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Posted 2/16/17 , edited 9 days ago
I have been a premium member for a long time now because I love this service. The anime community needed desperately a legal simulcast provider for a long time. I have sat through many frustrations with streaming interruptions due to a bad gateway between my ISP and crunchyroll. All things that have been understandable until today.

I make a habit of binge watching my shows and have been known to let these long running shows accumulate 50 or so episodes before I resume. I have learned to shield my gaze at the end of an episode so the slideshows for next recommended episodes don't contain spoilers.

Today I go to load up a One Piece episode and I see a message across the top in small blue writing containing a spoiler about Naruto and two specific characters wedding. Pretty damn big spoiler and I had no way of avoiding that one. This was not an 3rd party ad. This was designed on crunchyrolls end, and frankly I am very disappointed. In the realm of video entertainment the worst scum are those who ruin the endings of a show. Especially if you have been following it for 10+ years.

It would be appreciated if you consider your subscribers perspective before you put forth clickbait for other shows.
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Posted 2/17/17 , edited 9 days ago
I just got this notification on my phone! It came from the Crunchyroll app. I just got premium so I could watch Dragonball Super and eventually Naruto without ads on my phone and TV but now wondering if it's even worth having if they're going to spoil more shows
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Posted 2/17/17 , edited 2/17/17
mods can't change whatever the banner says. your best bet is to contact support and ask them to not spoil the sows through the banner notification
Posted 2/20/17 , edited 2/21/17
Same thing here. Premium member for many years, got spoiled through phone app, twice so far. Even on this very page (accessed from a computer), at this current time, there is a shippuden spoiler posted.

For the phone apps, either we have to train ourselves to ignore Crunchyroll app notification, or force disable the app notification. Some Android versions allow disabling of app notifications.

For web browser spoilers, nothing much we can do... Members should definitely contact Crunchyroll. Hopefully, they realize there is a problem if many of us complain.
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