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What Are Your Teachers Like?
Posted 2/14/08 , edited 2/23/08
What Are Your Teachers Like?

Me.....German-He's funny when he's a dick
Alegebra-She's a good teacher but hates when we talk
English-Strict and i think she hates me cuz i make to many comments
Phyical Science-He's ok. he lets us talk some times but not a lot. well i'm in a smart people class. i'm the only that talks.
Business Law-He's so far my favorite teacher. he talks about sports and i get along with him. we play speed ball in his class. hes a tight teacher
PE teacher-A total Bitch. i'm trying to be one of her favorites

This Is My Last Thread. I Am Done With The Forums

Nope this ain't my last thread.
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116 / F / SMILY♥LAND
Posted 2/14/08
I like my Japanese, Language Arts, and History teacher.

I don't like my Math teacher. Very... Boring.
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21 / M
Posted 2/14/08
some are relatively nice....
some are plain scary!!
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24 / F
Posted 2/14/08
English- ugly
Science- looks like harry potter
Math- cunning
PE- old
Art- ok, an old lady
History- she talks in French everyday
Geography- Hardest marker!!
Spanish- Even harder marker!
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23 / M / Canada, Vancouver
Posted 2/14/08
English- Has extremely high standards.
Math- Average
Business- She's gives high marks.
Art- She was voted for one of the worst teachers of the school...
PE-High standards, but he's very funny
Science- Average
Social studies- He talkes non-stop. There was only one class where he didn't talk.... Other than that, he's fine...
Posted 2/14/08
AP Bio-Awesome. she's the type of teacher to pull out crazy experiments and pulls pranks on you while educating you.
Stats- dedicated teacher, but i hate math like hell.
Civics- talks WAY too fast and is VERY cheerleader-like.
AP Lit- She's really cool, but she's given up on me cause I'm always late and never have anything I'm supposed to. Not that she doesn't like me.
Philosophy- He's a retired marine. crazy,threatening, and has a bunch of awesome stories. the merciless man sent to punish kids. he's so freaking cool, though. my friend and i harass him in class.
Journalism- FREAKING BRILLIANT TEACHER. She's like my second mom (in a good way). I get along with her really well, and we have a lot of fun.

overall, me teachers are pretty good. no complaints on my part. guess i got lucky this year.
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24 / F / Hanging out with...
Posted 2/14/08
L.A.: Mean
Science: Weird and mean
Math: Loud and mean
S.S.: silly and weird
Spanish: loud and "nice"
Band: ugly and mean
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28 / M / California
Posted 2/14/08
OP, you sound like a total douche! Grats to you!

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26 / F / XD
Posted 2/14/08
French:mean and strick
Science:weird and funny
Posted 2/14/08
Math-Lanuage Arts: Alright
Science: Boring
Social Studies: Funny
Reading: Cool
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26 / USA
Posted 2/14/08
Science- Fun class, boring teacher.
Math- So boring.. Class work is easy, tests are hard. She doesn't teach everything we need to learn for a quiz.
Social Studies- Class is boring but teacher is really fun and understands students.
Language Arts- Not a lot of work, but hard to pass.
Physical Education- Great understanding teacher.
Current Events- Great teacher, boring class.
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21 / M
Posted 2/14/08
English Teacher: Total Bitch gives us so many assignments we fail other classes
History: Cool teacher lets us talk
Spanish: Bitch who makes us talk in spanish in class.
Latin: Fat tub of lard who talks about her cat
Religion: Annoying perfectionist
Math: Nice and funny sometimes(rarely)
P.E.: Awesome hes teaching us rugby
Computer:Shes a bitch
Science: Nice at times but over works us
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no permanent addr...
Posted 2/14/08
Electrical Machine Prof: Damn too Good!!!
Energy Conversion prof:Relax^^Cool!
Logic circuit: very kind,sweet and pretty^^
Instrumentation: yeeepeeee!!
btw those are my previous professors..i had graduated...
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26 / F / Corner of No and...
Posted 2/14/08
All 4 of my professors are guys...I think my college is sexist - so far i've only had 2 female professors...Neway:

History of Pop Music - teacher goes too fast for us to take notes > there is not one person in his class who can keep up with him, at the same time - he is SUPER slow to grade, his test questions are vague, the class is interesting at times but usually I end up falling asleep in it. FAIL

Psychology - good class so far, he makes the lessons interesting and tells some fascinating stories, he makes sure that you can understand the concepts, he doesn't require you to participate in class, his class is at a nice pace, he makes an effort to help you pass the class, he even holds an entire class just so that we can whine about tests - and if there is a mistake or something that he specifically said would not b on the test - he gives us more points!! PASS

Math - I actually understand what's going on - which is unusual since it is, in fact, a math class. Although he just drops you on ur ass he expects everybody to fail and doesn't really help you if u have problems. The first few classes were interesting but now it's dull as heck so i'm taking off points for misrepresentation. FAIL

Survey American Lit. - He is the ONLY professor I have who is young. And on top of being young - he is also super HOT!!! He leads discussions he doesn't call on you unless you volunteer, the assignments are pretty easy, and he makes it clear what he wants. PASS
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26 / F / B.C. Canada
Posted 2/14/08
The only teacher I don't like is my French teacher. Though a few of the others are just boring... And my English teacher is scary!
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