Post Reply Impact of Genetic engineering is Overrated
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Posted 2/17/17
The idea that superhuman and chimera could arise from genetic engineering is highly unrealistic and is confirmed to television logic. If humans can become overpowered by simply changing their genome then a superhuman could already had arisen by natural selection. This is not the Gundam Seed universe; there is no way to make an artificial species that can perform better than their natural counterpart in every way because natural selection has already chosen the best among the species for their current niche. If you want a species to take a new ecological position then that is a different story.

Making a chimera is not as easy as those in the science fiction stories. Contrary to individualist worldview, a physical traits do not always arise from a specific gene; it can arise from a combination of genes. A gene that provide long legs to one species may not provide long legs to another species. A gene that allow asexual reproduction on one species may prevent asexual reproduction in another species. If genes do not interact, then a species can produce fertile offspring with any other species on earth; species do not interbreed with a different species because their genes do not interact well together.
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