Has anyone watched Oh My Venus?
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Posted 2/16/17 , edited 2/17/17
I watched Oh My Venus on Hulu last week. Overall an ok show. Some of it was pretty cringey, and it really dragged on at the end of the series, but I liked it.

One thing I don't understand, though, and it is most likely due to differences in culture. So Kim Young-ho's grandmother tells Kim Young-ho's father's wife that she has to move out of the house with her son, because Kim Young-ho is moving back to Seoul?

I don't actually know their names, and I'm not sure if the show ever actually properly introduced them with names. But I don't get it. Main character's dad is married to this woman, they have a kid together. She would be Kim Young-ho's step-mom, and the kid would be his younger step-brother. But because Kim Young-ho moves back to town, the step-mother and step-brother are kicked out of the house and are basically disowned.

If no one has seen the show, maybe someone knows enough about this that they can explain it to me, because I couldn't wrap my head around it.
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