last Movie.. Almost all push him to get with Hinata.. Why? All told him she is a nice girl.. all told him to go to her.. see a pattern.. here.. Did Naruto tell Sakura his true feelings.. no it was dismissed over a rivalry claim.. Did Sasuke ever fought Naruto over Sakura no.. where is the rivalry over her if Sasuke never acknowledge having feelings for her.. See how is convenient to say all is rivalry but the real rivarly was over power..

Kishimoto has taken lies and shown the as truth and taken true hide them as lies.. Example Itachi was thought to be a criminal killing for nothing yet as story develops he try to stop his family to save the village.. Kishimoto has demonstrate that he can change the pace of the story any time he wants.. point is when he will do it..

(Boruto Theory Part 30)

If someone tells you who to love will love that person or the one you have feelings for..

How many times does a person have to say they don't like you for you to take the hint.. Including crushing your heart..

His crush on Sakura had nothing to do with Sasuke.. If he did he would have been like I am gonna get Sakura and make her mine and what not.. Naruto was in love with Sakura's simplicity.. How she wanted one person to acknowledge her not an entire village.. How she like her just the way she was.. If it only the means to beat Sasuke he would have never kept an eye on her when she was in trouble.. As well as gloating over saving her..

Third segment is not about Sakura getting to Naruto is about Sakura learning to compare what is to live with Sasuke and see how different it is to being with Naruto and wishing it was Naruto not Sasuke..As well for Hinata to realize that even if she gotten Naruto she is no where near to reaching him..Its more realizing they are with the wrong person even though they wanted them..

(Boruto Theory Part 31)

NaruHina and SasuSaku fans feel that Until Kishmoto actually announces that Naruto and Sakura are a thing they are sticking with Naruto and Hinata as a cannon ship ?

It depends how you view it.. Hinata is serving her purpose to make Naruto and Sakura aware of their lives apart. Hinata and Naruto are not working out pretty much you can tell that much from what happens after their marriage, Boruto's rants and basically Hinata has no real presence other then a few shots.. Is like Hinata is his wife but does not have or gets involved in Naruto's world and looks like he is out of control.. Sakura on the other hands is no longer active in village dealings or as a Kunoichi, she is more stay at home mom to a husband who is hardly there for her..

All this little bits of information scatter all over but some are not paying attention to them cause they just wanna go gaga over Hinata and Naruto just being together..

If Kishimoto wants to end the series on the number 3 he doesn't have much time to do it and the only girl that appear on 3 chapter is Sakura. For Hinata to end the universe she would had to have been put on chapter 3 of the love triangle between Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke.. The plot behind that triangle still active since Naruto has not confess to Sakura his lie which is canon. Some don't understand that this the only main plot open and its lingering because is so twisted into the story..

(Boruto Theory Part 32)

Hmm I will just wait till the manga, anime and movie has all value of three and Kishimoto hopefully will tell the truth.. or as he has done keep it generalize answer for whoever read finds the clues he left in the story.. Cause is useless to repeat the same thing over and over but the master plan kishimoto lay out is clear from the beginning.. Naruto and Sakura will be done at the end of its third stage.. What Kishimoto says and what he does in the manga is all factor into but they are very different .. If he wanted Hinata to be whom Naruto makes happy he would have written her in the first 3 chapters.. and he did not Published works is what counts not what is told after.. As I see it Hinata wont end the with Naruto.. if you think he already did .. you are missing one key point everything has to end in 3.. When Naruto and Sakura finally understand what they mean to each other the story is over.. Which is why one silly little plot has always been evaded the kiss on the forehead that little lie is the key to everything.. if that did not had any importance it would not be toyed with in different ways..

(Boruto Theory Part 33)

I just like to state what I found in the story.. and so far most think the story is over without bases yet the story continues to its third stage.. All I can see is kishimoto toying with the story since from the beginning he has shown in the story thru the lessons explained how to understand the story.. Taking that into consideration he already stated there will be concealed information in the story and anything that seems to be truthful can be a lie.. Kishimoto has shown it in different ways including the order the story is written.. Just that some listen but never pay attention to what they have been told..

Another clue to this he already re-position himself as supervisor not as writer nor as animator.. So here is another example of him using the number 3... So he has position himself in a way he can re-organize the story to how he really originally wanted to end.. its third cycle.. and he already told who the end girl was gonna be.. since he wrote it in it's third chapter.. Now do you follow the pattern.. Now to this pattern there is another pattern which also means 3 .. 001.. which its hexodecimal value.. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura.. see the other pattern.. hope you do :)

So when people mention something I go and look at where they fall in those 2 patterns ... unfortunately Hinata always end in 2nd never in third.. the only clue given who will end in third is Sakura..
Here is another example.. Pain Arc.. Sakura screams naruto shows up.. Hinata confesses.. Sakura ends the arc hugging Naruto and not caring what other think..

Sakura always ends in the third pattern / stage..

(Boruto Theory Part 34)

Yeah he is not writing cause he has to go back to see every plot he put has been closed and close the final plot..

(Boruto Theory Part 35)

It's in the last movie..

Yet the clues are all there if people don't wanna see them that is not my fault.. but the author is very explicit about how information gets handled in the story.. refer to chunnin written exams.. they all say the same thing..

Even in Boruto the movie when they are given the question the answers comes out to the same as from previous exams..

(Boruto Theory Part 36)

Again what he says in the interview may not be what he really wants .. yet he does need a calm and cool head to end the story which enters its third last stage.. Basically he is running out time to end the universe..

It all has to deal with his calculations and use of the number 3..He will never come out straight and tell the truth on interviews.. He already explain that in the story.. Every teaching lesson from the sensei are about distribution of information.. So if he has explained countless time in the story how he divulges information and most have not understand it he will not say it on interview because it nullifies the entire story.. which to uncover the truth behind it all. Kishimoto wants its reader to discover it and not depend on him to tell them how it will end.. that is the bottom line.. He wrote a story as complex as the matrix and the reader has to figure out the meaning on how to read it and interpret..

(Boruto Theory Part 37)

You want to understand how Kishimoto wants his reader to understand Naruto then start from understanding how he wrote it and the meaning of the number 3 and its hex decimal value 001.. That is the first clue..

(Boruto Theory Part 38)

Nothing that I have said is outside of the realm of what Kishimoto has told thru the story..

Yet people think his story is plain and simple.. yet he goes to different lengths to say and explained is not as simple as it looks.. The last time it was mention it was in Boruto's question exam.. Nothing is as simple as what it looks.. they thought they had the answer yet something else was under them.. Even when Sarada herself had the correct answer that there was no 5th volume she doubt it herself and choose wrong to go against her father but that was not the real test.. it was not to fall in the pool of ink or not to accept what you been told as solid truth

If you fail to understand that.. well not much I can tell..

(Boruto Theory Part 39)

Yet NaruHina and SasuSaku fans fail to understand from what he says on interviews to what he really wants to do.. He wants to end the whole story.. and to do that he will say what ever to for people to stop nagging him over it..

(Boruto Theory Part 40)

So you did not know that Naruto being label dumb and not a genius was commotion in the fan base to not acknowledge Minato as his father for a long long time and any body claiming resemblance to one an other would be call lunatic.. just like you are doing to me now .. cause I am telling you stuff outside of the realm most perceived..

All present so far after 699 was a lie or has lies in it that have not been resolved yet.. yes..
If he wanted to end all he would have simply said is over and not become supervisor of Boruto Manga.. Hence again here is the presence of his use of the number 3.. he is supervisor he has a storyteller and animator..

Why is so far fetch to belief Kishimoto can lie he did it with Itachi for a long long time..

yeah I am tired too since NaruHina and SasuSaku fans are not open to learn and discover.. Kishimoto is right all along people will never question if what they were told was true or lie or try to investigate which of the two it is..

(Boruto Theory Part 41)

Will NaruSaku happen in the Boruto Manga ?

Yes it will happen at which point in time will it happen .. Could speculate a bit but it be all that.. An assumption based on what I have understood.. I get criticized a lot for it but is what I have understood so far..

First understand that everything was done in view point of 3 angles or 3 steps.. Kishimoto has never said it in interviews yet one can see that there is 3 to everything. From starts each team is divided into 3 and one teacher or adult.. Each team consist of 2 of the same sex and 1 opposite.. Naruto's team 2 males 1 female 1 male teacher.. Is all a pattern from which you can draw out a basic conclusion there 3 to everything..

Naruto has had 2 love interest his first love interest was Sakura thru the first segment we see him trying to get to her but she is in love with Sasuke but she then from Sasuke to look at Naruto differently.. So even though she doesn't really openly say I like him she starts to understand him and care for him to say this words "As long as I am alive you will not die" or alike she said that when she kept him alive. So Sakura has said she cares deeply for him yet why go back to Sasuke.. Naruto's own fault for disguising as Sasuke back on chapter 3.. She thinks he can save Sasuke cause she saw him doing something good to her which she still longs for.. The kiss on the fore head..

The kiss on the forehead is the key to when NaruSaku happens.. You can see at 699 Sasuke saying good bye and Sakura saying to the likes you are gonna make me wait.. She gets flip on the forehead and not the kiss she desperately wants.. This was repeated in Naruto Gaiden at the end same line..(I have heard anybody questioning what does she have to wait for? answer she is waiting for the kiss on the forehead and again she gets a flip)

Pain arc.. Sakura screams Naruto he shows up Hinata confesses. and Sakura ends the arc hugging him in front of the whole village..

Hope by now you can see Sakura always is reflected at the end or has a bigger role towards the end..

Lets talk Hinata she was introduce in later part of the manga not at the beginning like the anime suggested.. She has always been 2nd.. she was introduce as Naruto's second love interest but in reverse order Naruto did not love her she loved him.. Naruto has always been on one clear girl in his mind Sakura.. . So far Naruto has ended with Sakura.. Shippuden ended with Sakura and Boruto began with Hinata.. Yet the story has not ended.

The actual last chapter of Shippuden was 699 and 700 began Boruto.. but many wont see it that way..

Summarizing all I have set to make some background.. here.. During the firs segment Sakura had to learn to acknowledge Naruto and she did but it was not shown till the beginning of Shippuden that she had a change of hears.She was the one anxious to see Naruto again and we learn how much she means to him to not let him die at all.. Yet can she live with him living and not been part of his life.. that is where we at in that point and it was shown already that Sakura has a lie about Sarada and she is nostalgic about Naruto..

[image and link to site that shall not be named removed by mod]

From Boruto Manga but you can get the emotion full effect if you rewatch this scene..

so going back to math 3 in hex is 001 .. so far is been naruto=/sakura Naruto=Hiinata but the third has not been written or is just starting

(Boruto Theory Part 42)

What I wrote before is some explanation of what I have found..

Yet this is all base on same principal..

Naruto's main plots are 3..

Naruto acknowledged by the village
Naruto becoming Hokage
Naruto having a love interest

each chapter of the manga cover each point.. 2 of those plots have been closed.. Apparently the third plot also.. I say apparently cause is not.. The story breaks or branches out from the third plot.. rescuing Sasuke was never a main plot.. its a sub plot from the third plot..

Now the third chapter.. Naruto is introduce and goes to school when he sees Sakura for the first time he is drawn with a little heart while excitedly saying her name.. (We have no idea of rivalry yet) pay attention to that Naruto is not aware that Sakura likes Sasuke..) Once he is bump and she goes over to him then we see him jealous yet still no rivalry when teams are made boom rivalry but it's not over Sakura it's over who is top student or power.. (Hence the last movie Narutos feelings for Sakura where over rivalry gets blank out as lie) Sasuke and Naruto always fight over power but not for Sakura.. Move foward to when Sakura is along day dreaming of Sasuke is Naruto who shows up as him..

Ok keep that in mind.. Now During the war arc when Team seven gets together to fight Madara.. you don't get this effect in the manga but you do see it in the anime.. Madara flicks his eyes with Rinnegan and Sakura jumps to him.. To me that is an indication she may have fallen for genjutsu right there.. and we been following what Sakura knows and feels trap in genjutsu world she may not be aware off.. Why just like when she was day dreaming Sasuke was hers.. She has the man of her dreams that has giving her a daughter would you think she be aware that it was a dream no.. Kabuto and Itachi said to understand you are trap in it.. you have to be aware of your honest self and Sakura has been blinded by a lie made by Naruto back in chapter 3 that Sasuke likes her and even try to kiss her..

Then there is the time when Sasuke puts her in genjutsu and strikes her heart so hard that even Naruto feels it.. This another time where She may have fallen yet she wakes up but we dont see Kakashi waking her up and she gives this alarm face..

This also happens in the last we never see her wake up from genjutsu we only hear how she wakes up.. While we see how the others wake up we dont see how or what she saw in her genjutsu..
So going back into chapter 3 I can see how this relates back to her being daydreaming of Sasuke. Also everything about naruto and sakuras relationship has been silence by a lie..

So far Naruto has not achieved his third goal which has always been Sakura.. Sakura always in base values matches third while Hinata matches 2nd..

(Boruto Theory Part 43)

Why are the feelings/scenes of Naruto and Sakura omitted?
Since the end of Shippuden this has been omitted and taken out.. When the village link to Naruto all saw his memories yet no one saw what happen between Sakura and Naruto not even Sakura herself or Sasuke..

When Octopops told Iruka he has seen who is in naruto's heart he never mentions Sakura which we know has always been in his heart..

Sakura and Karin are lying about Sarada.
Sasuke may not be aware of it. May be he is?
When Sasuke talk to Sarada about being there daughter there is big panes of Sakura and Sasuke.. He is facing and looking at Sarada.. but Sakura is facing away like she is hiding something may be from him or he does know..
The entire questioning of her birth is the biggest clue..

Why have Sakura nostalgic over Naruto doing errands in Boruto.. There is no need for that she plainly ignores Ino and watches Naruto..

Why was RTN made non-canon.. when is clear all that is happening till now came from it Tsukyomi world.. the pairing.. all comes from it..

So if RTN was not cannon everything that came after is also non-canon.. hence this is not the end..

When in the last movie Naruto had to write something in that piece of paper.. he would have written Sakura he was crazy over her..

As of now Sakura is lying.. Sasuke is missing always. Naruto is not at home and overworking Hinata does nothing to stop him or make him aware of it.. Then you have the opening of boruto manga total destruction.. not a happy ending ..

(Boruto Theory Part 44)

Talking outside of it .. I think he planned it that way.. it may look like he doesn't but is all in his plan..

I have discover stuff that may would not pay attention and easily dismiss..

The more in depth I go the more I discover. His fascination with the number 3 makes me wonder he even uses the hex value.. 001 to write patterns..

This is the chapter number for Promise of Lifetime which is chapter 183..
If you use single digit math you get 1 + 8 + 3 = 12 .. 1+2 = 3..

This both links are about life and death in one Sakura is saving Naruto by holding his heart

[image and link to site that shall not be named removed by mod]

This one Sasuke the love of her life is ending her life with a blow to her heart

[image and link to site that shall not be named removed by mod]

You can also see that he has used top frame for one and bottom frame for the other..

When people say Kishimoto has no control over it or doesn't know what he is doing I remember this images.. This images are parallel to each other in different ways..

The last which clear shows an ending pair is this one

[image and link to site that shall not be named removed by mod]

Sakura kneeling beside Naruto and Karin kneeling besides Sasuke.. Why put that pane like that side by side.. why the need to put another pair of parallel panes..

(Boruto Theory Part 45)

Naruto never cared for Hinata to him she didn't exist outside of being a weirdo.. as he called her several times..

If Naruto would care for Hinata he would have hugged her at the end of Pain arc.. Naruto only show compassion and support towards somebody who all gave her the look as inferior including her cousin Neji.. From there people came to the conclusion he had feelings for her.. He was compassionate for someone who was struggling like him, He gave raves of admiration for her courage while being weak.. He did the blood oath to get revenge for someone who was being oppressed..

If Naruto would have really cared for Hinata he would have paid more attention to her confession.. her confession would have a harder impact on him it did nothing.. She confess to him x2 for him to notice.. Yet at the time he notice he was being pushed towards her big time all dialogue was meant to push him that way..After he spoke to Sakura he gave in.. and said he had to settle down.. He settle for Hinata he did not loved her.. he settle for someone who loved him yet he did not love her.. He may have grown to love her but that is unknown yet.. While on Naruto Gaiden she hardly appear but a picture.. During Boruto the movie she did nothing to stop him from overworking from crashing and trashing her daughters party.. People are mistaken on the relationship between Naruto and Hinata its not working just like Sasuke and Sakura doesn't even exist.. There still too much missing information to create a beginning for the third stage..

All I can conclude Kishimoto has written all the character that will be remain in the story at the end and he will modify them as he wishes and create disposable characters or characters meant to just die to a purpose..
Also I doubt this will be conclude in the manga Boruto but the final movie the last movie he can create without damaging his math equation with the number 3.. So far been 2 manga segments (Naruto, Naruto Shippuden) 11 movies and 2 anime chapters name like the manga.. All right now is ending in 2.. the next ending is 3 and final.. All will end when Manga, Anime and Movie all equal to 3..

001 which is the hex word for 3 also fall into Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Boruto.

His love has been Sakura, Hinata, X which will be Sakura following the same code.. This pattern is written in the major arcs too.. Pain arc Sakura screams naruto shows up.. Hinata confesses .. Sakura ends the arc..

War Arc.. cant recall the first but then follows Neji making hinata and Naruto hold hands..Sakura saves Naruto, Naruto Saves Sakura Even when Neji makes them hold hands does not over shadow the way Sakura saves Naruto nor when Naruto saves Sakura..

Right now even though Hinata is Naruto's wife she hardly has air time and has been all about Sakura and Naruto being drawn to misery..

(Boruto Theory Part 46)

BTW most of the flash backs have been altered to benefit the relationship of Naruto and Hinata they don't exist outside the realm they are shown.. As well most are incorrect and are inconstant with what really happen. Which makes me believe we are viewing the genjutsu world of someone who doesn't know how Naruto and Sasuke feel about each girl.. Some of it looks like is been viewed from a female perspective and not a male one.. So we may be looking thru the view of someone female who lacks some knowledge of how the males feel about them. Yet we see the males settling in accepting the fate without a fight but rather wanting to escape their prison.. Naruto overworks and Sasuke is not around and have not been part of Sarada's life for years.. Most try to give a reason but they don't see them as failed marriages and make excuses. Bottom line these are failed marriages and is not what each of the males wanted.. They wanted family and children and doesn't exist yet..

So as many don't want to realize Kishimoto has left back doors open to reset all of this.. just I don't know when he will use them.. The biggest one and most Hinata fans fear and Naru/Saku fans want is genjutsu trap world..

(Boruto Theory Part 47)

In all the things I have said .. and what NaruHina and SasuSaku said.. I keep to what I said... the story is fair game to discuss and people assume is as simple as apple pie.. yet I would say wrong pie is a mathematical pie..

LIke I said countless time people who wont want to see what I say will be blind to it.. Naruto has a mathematical number pattern which is define by the number 3.. NaruHina and SasuSaku fans are even clueless of that.. BTW I did not make up the rules they were plaster all over the story that naked eye can see them.

Also I did not pick and choose .. I just follow the story how the writer told to read it.. If you cant follow how he wrote it nothing I can do about it.. As well I just did not pick a number and it was not my idea I just found the clue to the basic pattern..

If you don't know the author is a huge matrix fan he design Naruto as copy of it with Ninja theme and follow most of its components into the story which are logical and mathematical puzzles well..nothing I say will make you understand if you ignore that.

(Boruto Theory Part 48)

it was not that Naruto was stupid.. he was already in love with Sakura.. yet he knew Sakura did not love him but Sasuke.. If you pay attention to his chat with Sakura where again we have the blind leading the blind.. she shots him down again and he says yeah I have to settle.. he settle for Hinata.. so to him he had no other option then to stay with Hinata.. something that I think he is regretting and this wont be completely known till Boruto manga is well advanced..

(Boruto Theory Part 49)

Yeah Naruto was not paying attention.. he was too worried about Pain and being in pain to care what for what Hinata was murmuring LOL

Even though Hinata told Naruto that she loved him.. Naruto was more affixed on being pin down and in pain then actually paying attention to her.. Bring to the real reason he actually rage was because he felt helpless at what was going down around him.. He lost his mind cause of the weight of all that was coming down to him which Sakura try to stop that and Hinata did not listen..In the event that Sakura had actually notice all it would have taken for her to free him was to break the ground and not be anywhere near him she is capable of breaking the ground with a few blocks range..

(Boruto Theory Part 50)

Yeah it doesn't Still is a plot need to be closed and used very well.. My assumption is Kishimoto is using it to show the other side of the coin.. Let all who are on the side of Hinata and Naruto see how they could not be a couple and close that loop.. As well as change the focus from Naruto chasing after Sakura to Sakura finally understand what Naruto really means to her now that he belongs to someone else..I am also assuming Kishimoto meant to write Naruto divided into 3 segments of which 2 are almost done.. Most think Boruto is a totally new route when it just a continuation till the end.. If you want to understand Kishimoto logic into how he wrote Naruto gonna have to dig in how he use the number 3. Most of the excuses people have uses don't work with this story.. Takes a bit more brain power to understand it and I barely do..

(Boruto Theory Part 51)

Err Hinata was never there for Naruto.. err she watch him suffer and did nothing for him.. She never got close to him like Sakura did.. The only stupidity was what NaruHina fans said.. Everyone including Hinata rejected Naruto cause of their parents.. they could not get close to him of feel the scorn from their parents.. Including Hinata..

NaruHina fans base their assumption because of the Last Movie.. yet fail to see the idea behind The Last Movie and RTN.. Nothing that came from The Last Movie can be taken as sole truth. since it came from RTN a non-cannon movie.. That is the bottom line .. everyone who belief the last movie as cannon has fallen into that trap.. Everything that was said in motion in the last movie can be proven false with manga..

Yet it takes a lot more to understand how Naruto and Sakura were written as couple long ago. Thru the use of many different love plots that are use in a variety of love stories. Many don't understand them cause they were hidden with comedy gags at the end of it to make people forget they were ever there..

Sakura never hated Naruto she did not understand him till Sasuke made her understand how Naruto had lived.. Little by little she understood that and the more they spent time together the more she fell for him. The more they went onto missions the more she knew him and understood him to the point she knew when he was overdoing things..

While it seems Kishimoto is done with this plot the truth is he is only beginning to unravel it.. Yet it takes keen eyes to know its beginning to unravel.. Sakura cant let Naruto die she has said that as long as she lives he will not die.. So in essence she has accepted that she cant live without him.. Now can she live knowing he belongs to someone else. That which she was looking for was closer to her and let him go.. Kishimoto can toy with this for a long time and he already began doing it.. in Boruto Naruto and Naruto Gaiden.. but this still not ripe enough to break out till more remorse is build in from Naruto and from Sakura..

(Boruto Theory Part 52)

This is all part of Kishimoto's idea of the love plot.. During the first segment Naruto .. we met him and he was utterly alone.. then he went to school got assigned a group and we saw him getting along with them and a love interest was introduced and love triangle that has not been broken yet.. It seems that it has been solved just like everyone thought Itachi was so corrupt he killed his own clan.. from the beginning it was too good to be true.. and it was not..

So far Kishimoto has laid out a foundation for the outcome of the final third segment. The first was acceptance the second segment was unrequited love which had to end the way it did to close the Hinata segment.. So we have him alone then he was accepted by everyone including Sakura.. yet one line in the whole War Arc was set in motion.. said by Sakura "as long as I live you will not die" so by this line alone Sakura has stated she cant live without him.. now can she live not been around him as close as she was part of his life so close.. can she live knowing he belongs to someone else.. can she stand watching him from afar like he did for so long..

This are all part of the last segments took me awhile to figure it out.. Yet it has all been calculated that way by Kishimoto. I am basically waiting for him to start doing a 360 on this story with the like this all was in Sakura and Hinata's mind as they wanted men that were not in love with them or never return their love do to different reasons..

I have seen several indications this could all be inside Sakura head.. as some relevant information has been omitted for awhile now and replace with absurd reasoning..

(Boruto Theory Part 53)

Kinda but there are several times in the war arc where Sakura could have fallen into genjutsu..

All who I mention this come up with the theory it can not be she cant have fallen she is too good she break herself out of it.. Yet it has been shown that person may also not be aware of the genjutsu world at all.. So Sakura will not be the exception to what has been shown..

Yet is all an assumption base on little pieces of clues I have seen. Like all have been omitted to a rivalry over Naruto and Sasuke over her which is not true at all.. Also the biggest one is they all saw Naruto's memories when they link with him yet they did not see or it was clever hidden when he clone himself as Sasuke.. So the question is why omit so much of the things that happen between Sakura and Naruto unless we are watching someone trap in illusion world who doesn't know this things and the world is working exactly as they imagine it. Like how many times Sasuke has avoided Sakura and scream hate adding also Haguromo's statement Sasuke has no love for other then his dead family.. before Sasuke strikes Sakura in the heart on genjutsu..

So I deduced that this may all be illusion world of Sakura.. Yet I don't know where or when started since its been masked very cleverly..Guiding all the fanbase into it as well..

(Boruto Theory Part 54)

NaruHina and SasuSaku fans say that even if that could ever be true I highly doubt we'd see it ? they said that they have seen too many characters grow strong, die, succeed, change etc so Kishimoto would never do that cause the fans would go crazy. Somehow like how he changed the outcome of the love triangle and Naruto got paired with Hinata.

Yeah but that is the thing who dictates the outcome of the story.. the author or the fan base.. who writes the story and its outcome.. its never the fan base..
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(Topic Part 2)

(Boruto Theory Part 55)

Yes there is.. Sakura's time to shine will be when Naruto is lost..Sakura never shines outside of that .. Her name is key Sakura trees only blossom in season out season they are dried up trees..

Most follow what Kishimoto says on interviews but never paid attention to what he shows in the manga. He will never come out straight to give you the ending of the story so most of his answers fall in the realm of general knowledge not really what he wants to say. He can generalize an answer without giving you the answer to the likes of Sakura being Sarada's mothers.. he said everything except tell you "Yes she is her biological mother" those words he never said. He gave an elongated answer but never touch the true topic.. So he can say he detest her and be all a lie to cover the truth..

Kishimoto is about uncovering truth not he telling you the truth. So I can tell you .. you can watch all Kishimoto's interviews and when you read his work you will be like this is not what he said.. Many have encounter that to which they call him a troll.

Every event in Naruto has been systematically and mathematically calculated into the story. So Kishimoto has the freedom to say whatever and wont alter the story timeline.. His continuous use of the base value of 3 and hex form allows to show a different way to read Naruto..

So is my assumption that everything he wrote in first 3 chapter of the manga are the original main plots. As of now 2 are finished and 1 still missing and he is toying with it. Yet if you use chapter 3 as road map for everything that has happen in Naruto so far you will understand something else.. As well he gave away the ending to Naruto in that chapter that many dismiss and even want to degrade Yet is the road map to what is to happen in the whole story love wise. This is just like RTN was the road map to what has happen so far in this current so call end still some were fooled by the line that is not to be taken as canon lol..

(Boruto Theory Part 56)

LOL my last reply to the NaruHina and SasuSaku fans was just confirmed in the latest anime episode of yesterday.. Sakura spent the entire episode talking about Naruto.. Episode 470.. and here is the clue that many dismiss.. Obito's words after Sakura is telling him that they should not waste the chance Naruto gave them.. "You want to help him if he starts to stumble, eh.." Sakura replies "huh" and Obito ends with "its nothing" This is a reference to Sakura being in love with Naruto there are several by Kakashi, Jiraiya, Yamato and Minato.. Each of them notice Sakura has strong feelings for Naruto unknown to her.. and they always end with a smirk or smile cause she is clueless of it..

Yet in the same episode when Sasuke caught her.. Some said that is the beginning of Sakura and Sasuke.. Even if is evidently Sasuke has no emotions on his face that would indicate love not even his eyes.. which in the manga were hateful eyes.. while one can see compassion and love in Sakura's.. In other words the feelings where not mutual to correspond to love.. Still most of the scenes with Obito and Sakura she ramble more about Naruto then talking about Sasuke.. Most of the releases of the bingo book label her as confused and is not clear when she stop being confused.. the bingo book was just changed to being with Sasuke..

Like I said early there is more to this then just what it is right now but nothing will be explain till the movie 12 is ready to come out or the end of Boruto manga..

(Boruto Theory Part 57)

I've Seen them .. re-read the manga.. re-read certain parts of it.. Watch all movies.. re-watch them.. Which is why I was able to pick up some stuff and as time passes I been able to pick up a lot clues..Since I am already accustomed to picking them up is faster now.. Some think I pick and choose no I watch all and hear or read the text then I look at the drawings if they reflect what has been said..So I can tell if they match or not..When it comes to the pairs they do not match at the basic level.. The third stage will be more about Sakura and Naruto rather then what most people think it is.. Right now most emphasis is what is around them but it has not started.. The reason they are retelling the Boruto movie can be basically explained there is not much left to discover or say.. is just a filler for the manga. Which is the same reason for the extension of the anime with fillers.. Most likely also Boruto Manga will only have like 3 arcs.. but who knows how many chapters long Boruto Manga will be .. but they will not exceed 1200 chapters which is the summation of all 3 stages..

Kishimoto exerts a lot of control over the story just that is hard to understand how he does it.. If he is in fact re-telling the story of Naruto as a copy of Matrix directly.. Kishimoto just set himself up as the Architect.. Since he will be Supervisor and Creator of the story.. I think people give Kishimoto little credit to what he has been doing since is hard to get to understand how he does it.. I am very sure he is been playing a matrix kinda of game with all fans.. Since most fans undermine the story and what he is capable of doing with it.. Even though he has explained thru the story..

(Boruto Theory Part 58)

So far I have found how many people think they understand kishimoto's writting style.. yet have no clue what is hidden in Naruto or the bases of it..

///The bottom line is, the material that's coming out now (don't know if it still does?) is no dream of a genjutsu-stricken character. Nobody would waste two movies, tens or hundreds of pages worth of books and manga, not to mention two years of their lives, creating and unfolding a smoke-screen story, just to come out in the end and tell the audience (what's left of them) that the joke is on them, ha-ha, you've all been fooled, that's not how the story goes at all.///

This was already done is call RTN if you dont know.. it was explain during Boruto:Naruto the movie as well.. LOL

Is funny how people think they been paying attention to the developments and fall for obvious misleading traps from the author..

(Boruto Theory Part 59)

Ok.. Hmm nope.. Hinata was not protecting anybody. She was being selfish she put her feelings against the entire village at risk. Sakura was healing the injured which included Tsunade and Kakashi among others. She took it upon herself to command or take charge and told no one should go near Naruto at all to prevent him from going nine-tails.. Since with just 5 he almost kill Jiraiya, Sakura knew the out come and try to prevent Naruto killing the entire village and loosing himself to madness. Hinata did nothing but reckless selfish actions that endangered all. Lets do switch roll what would have happen if Sakura was not healing and saw Naruto being trap like that.. she would have jump and broken the floor with a single punch .. Sakura's massive strengths would have free Naruto from anywhere in a huge radius.. Leaving Naruto only to remove the pins and regenerated all wounds..

It did not take Naruto that much he accepted Hinata after he talk to Sakura where he said he had to settle.. Naruto settle for Hinata when he saw her memories in the genjutsu pool but it was amazing his memories of Sakura never came to play.. Since she was a major part of his life as child.

Sakura has been in loved with Naruto for awhile now.. It started during the chuunin written exams where she was about to throw the test for him to have a chance to take it next year and not ruin his dream of Hokage.. Its kinda the first signs where Naruto became more important then Sasuke.. You got also the fight at the hospital Naruto vs Sasuke where you can see a Sakura more worried of Naruto then Sasuke to the point of screaming his name.. On shippuden you have a Sakura worried when Naruto will come back asking everyday the guards if he has comeback.. She is the first to greet him back.. and so on..

The subplots of Hinata being with Naruto and Sakura being with Sasuke is done.. There is nothing more they go downhill from it to show how it doesn't work both are dysfunctional families.. absentee fathers.. etc..

Pretty much you have a Naruto out control and a Sasuke who doesn't care for the family he so cherish to have.. Hinata got death flags risen around her.. She was suppose to die during Pain arc (no one who fought pain got out alive except Naruto most ended in death or in comma.. Tsunade was in comma and so was Kakashi if you wager their strengths vs Hinata she should have died right there).. and when Momoshiki and his friend attack she almost die too.. Doubt she will be save on the third time..

(Boruto Theory Part 60)

Like I said it was a subplot that need it to be closed.. Yet after it was closed the first time Naruto and Sakura met has been shown.. Do you understand that Sakura and Naruto are the end of the entire storyline.. How can you write an end when you are in the middle of story.. It would be really absurd to end the story on the second stage .. and not on the third stage as the author has made aware that everything has been split in 3 parts..

If you take everything Kishimoto says on interviews as truth err you gonna end up with a rude awakening..Most of what he has said on interviews are general answers never concrete to the point answers..

You do realize that this only the beginning of the third segment of Naruto.. and that Naruto has been written til Boruto is in his 20's or so when he is gone from the story.. Pretty much all have kiss Naruto goodbye he has been written to begone from the story for a long time and there is no concrete evidence that he is totally gone.. Still all Kishimoto has to say it was all world trap or alter universe tsukyomi and we are back to x time and is all history.. LOL.. err there is a backdoor call genjutsu trap world LOL.. The only way this will ever stop and be the end is when Kishimoto takes his name and his characters and says its the end. So far neither has happen he has only manipulated this end to change his position in how people view his status.. so he can keep working on the story and no one bugging him what is up next lol..

(Boruto Theory Part 61)

Yeah but this may all be inside Sakura's head.. is hard to believe but Kishimoto could have gotten us all to follow Sakura point of view in a very mischievous way where its hard to pin point when it happened.. I could have happen when team seven started to fight madara and she jump as madara gave her this weird look or a continuation of Sasuke's putting her there.. or in the last when they went into they jump into the pool and it was not shown how she got out ... only it was taken base on what she said.. So we may all be living Sakura trapped in genjutsu..

Also is too far fetch but also remote possibility that she felt when Kaguya did it. Like Sasuke was not fast enough to close susano and she got hit..

I got this from watching Ten-ten dream on the anime where she does everything to escape the world yet still falls trap to it.. As well the use of RTN material in the same world.. Fillers have more information then people know and dismiss them easily as not part of the story but some hold key information like this..

(Boruto Theory Part 62)

Incorrect .. Sakura thinks Sasuke likes him base on a lie made by Naruto that lie has transcended so much that she is willing to give up all for him. Yet she still doesn't know it was all a lie made by Naruto

Sakura is in love with the man Naruto is with Sasuke face.. Hence she is in love with a ghost or a clone.. Sasuke has relentlesly said he never loved her.. and it has never been explained or Sasuke has never been shown to say to her that he loves her.. not even kiss her on the cheeks nor her lips nor her hand or the one she really wants the kiss on the forehead.. all she gets is a flip and she re-bottles with the line you still gonna make me wait..

So far to me there is no factual proof that they gotten together and if you bring Sarada I can tell you with all new developments she is looking like a clone made by Karin who Sakura gave birth or something else.. Kishimoto gave a general answer but he never admitted using the words she is her biological daughter which would have been the proper response..

So your assumption is incorrect..

(Boruto Theory Part 63)

Naruto biggest lie is to Sakura when he clone himself as Sasuke.. and that plot has not been solved.. and Agreed all NaruHina base their answers from Hinata's view point not from Naruto .. you don't just like she who you are about to kiss .. he fell in love with her maybe longer and earlier then school days.. how the movie was done Hinata and Sakura were flipped to meet someone's expectation .. if you put Sakura where Hinata character is you will see that movie making sense.. Sakura was bullied and he had to tell her something that he never could he lied to her as Sasuke..

(Boruto Theory Part 64)

I wish the reasons Hinata was chosen would be clearer..The reason in the movie doesn't follow the time of events of the manga..As well Naruto never spoke to Sakura truthfully of his feelings.. Yet Sakura always said hers outloud.. while Hinata shy away till the Pain Arc and still the Pain Arc ends with Sakura not caring anymore about others and just cares about Naruto and hugs him.. Her rant feels like a nagging wife.. which was the running gag for so long that Jiaraiya, Yamato, and Kakashi thought it as funny.. Since no one could control Naruto except Sakura..

Now the story is heading to the future generation of Konoha with one little problem the kiss on the forehead that lie still there..

(Boruto Theory Part 65)

It will never make any sense... since Naruto had someone he loved as a child.. Someone whom he considered very important that was female and that was Sakura.. No other kunoichi took that place for a long time till Tsunade was introduced who became like a grandmother to him..

Following that he never gives up on any thing.. Why would he give up on his first love without a proper fight even with her.. A fight of feelings where he would open up to her and she would have to weight her feelings over Sasuke and her feelings for Naruto which would have been the strongest.. Yet never happen.. Naruto settled over the countless answer he got "Hinata is a good girl"..

The last movie has too many lies in it.. that only gullible fans believe they are true.. I have seen Boruto the movie.. and it feels like an extension of the lies from the Last.. .. It be a miracle if Kishimoto retracts all this time period as Naruto or Sakura fallen into a Tsukyomi world..

(Boruto Theory Part 66)

Naruto knew it was a lie.. his abilities as a sage would have told him if it was true or a lie Sakura's confession but he knew it was a lie from the beginning..Naruto knows all emotional states of Sakura.. She cant lie to him without him not noticing.. and the same thing can be said from him to her.. Sakura know Naruto too well to know when he is lying or overworking..

When Sakura is calm and rational she looks for Sasuke.. but when she is in despair and very emotionally distress she will call for Naruto not Sasuke.. Hence her true feelings show on who she loves.. Naruto..

(Boruto Theory Part 67)

Yup.. It was Sakura who was waiting anxious for Naruto.. it was Sakura who first meet Naruto.. It was Sakura who ask Naruto what she thought of her all grown up.. Just like in chapter 3 he gave similar answer she likes her the way she is pure of heart, humble. He never saw Sakura for her body or anything else other then who she was to him. Some who struggle like him against all odds to make something of herself and still remain pure of heart.. For while he wanted the acceptance of an entire village she wanted the acceptance of just one man the man she loved.. whom she never got it.. She never got it cause Sasuke doesn't know about the kiss on the forehead which is what would be the acceptance to her..

(Boruto Theory Part 68)

Yes and its hasn't been clear how Sasuke and Sakura got together... I have read the Sakura Gaiden but it suppose to explain how in there.. I read somewhere from some one who read it that still unclear how they got together or how Sarada was concieved.. Even in 7th Gaiden the ending is absurd and reasoning behind it worse.. Its absurd to think that Karin would keep the constant reminder that Sasuke would never be his or have his first baby.. Also why would Suigetsu had to do a DNA test when he was there at Sarada's birth.. its ashame the story ended for the understanding of 10yrs old..cause only a 10yrs old would buy all the stuff that was said to support current ending..

(Boruto Theory Part 69)

Yeah following co-relationships from chapter 3 to the end right now they don't relate at all.

Kishimoto used comic relief to hide their relationship which is why is hard for some to see that he build a solid relationship between them but alas who knows why the story current end is like that.. I do have other theories why but dunno I am fed up with the response I got when I said them.. I am just hoping Kishi will draw a proper ending where Naruto doesn't end as a liar but are just hopes slowly dying..

(Boruto Theory Part 70)

Yeah, that scene of Sakura healing Naruto reminded Minato of Kushina.. and his last sentence was take care of my son.. Minato trusted Naruto to Sakura not just for healing..

Some people try to compare Minato, Kushina to Naruto, Hinata and is not there.. even the anime in the end credits try to show that but is not there.. Sakura is an exact replica of Kushina with some minor difference like the hair and their inferiority complex. as one is the hair and the other is the forehead. Kushina was being bully and she stood up for herself..while Sakura was help by Ino..

The entire end feels like Hinata was push into Sakura's role to meet someone standards or interest.. Which end up badly done and feels it was forced as Naruto has no power of decision. He was told cause Hinata was a good girl he must get with her and his feelings were not taken into consideration at all..

Hinata can never be compared and have some equality to Kushina for one reason. She was not bullied by some punk kids.. She was target of kidnapping for which her uncle pay the ultimate price with his life after the kidnapping attempt she was watch 24/7 and was very very shy.. unlike to kushina who was strong minded

(Boruto Theory Part 71)

Yeah too bad that 95% of the manga is full of Naruto and Sakura getting close to each other.. while Sasuke is on his hate/revenge with Itachi and later the villa... Too bad Kishimoto never let Naruto open to Sakura emotionally you can visually see Naruto holding back his feelings being idle and not saying a word.. Too bad naruto never kiss sakura on he forehead and for what it looks like will never happen she has to settle for waiting on someone to return and flip her forehead cause that is what all the girls dream of.. LOL

Please dont be absurd and gullible.. The end of Naruto was forced to suit someone beliefs.. but not what it was shown over 15yrs of the manga run.. not even once Naruto turn back to look at Hinata other then like she was doing weird things.. Too bad Naruto looks miserable trying to escape his reality not been there for his children. too bad the only person he listen to doesn't care anymore and is not around to stop him from overwork.... and is sitting alone waiting for someone to return cause those are happy couples.. That is what his mother and father wanted for him..

(Boruto Theory Part 72)

The only nonsense is the one NaruHina and SasuSaku fans just spew.. Sakura is always drawn waiting for that kiss and the only one that knows is Naruto because he clone himself as Sasuke... the only reason Sakura hang on to Sasuke that long was because of that scene.. Naruto was the one who wanted to kiss her forehead.. Naruto was the one who loved her for who she was.. Naruto never rejected her he came up with the stupidest things to make her happy..

Sasuke hated her.. he step all over her.. always... step all over the stuff she did for him and in the end wanted her dead.. Yeah .. he refuse her cause all he was hate.. all he ever did was hate but he choose it..

Like I said the author hate NS but he sure put it always.. even in the Boruto movie.. there an NS scene.. So you are blowing smoke.. if Kishimoto hated it.. he sure put them together in all the manga.. Then I again I never believe what an author says cause 90% are lies cause they don't wanna give away the secrets of the story.. any good story teller will tell you that.. Kishimoto is no different.. One is the things he said on open camera and the other one is what he draw into the story.. two different things..

Like I said before only gullible belief the end to Naruto as the correct path for him.. Nobody that over works is ever happy.. you should know that..

(Boruto Theory Part 73)

If Love was a subject NaruHina and SasuSaku fans would have failed miserably.. they know nothing of love... or what it means...

Kishimoto wrote a love triangle Naruto Sakura Sasuke.. on chapter 3.. He kept with it till the end of 699.. there was no indications Sasuke would ever return Sakura's love... and her feelings were base on a lie.. portrait by Naruto..

NaruHina and SasuSaku fans are so deep in their own nonsense.. that nothing I say will change their mind.. Most of the scene with Sakura and Naruto are closely romantic.. yet Sasuke was never there..

Sasuke loving Sakura is only in their mind.. and it was badly done.. since there is no backtrack info on their romance nor how Sarada was conceived.


(Boruto Theory Part 74)

NaruHina and SasuSaku fans are dismissing the entire scene.. and what is happening.. Sakura choose to run to him over running to Sasuke.. she had her heart in her hands and when to the point of doing mouth to mouth just to keep him alive.. She even shouted in desperation I will not let you die.. The entire scene reeks to love scene.. not just saving someone life.. and is a clone of the Matrix where Neo pretty much resurrects Trinity.. with the line "I cant let you die cause I love you so dam much" The only part that is missing from the way Sakura saves Naruto is to tell him she loves him literally cause it was implied.. That scene had dual meaning yet some choose one meaning over the other

(Boruto Theory Part 75)

Hmm.. Sakura is in love with the two Sasuke and Naruto. Yet she is blinded by the love she feels for Sasuke cause of Naruto cloning himself as Sasuke. So she has used that stupid incident to prolong thinking there is a nice side to Sasuke.. Yet who has been there since Sasuke left Naruto yet she does not want to recognize that. In her mind is Sasuke and in her heart is Naruto yes that can happen.. She is been doing this for awhile now.. that most adults characters always reference as clueless to Naruto. Obito notice it.. Jiraiya notice it.. Kakashi notice it.. Minato notice it.. Sakura has not notice. Kishimoto is saving uniting Sakura and Naruto till he considers the end of the entire story which was always meant to have 3 parts.. so fat the 3 part is only beginning and most think is the end..If this would have been the end Boruto Manga would not be done at all and Naruto would not be featured in it.. Naruto still playing a big role in his one story.. Yet is not much left for Kishimoto to do yet he still needs to do a third part.Kishimoto does everything in terms of 3 and that has not change.. Regardless what he has said in his interviews because is something that is implied through out the story.

(Boruto Theory Part 76)

Yup I already read spoilers of the screener and yeah that is a lie.. if you read chapter 3 page 4 when Sakura enters the room he notices her and goes gaga over her bottom of same page Haruno Sakura. a very cute girl that I like a ...

So how is it that Naruto likes her cause of Sasuke? for that to happen Naruto had to established rivalry with sasuke first before he notice Sakura or states anything.. Think about it this only chapter 3 of the manga.. no anime is yet to influence any event..So pretty much doesn't hold..

The movie is patch job of memories/citations that were never there when the manga was drawn..

After the movie is so long Naruto and shelf as author's prerogative view failing his work as he broke the one thing that hold the story together naruto's nindo to never give up.. but he did gave up on something Sakura.

(Boruto Theory Part 77)

The main problem why she is so bent on Sasuke is the lie on chapter 3..she is waiting for the kiss on the forehead..but sasuke is clueless of this and only flips her forehead and says thank you like a good boy.. then she gets this puzzled look when the flip happens why cause is not what she is waiting for ..

I was waiting for a long time that Naruto would have done it already.. Cause he knows she is expecting that.. Would have been the perfect ending to 699 Sasuke flips Sakura's head and leaves .. Naruto sees that goes to her telling her "Sakura I forgot to give you something from long ago lowers her forehead and kiss it" then leaves too..She is puzzle by it and then remembers back to chapter 3 and starts crying as all the memories of the dumb things he has done for her comes pouring in as her tear start flowing faster realizing it was him that said those words and running towards him hugs him call his attention to turn around and gives him what was left pending on chapter 3 the kiss from her.. would have been the perfect ending in the manga or the movie...

That is all ruined now..

(Boruto Theory Part 78)

Agreed that is why I call the last Naruto the movie a patch job.. they dug up stuff that wasn't there and made it look like it was..

What Kishimoto should have done present each girl to him and having weight his feelings over each girl and have Sakura confront the lie blinding her mind .. cause her heart is in Naruto but she is too stubborn to admitted to herself.. would have been a good movie like that rather then trying to make up a long shot that hardly took cover in manga only in the last year of it and always overshadow by NS moments..

(Boruto Theory Part 79)

Sakuras feelings show up every time Naruto was gonna do a dumb thing.. or need to be protected as stated above.. Chunnin paper exam, over use of chakra, harem/sexy no jutsu, naruto flirting with other girls..

Still many NaruHina fans are one side just like Hinata love for Naruto.. they give the benefit of the doubt to Hinata being there and loving from a far.. but when it comes to Naruto for Sakura it was never there didn't exist, he was doing it as a friend lol all excuses to denied the obvious He did the same thing that Hinata did he love Sakura from a far as she was with all her defects including her loving Sasuke which really pain him still he was always there for her and she return the feelings by saving him at brink of death not letting him protecting everything he care for.. yes friends and close friends can do that but you only return from death for the person you love which is madly healing you..

Sakura could have let him go when Kyuubi was pull from him knowing he was in pain and all the burdens he took still she need him still she brought him back it was the perfect time to let him she stated on her false confession..

(Boruto Theory Part 80)

NaruHina and SasuSaku fans go by the anime and that is the wrong way to go for the filler and what has been change from the Manga.. I go solely by the manga..

When you weigh family massacre and pity over personal deep fantasy of acknowledgement.. Family been Massacre looses why that is an inevitable fact it would have happen if Sakura never knew Sasuke or fell for him.. The fantasy on the other hand is her deepest craving .. a reflection of what she really wants from inside her disregarding all from her lover.. is hard to break if it was the real sasuke doing it..The fantasy was of Sasuke and in her eyes was Sasuke who made come true to their reality but fate play a trick and it was actually Naruto in disguise..
So the fantasy of prince charming making your dream come true and when is not actually him is the biggest lie that breaks any girls heart and any feelings she had for the intended prince are gone when the reject prince is the one that is being there when the accepted prince charming is not..(done on shrek btw and other stories)

(Boruto Theory Part 81)

He doesn't care Sasuke plain states his love for his family and hate/revenge for itachi he has no room for love..and doesn't understand why she is so in love with him.. he questions her on the last arc.. and you can see it clearly how she looks him lovingly and he has a cold stare..(the color version of the issue was alter you can clear see it in the black and white) I am not making this up...
Sasuke never shows feelings of caring for her at all..for all the crap he put it thru he should have been on bended knee asking forgiveness he went to the point of almost killing her more then once

(Boruto Theory Part 82)

When Kakashi said how much she loves him

Oh tell me what part of the manga Kakashi states that.. yes Hashirama said that and stated about the uchihas as a sick twisted love to obtain power.. Huh Naruto has never need to be told to take care for Sakura he does it willingly.. the cursed seal was removed by Kakashi after Sakura told him he had that..but still there since is what allow Sasuke to transform into eagle like..

SasuSaku fans are right at chapter 693 Sasuke said he was gonna take everyone's hate in order to do that he had to reject Sakura and so he did again but point being another rejection..

That is flawed argument why she is a healer not a killer first foremost so SasuSaku fans are putting she took the decision to kill him but actually doing it is a lot harder not cause a loved one just of how she is and what she does..and unfortunately he turns and does try to kill her cause he is full of bloodlust/revenge..

So overall in no point in the manga he has done anything good for her and except flip her forehead and say thank you..

(Boruto Theory Part 83)

Also want to add Kakashi is clueless of what went on chapter 3 the only one that knows the truth is Naruto himself..He is only expressing what he has watch so far.. Sakura melting infront of Sasuke and he been cold-blooded rejecting her.. Another perfect moment to her out and her hear who she is really in love with... would have been a nice x3 confrontation of feelings all venting out..since none have a reason to lie or hold back now..

(Boruto Theory Part 84)

I am not twisting the manga how I want to view it I am just stating what the manga shows..I didn't say it Hagoromo say it .. you know the dude that made all that can read people's heart wise as hell.. he said.. Sasuke has no love in his heart is all full of rage.. if you don't want to accept that I am sorry

That is the end result of what Itachi did to him.. Itachi told him to do that erase all love, emotions and refill it with hate you will be able to kill me..

Also please use words cause if you start with your ship this and your ship that you only talking about a big boat and leaving relation out.. the word is relationship.. not ship cause that alone means something else.. there is lot of proofs starting from the when Sasuke told her to put herself in Naruto's shoes also then the chuunin exam when she was about to raises her hand to protect his dream as Hokage.. Saying there is no proof you are denying all the crap naruto has done for Sakura and vice versa..

I agree Sakura has feelings for Sasuke but what SasuSaku fans don't want accept is they weren't returned, they are based on a double lie and Sasuke refuses to care for someone..The only one he actually care is for his dead family and naruto why he wants to fight him as rivals over power before his huge battle in which Naruto never truly fought him to kill him but to save him if Naruto had fought to kill him.. they would have lost more then an arm...

sorry but if you can't see simple facts covered in the manga..

(Boruto Theory Part 85)

Yeah Hinata had tons of opportunities to help Naruto out his loneliness yet she gave more into her fear then help him.. Even if you make Hinata be there since birth makes it more painful to know someone was watching you with the power to change or make a change in your life but did nothing to help you.. the countless times Naruto ate expired or rotten food.. the times he had to borrow money to eat, the times he had to fool his sensei's so he could eat.. Hinata could have directly or indirectly help.. she was of a rich family.. fact being she never did.

Everyone blames Sakura as being a biitch hurting Naruto disregard that she was a victim of bullying herself, that Ino help her get over her forehead issues and as well help her be more secure/confident in herself..After that Sakura was never the same and anything she did not like she well make notice of it which is one of the things that made Naruto fall for her.. to see how assertive her responses were no she never had doubts of what she wants and how unselfish she was .. while he wanted to be acknowledge by an entire village she wanted to be acknowledged by he that she loved.. Still fate would have it that it would be that annoying clumsy idiot as she would call Naruto the one to acknowledge her feelings of love for she was not who she appears to be.

(Boruto Theory Part 86)

The problem that you don't see is that HInata was flashback into the story and not properly develop along side Naruto .. while Sakura was always with Naruto regardless of team how Naruto was drawn when Sakura was introduced he had the hots for her way way longer then any can speculate.. since he calls her name Sakura-chan.. not Sakura-sama or other honorofic.. so he most have been watching her for awhile .. While Hinata was always running from him.. hiding and feinting around him not able to say one word.. I watch the movie, watching the shows and read the manga.. I felt the movie forced.. I felt he was force onto Hinata as having no other choice cause she is a nice girl.. So what happen to all the feelings he had for Sakura and all the stuff he did for her.. Why could not fight back and face her.. like any boy his age would have or for that matter any man his age.. all he had to do was kiss her on the forehead.. why was that so hard to do.. since that was the key item that would open their relationsship.. is absurd to think love/hate relationships don't work out.. His father had one and it work out why not him.. in essence that is kishimoto's mistake not to follow what he already set in motion since the beginning and listen to whiners..

(Boruto Theory Part 87)

Some people think Naruto as a story is cut and dry but is really not.. there is a lot of info hidden which follows up with his chuunin written exam logic.. About gathering information and concealment.. both written exams versions on the base level are the same is bout how you obtain information and what you do with it.. So most take what Kishimoto says on interview as his true words but I realize he has always given generalize answers so not to give the plots away and still be truthful in releasing information to the fans.. Kushina and Sakura share more personal traits then with Hinata.. as females they do share some traits but on the personal individual levels Sakura share more traits with Kushina then Hinata.. Kushina was tailor around Sakura very carefully why would I say that cause no one knew what Kushina was gonna be like since before she was mention to be his mother there was no information about her at all.. the only information available that most could compare was Naruto to Minato and Jiraiya.. as the share the same spikey haircut.. then later on we found out Minato was his father and Jiraiya was his godfather.. I thought he was his grandfather but I was close lol .. Jiraiya was a father type to Naruto.. But many call me absurd an idiot.. Naruto was so dumb he could not be the 4th son.. and disregarded the logic that he was not brought up as a normal kid.. he was brought out in fear of him breaking the seal so he was taught stuff to make him happy.. Hey you give a kid wooden car and he will be happy as if it been the most expensive toy car..Hence he was keep at bay from important jutsu so he became kinda of dumb.. As well his level of learning curve was so high that easy stuff bore him to hell and he did not care whether or not he did it right unless it was use for pranking hence learning sexy no jutsu while not able to make clones.. then he was given something a lot harder and uncommon that force him to use his max chakra pool so of course he would master it and become his most useful jutsu..cause basically became his learning aid as we discover later on..

Overrall Kishimoto is far from over with the story but something funny is that he has a thing for number 3.. Naruto first time period ended around chapter 350 and the second period ended as well 350 chapters later yah I haven't seen anybody picking up on this.. lol I pick it up while watching doing a collage with page 663 page 6 and 693 page 6 something cool he did with it lol..Also remember there are 3 sanin.. every group has 3 people in it.. lol so on..

(Boruto Theory Part 88)

Bah that was personality change on most characters in that last movie.. it was very obvious he was being led stray to Hinata.. He did not choose of his own accord.. basically the entire movie he was said your only option to love is Hinata and he accepted that.. when no boy his age would take it like without throwing a tantrum and speaking his mind out. Naruto character development wise was never allowed to voice his own feelings of love there were always held back for who know what reason but is absurd the reasons given why.. Naruto and Sakura were never about the rivalry of Naruto and Sasuke.. in the way the events were presented on chapter 3 their rivalry was presented after Naruto was introduced to loving Sakura.. Major mistake on whoever wrote the script of the movie.. Just overall tired of idiotic conclusion that goes against all shown in the manga prior to Hinata actually appearing on the manga.. Whomever thought Hinata was a good match for Naruto was crazy and nuts to go thru with it.. Hinata should have died during the Pain Arc and Neji should have been the villain of the movie. Several things in the movie pointed to that..

(Boruto Theory Part 89)

Yeah it is by choice.. and Naruto choose Sakura way way.. before Hinata was introduced in the story.. Manga wise and in anime wise the same Naruto did not know Hinata existed as lover till Pain Arc and Naruto was already head over heels over Sakura..

Point being Kishimoto doesn't do things with out leaving behind clues.. He left clues in the manga and is now giving them in the anime in form of fillers.. Pretty much here on is an assumption that Sakura is stuck in the genjutsu by either Madara or Sasuke.. Why cause somethings have been left out or belittle their effect..One of them was Naruto feelings for Sakura as a child and as young adult.. Another one was when class where writing on paper some wish or something Naruto had non one.. that was not true Naruto would have written Sakura.. but they were a relate of Hinata's memories which she did not know how Naruto felt as a child..

Still the biggest clue that Sakura is the one trap in a dream state.. was chapter 3 before Naruto appear disgusted as Sasuke she was day dreaming of the perfect encounter with Sasuke where Sasuke would acknowledge her as she is and be with her.. We are watching the same events with a different story background further develop where she is married to Sasuke and has a kid.. Yet she still clueless about who Sasuke is or his family..
Sakura is trapped some how but we wont know till kishimoto decides is time to tell the truth like Mashima is doing with Fairy Tail..

I dont wanna cite the matrix but Kishimoto gave you all the blue pill.. you are trap in the matrix LOL.. ALL who think that Hinata is the right choice think about that Sakura is cherry or red and Hinata is blue.. and we all know Kishimoto is huge matrix fan.. LOL

(Boruto Theory Part 90)

Wow.. Sakura loves Naruto but cant accepted why cause she thinks Sasuke has return her lover for him but it was not him.. Pain Arc who cried out for Naruto.. Sakura.. who ended the arc .. Sakura ended the arc hugging him.. Sakura knows and care more about Naruto then Sasuke but she has not realize that.. All Hinata did during the Pain Arc is put the entire village in danger of Naruto.. Who knew Naruto is over working Sakura.. who heals him when he is in the brink of death and brings him back Sakura.. .. Sakura is Naruto leading female companion.. Hinata was always the trap to fool everyone... Truth is harder to accept as lies are easy to follow.. this has been obvious in all of Kishimotos plots.. For most is harder to accept Sakura and easier to accept Hinata..
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(Topic Part 3)

(Boruto Theory Part 91)

First I dont need improve anything I am not writing an essay nor making a formal letter.. so I don't care for proper things.. when they are not in need..

Second all NaruHina and SasuSaku fans facts are trap plots Kishimoto made.. to open the third and final segment of the story.. This still the beginning of the third part of the story.. You think the story ended think again.. This will all end in the 12 movie that is how Kishimoto plan it. There is more information buried in the manga tbut some people are not willing dig to learn the truth of it all.. Kishimoto wont be done with story till the 12 movie since everything has to end in 3.. If you think what has been happening is all true .. you fell for kishimoto's lies because he will not tell the truth till the end.. its a sequence of events truth lies truth.. Learn to follow Kishimoto's sequence and you will discover far more then you have understood so far.. is not plain and simple as you and most think it is.. LOL

Naruto will end with Sakura to close the plot he set in motion back in chapter 3.. Got think really hard the schematics of chapter 3 to discover what is going on right now.. Because is all related.. everything Kishimoto has done so far relates back to something and this time period related back to stuff in chapter 3..

(Boruto Theory Part 92)

Just dawn on me on Naruto he left the village to forget her..
on Shippuden he got married to someone else to forget her.. Doubt he has
not forgotten her.. I think is the major reason he is so over worked and
using clones to see his family.. He might be regretting his union to
Hinata.. In Boruto movie there is an scene where Sakura is nostalgic over
seen Naruto.. hmm wonder what Kishi has plan for movie 12 to revert all
this a Tsukyomi trap might be the best course so they could see their lifes
apart do not work.. Hence like Kishi did to unite Naruto and Hinata thru
the genjutsu pool.. and that was just a clue to discover the big genjutsu
he already cast.. hmmm gets interesting..

(Boruto Theory Part 93)

Did you watch the last movie already?.. I did I am the movie sucks as the review said... there was an attempt to NaruSaku closure but they failed.. When Naruto has the heart to heart to with Sakura they tip toed around the subject but Naruto only listen like he was been told He better like Hinata cause she is a good girl.. it felt as if his feelings did not matter and he did not question her at all .. not even when she said that girls never forgive their feelings... I am like what feelings .. your feelings for Sasuke are a lie that the dummy in front of you created.. The entire movie I felt like I was watching a gengjutsu trap.. also while on gengjutsu it was very convenient how he never remember what he felt for Sakura.... this movie all base on Hinata's point of view.. Also got the feeling the movie was tailor made for Sakura but at a late decision it was adapted to Hinata.. every moment had a feeling if Sakura would have done the out come would have resulted better..

(Boruto Theory Part 94)

Lol NaruHina and SasuSaku fans think this is the end but in reality this is going to be but they are slow .. they all think that it is already the end and that there is no further back .. Err when everyone thought that Itachi was a criminal was a hidden hero of Konoha .. Danzo Sakura and Sasuke. "Sakura and Sasuke." Sakura and Sasuke. "Sasuke and Sasuke." Sasuke and Sasuke nodded. .. If they follow Boruto see that Naruto already disappeared for what Kawaki said or do not know where it is because Boruto does not say I will avenge my father or any text of death .. I believe and I am convinced Kishimoto kept the kiss On the forehead for when he considers the last thing that can be revealed. Naruto tried to kiss Sakura at the end of chapter by end this will not happen now when only the second part of Naruto is finished .. This will happen at the end of the third stage ..

(Boruto Theory Part 95)

NaruHina and SasuSaku fans comment makes me laugh.. Out of all characters there are only 2 that accomplished all they set themselves to do.. Naruto is one and the second is Sakura. Why not Sasuke because there are somethings he set out to do that he did not do them.. like killing all the Hokages.. Destroying Konoha..and other stuff even thought they were evil actions .. he said he would do them and he failed..

Sakura is the only character that has done everything she set out to do.. Naruto still pending one thing which is making Sakura fall for him. In terms of plots Sakura had to end up with Sasuke just like Hinata had to end up with Naruto to close those sub plots.. All Kishimoto is doing now is working backwards closing subplots until he gets to his last main plot.. Which still open.. Village Acknowledgement is done.. Being Hokage is done.. The last main plot was Sakura and this is still going on. Since Naruto has not confess his lie to Sakura. For Naruto to end properly Kishimoto has to reveal or use that plot that he craftily has been omitting and destroying from everyone's mind.. Just like he has done it always setting up Naruto and Sakura with a romantic line then having someone acknowledge it and end it with a comedy line to dismiss it..

Take for instance episode 479 suppose to be 699 manga chapter 2 thing were added.. Iruka's recognition to being the first person to recognize Naruto and giving Naruto a shot at making him jonin by properly making him study something that has never been done in the whole series. Most thought Naruto was dumb and could not study yet when Jiraiya show up he said Naruto had not been properly trained/educated.. Now is shown that Shikamaru properly educated him to be Hokage.. Those 2 things have now been corrected.. Sooner or later Kishimoto will correct stuff that was thought wrong by fandom..

By the end of Boruto and the 12 movie Kiishimoto will finish his last plot. Don't be deceived by what Kishimoto says on interviews Kishimoto is not done with Naruto at least not yet.. This is all part of how one understands and use information.. explained in Boruto the movie during the chuunin first exam. As I talk to many of the fandom most fall into the pit cause they never question what is true and what is lie.. even if Kishimoto spends several pages explaining this with the chunnin exams..

(Boruto Theory Part 96)

LOL.. ok hmm lets see.. so NaruHina fans are saying that because little Hinata acted heroic was a major influence on Naruto loosing his mind..

I do remember I read the manga and watch the anime.. Err things did not happen as NaruHina fans say. NaruHina fans are forgetting some key points..

Jiraiaya's death.. yup the guy who properly trained him and later to be reveal to be the as close as family member he is gonna get since he was his Godfather and the one who name him or his name came from him..

Konoha the village he loved where he was born and raised pretty much in ruins.

Tsunade in comma she is the second female naruto actually listen and calls her Grandma. The lady that gave him his favorite skill ransengan..

Kakashi an other father figure and his teacher who help him become powerful almost dead.

Last Sakura.. you know the girl he made the idiotic promise of lifetime.. the girl he actually loves .. that he always keeps a eye out making her always his biggest concern since he always makes sure she is safe. She is desperate in tears, crying out his name as loud as she can.

So all that on top some idiot that was told to stay put cause of the fear of Naruto loosing his mind. The reality is Naruto would have lost his mind any moment after being pin down regardless of who came to save him. Do you understand that it would have been worst if the one who did it was Sakura herself even though she knew better..

At that point in time Hinata meant little to Naruto as he did not even follow thru after with the confession to ask her why... Yet is Sakura who ends the arc hugging him. But yeah Hinata meant a lot more to Naruto then Sakura and that is why he raged LOL.. Please Naruto rage cause he was over stress and on the brink of Madness and all Hinata did was push him over the edge of reason.. Is just like those cartoons with silvester and tweety where he piles up a bounch of stuff and twitty only drops a feather and all comes down crashing.. BTW Hinata was suppose to die right there.. She was never strong enough to survive any of Pain's attacks do you realize that did you? or Do you think she is stronger then Kakashi and Tsunade

(Boruto Theory Part 97)

I have given NaruHina and SasuSaku fans the courtesy of reading all their post. Even if they are wrong and I have placed all the correct facts of the story at that time..

During Pain Arc Sakura meant more to Naruto then Hinata.

I know about the events of the Last movie even thought its call the last it was not the last movie hence Boruto: Naruto the movie.. So yeah it was not the last movie lol.. and there still one coming up.. Kishimoto is not done with Naruto. Yet all fall for his gullible traps..LOL.. I try to explain but then again you know better lol

(Boruto Theory Part 98)

In terms of fighting she is weak compare to others but I think Sakura is in the top 10. Problem is Kishimoto is saving that for the end in Boruto..

I am assuming that Naruto is gonna be dark and regretting his union to Hinata. Which is gonna make him over stress and a major threat. After chapter 700 Sasuke has been made to step up and become Heroic like I think he is gonna save Naruto with the help of Sakura at that point we are gonna find out more about Sakura and her clan.. So far Kishimoto has twisted everything to use as a plot and is going to reveled all ending Naruto complete on the 12 movie. If you think about it is the same method used on Itachi and Sasuke..

(Boruto Theory Part 99)

Mostly a lot thinking and seeing how he develops the story.. While most assume Boruto manga is a new route and such .. there are little clues to say that is not. and is just a continuation of Naruto under a different name..Kishimoto has done all in 3 .. most of all contents has been done in 3. so I assume Naruto has 3 parts in the manga 12 movies and 3 animes..

Trying to keep this short as you can see from previous post explaining this things are not easy and very long.. Yet I think Kishimoto set some rules to read Naruto that many don't pay attention.

The basic rule is Read beneath the underneath. Kakashi told this to Naruto and its hard to make sense of it.. At one point Kishimoto repeated this on an interview and is one of the key rules to understand the story.. Many disregarded.. Many of Kakashi teaching about information as well as Ibiki are rules set by kishimoto.. Also Shikamaru and Sai version of the exam..

(Boruto Theory Part 100)

This is my best way to explain the rule of 3.. and the hex word 011.. Don't go nuts lol

This is the basic pattern to Naruto.. 2 boys 1 girl

Naruto .. Naruto Shippuden .. Boruto.. all are 011 ,, LOL

Masashi Kishimoto
Mikio Ikemoto
Ukyo Kodachi

3 people working on Boruto.. Boruto is a third part ot Naruto.. etc..

Btw the names I am 100% sure is a stupid puzzle.. Also the only real name there is Masashi Kishimoto.. The pattern 011 is in there LOL.. 2 moto's and achi.. 2 shi and chi.. .. This is nuts.. lol..

(Boruto Theory Part 101)

There is a lot things that are buried in the story.. all you got do is read beneath the underneath..

Aside from it .. some think this things don't exist but they are there..Kishimoto put them there and has made several efforts to make people understand.. Yet most are clueless of how Naruto is written in a dual format.. One story is in plain sight to see and another is hidden in plain sight..

(Boruto Theory Part 102)

Yeah Naruto is harder to understand then most people think it is.. The story was never a simple story..

Another bit of info.. Kishimoto is a die hard Matrix fan and has incorporated characters and scenes into the story.
What color is Sakura's hair or the Color she wears most.. Red... What color is Hinata what color she wears most.. blue... What pill did Neo eat to know the truth.. :)

There are just too much stuff hidden Lol.. and I am barely scratching the surface..

(Boruto Theory Part 103)

The entires storyline Naruto Sakura was all over Hinata Naruto never overshadow Naruto Sakura till 700 and movie when all was flashback into the story.. get it flashback... so when the original story ran Hinata had no chance of getting Naruto.. that decision was force upon the story hence the flashback to support it.. with no flashback that love story of Hinata and Naruto has no support..

(Boruto Theory Part 104)

Naruto had no will power in the movie.. everyone was pushing him to Hinata.. the entire movie felt forced like I was not watching the movie from the point of view of Naruto but Hinata..

As well the heart to heart which was suppose to be a NaruSaku closure.. just made sick.. someone who is blind about love giving advice to someone who does not know love oh yeah.. the blind leading the blind.. lol

(Boruto Theory Part 105)

The last naruto the movie is not a good movie too many contradictions with how the story was originally told..The entire plot feels like a bad arranged marriage naruto had no will power.. and his true love interest was reduced to non-existant from someone who is clueless about love.. Sakura had no business being the one who made the heart to heart talk..

(Boruto Theory Part 106)

and if i am not mistaken it was so bad that Sakura actually helped hinata to go for Naruto!!

yup when Sakura only was best friends to Ino.. not Hinata they hardly spoke

(Boruto Theory Part 107)

that is how ended in that time period I don't know where Kishimoto is going on the new one he already going with adoptive parent plot

(Boruto Theory Part 108)

There are hints even in Naruto shippuden 421.. There is the side by side picture of Naruto and Sasuke after getting the succession of power. Sakura on Naruto's side and Karin on the other..Why do that..? why place them like that in a exclamation image or revelation image like that.. To me Kishimoto is dropping hints that there will be a different outcome.. dunno just a wild guess I am observing from current events

(Boruto Theory Part 109)

yeah I will watch it when I can.. As per NaruHina and SasuSaku fans previous commments I know the series has advance into adulthood with out proper explanation of previous plots.. and I think it will all make sense at the end of Boruto's manga and the real last movie number 12.. Which will end Naruto completely.. why the 12 movie cause if you factor 12 you end with 3 .. Kishimoto's magic number

(Boruto Theory Part 110)

It's gonna be awhile till Naruto and Sakura get together..The only way to see it is if you break the story apart like Kishimoto has shown.. So far I can say and assume what we are seeing on current events is Sakura trap in a gengjutsu by Madara.. or somewhere a long that period we fell into Sakura's world or how she views everything Kishimoto gave that away but it was recently made clear to me.. 693 When Sasuke hits her in the heart she was in gengjutsu but we did not see her being release from it.. There are 2 instance when she could have fallen into it and the entire Naruto fanbase with her lol.. Madara is one whe she jumps in berserk mode to be decoy to attack Madara... The anime just shown this part and Madara gave her first a weird look with the Rinegan so that could be it or could be when Sasuke did it at 693.. Kishimoto likes to do flashback correlationships so this time period can correlate to chapter 3 when she was all alone dreaming of Sasuke kissing her forehead.. This sort like a sleeping beauty theme Kishimoto might be using this to show Sakura's deep emotions Now what is left is for Naruto to go in disguise to save her.. this is gonna be fun relating back to chapter 3 scenes but this wont be disclose till movie 12..
In the end Sakura will be with Naruto that is how Kishimoto wroted long ago.. but most did not pay attention or did not wanted to follow what he was doing..

I just came into the understanding cause the episode where Tenten falls into gengjutsu.. Most where ranting about filler but this miss the fact of what was explained someone being trapped in that world and fighting against it with all their might but falling and getting trapped and blended into the world as if it was the real world.. It hit me when Tenten accepted that world as the real world.. and she kinda doze into it.. I thought it was Hinata but is clear now that is Sakura..

(Boruto Theory Part 111)

Well I want to see is the kiss on the forehead and Sakura's reaction when it happens.. Kishimoto only done 2/3 of the story and we are starting on the third period of it.. So I am expecting lots of changes to how the story is right now.. Kishi been toying with the kiss of the forehead for so long just waiting for it to happen.. lol

(Boruto Theory Part 112)

LOL... yeah but what if Sakura is trapped in a gengjutsu and she seeing what her deep emotions wants .. just in like in chapter 3 she was daydreaming of Sasuke would come and kiss her but ... it was not him.. Where in Sakura hidden it was hinted that she may have been pregnant by a clone .. Would that still make your statement true.. don't think so.

To make what you said true Sasuke most had to intervene during that scene where Naruto disguise as Sasuke .was about to kiss Sakura.. he was no where near the real Sasuke.. So all I can say all charactrer right now are all over the place cause that is what kishimoto current plot is sort like a jigsaw puzzle that you have to match each piece to finish the puzzle so Sasuke + Sakura = Sarada doesnt match.. There is no clear information on that equation yet Why? cause is not known yet how or why Sasuke fell in love with Sakura.. that piece of information is missing.. The current plot mentions Naruto and Sasuke going after Kaguya.. why run after someone one they already defeated and no way to come back ,,,unless she was defeated but we are all seeing it thru the eyes of someone trapped in gengjutsu world.. This wont show up now.. some may be obtuse to understand it but cause that is how Kishimoto designed this plot.. to trap all fan base in a web of lies this was just reveal in the anime 1 episode ago when Tenten fell in genjutsu.. and the current anime showing someone actually awake and knowing the truth and fighting to break free.. but again most were crying out it was a filler LOL but they did not get what they were being told.. Amazing how kishimoto hides information in plain sight and many don't see it..

(Boruto Theory Part 113)

I understand what it means to him.. yet is not what it means to Sakura.. as she wants a kiss on the forehead.. that is what she wants from or desires from the one that loves her.. Is not something that she has given up on it.. As you can see in the drawings her expectation of it.. That was her deep fantasy.. Something that only Naruto can and is willing to do.. In itself is the biggest clue Kishimoto has given of Naruto and Sakura.. So yes that flip is to Sasuke means love or affection but is not what Sakura wants.. That is why I say all this events are the reminiscence of Sakura daydreaming about Sasuke being the perfect love..

So that being said.. if Kishimoto wants to correlate back to 3rd main plot this is only the beginning of breaking that plot.. Kishimoto only has 100 chapter of manga and 1 movie to finish the story and end it all in a 3..

(Boruto Theory Part 114)

Is all part of Kishimoto new plot.. if you gonna follow what he is telling now.. sooner or later he will come out and say is all a lie or dream..

NaruHina and SasuSaku fans said that they don't care but they are not paying attention to what he said early stages of the story.. I am sorry but this only the beginning of his 3rd stage of the story and he is given enough clues already to state that this could be a tsukiyomi world..

(Boruto Theory Part 115)

I highly doubt this is the end of the story. Due to Kishimoto's obsession with the number 3.. there has been 11 movies and 2 segments of the story: Naruto and Naruto Shippudden. SIngle digit math 1+1 =2 ..
so far is 2 segments = 2 movies.. when this two values are 3 gonna be the end.. so there is 1 more movie and 1 more manga from the story line.. but since again kishimoto uses also binary word of 3 which is 001 the last manga segment wont be call Naruto but Boruto... lol...

I think Kishimoto is addicted to Math.. or HUGE Matrix fan lol....

(Boruto Theory Part 116)

If you are asking me I follow what the author set in motion. Which was Naruto X Sakura.. Sasuke was a mystery for awhile since its was unknown to be good or evil.. Yet it was clear Sasuke had no intention of falling in love specially Sakura..

Sakura is too weak against Sasuke she doesnt stand up to him.. Yet she is very strong minded against Naruto. Just like Hinata is too weak against Naruto. At some point I thought it would be a good match against Sasuke but Kishi already decided it to be Karin.

If I am reading Kishi correctly neither Naruto or Sasuke were gonna end up with a weak minded girl they could step all over.. The girls had to able to hold their own ground. So far this is only middle ground Kishimoto has only started on the real end..

(Boruto Theory Part 117)

Beautifully done.. Naruto has never been able to tell Sakura how he feels.. he has run from her to let her be with Sasuke and come back to a Sakura waiting for his return.. Still after Naruto's return we see a different Sakura she is more closer to him then ever but she will not yield her heart to him thinking that Sasuke is the man of her dreams Naruto's own fault.. She never really wanted to see that the man she wanted stood in front of her and the one she was chasing was an illusion..

Seen to many dysfunctional couple stories to know current Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and Hinata are not happy with each other.. Current events are just the opening part of Boruto manga plots.. One very clear topic so far human clones not just chakra but flesh and blood clones. I heard that Sakura Gaiden was like that and I read Naruto Gaiden which dealt with Uchiha clones.. which for all events I am betting more that Sarada is a clone of Sasuke..I was sure before that she was Karin's but all now is pointing me to a clone of Sasuke.. Paying attention to 2:04 where Sakura and her parents you can see the details they share when I did that to Sarada she look more like Sasuke then Sakura.. You can put any kid and parent and they will be some similarities in their drawing ..Sakura and Sarada have none..

(Boruto Theory Part 118)

Wow .. it's nice to hear NaruSaku fans who think like me... yeah Naruto is everything she dream off Sasuke to be like.. yet she did not see it at all.. she prefered someone who disgrace her but still it was Naruto fault to begin with.. Think during Boruto Manga we gonna see lot of Sakura's regrets for choosing someone who never loved her.. As well Naruto for settling with someone who was never what he wanted to be with...

(Boruto Theory Part 119)

Is interesting how Kishimoto toys with the fan base.. and they fall for it and never listen.. Emotionally-challenge Sai tells Naruto the truth he cant bare to say and his response is "I am the guy who cant keep a promise to her" Naruto never thought of himself good enough for her and he never expresses his feelings for her.. Yet he is the most happy when she is around.. Clues like this are a dime a dozen.. but most are affixed on current events cause is the so call end.. LOL You know when something ends it doesn't continue.. the author stops and leaves.. it doesn't become supervisor he just leaves.. Yet kishimoto's mind games are amazing.. LOL..

(Boruto Theory Part 120)

Well NaruSaku forums this is the end of my theory, to put this theory in simpler terms Kishimoto is setting up Naruto and Sakura to get together romantically in the Boruto manga

And Kishimoto intentionally made Sasuke and Hinata very similar which means they are compatible so that when Naruto leaves Hinata Sasuke will be her rebound Husband.
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Holy shit condense this. Okay so you know he has nothing to do with this manga. He is not writing it. Want proof here: He already stated that Naruto and Hinata were going to end it together. Now get over it.
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Holy shit indeed. I just randomly clicked on this out of boredom now I'm just angry.
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He said when he created Naruto he was already planning that naruto and hinata would end up together
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yngvarr wrote:

Holy shit indeed. I just randomly clicked on this out of boredom now I'm just angry.

I've tried over & over again to explain using real life psychology & emotional health to prove time & again that Naruto & Hinata would have a very healthy & stable marriage, but some people just can't grasp that, or understand the fact that Naruto & Sakura would NOT be able to maintain a stable marriage between them.

The best ideas & concepts speak for themselves. If you need the equivalent of a college thesis to try to prove your point, you're just trying too hard.
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WOW please let it die already!
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AnimeLord100 wrote:

Hello Crunchyroll forums!

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Details follow, but in general I'd say that the Forums are intended more for discussion than as a platform for lengthy photo-essay-lectures, and that you might be better off using a blog for these. If you did that you could start a thread in the "Enthusiasts' Corner" section of CR's forum, and link to your blog, giving a brief summary of your overall mission.

Also, you are welcome to start a single discussion topic in the Anime forum regarding Naruto/Sakura/Sasuke/Hinata relationships--but that should start with something that's more a paragraph or two summing up a few of your thoughts and inviting others to share their thoughts or raise questions/issues. That way you could share more of your enthusiasm and thoughts in conversation with others rather than in huge one-way essays spread out across several threads.

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2) Some posts, like the one in this thread, included both images that name, and urls that link to sites that provide access to content they do not have official permission for.

3) The four threads were closely enough related that they essentially duplicated each other. I know they weren't exactly alike but they all presented a different aspect of the very same theme, using the very same anime/manga-world. In cases of duplicate threads I normally keep one open (making any changes needed to bring it into compliance with rules/guidelines when necessary if it doesn't require an excess amount of editing) and close the rest, but in this case it was not obvious which thread you would consider the most important or relevant, so I closed them all (and will be doing edits to remove the content mentioned in #2 above.)

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