Moe Wars - Anime/SW Hybrid Series with Loli.
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Posted 2/16/17 , edited 2/17/17
Cute, and bada** Light hearted, and dark. Don't forget the ecchi too. What more could you want? It pretty much covers every subgenre and deals with many different issues in life and the human condition. So I guess you could say that the drama is real. As is the action. As is the kawaii. Steampunk, cyberpunk as well as biopunk are major plot themes throughout the series. Watch the Neko Dark Jedi protagonist, her Usagi Apprentice, and lolies getting bloody in war rogue one style.

I make no money from my project. My channel is not and will never be monetized. It isn't about money for me. But it's my hobby, and I consider it my art so I'll never stop making episodes. So I suppose what I'm after is support, or some such. I put a lot of work into these, as well as into continuously improving them.

Thank you.

Edit: If you like what you see and would like to see more, then by all means, subscribe to my channel. It gives me drive when there's clear evidence of interest in my work. After all, I will take this where so ever it leads and push it further and further. Who knows how far it will go. You are welcome to join me on the Moe Wars caravan...

Here is the latest episode in a multipart sub-series I'm currently working on:

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