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What Are Your Teachers Like?
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25 / F / cebu
Posted 2/20/08
physics- emo
chem- motherly haha....
history- old
music and pe- jamming
computer-sadist but cool

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28 / The Wired World
Posted 2/20/08
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Posted 2/20/08
they're nothing but cold-blooded animals who like to butcher and eat people I tell 'ya!!!
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27 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 2/20/08
English - funnest subject cuz of the teacher! he's the best (though he's gay)
Math - ...seems like she always has menopause... (always angry and stingy >.<)
History - haha fat guy, pretty humurous too... likes to travel the world... totally into history..
Filipino - probably the most get along teacher i've ever met... easy to talk to.
Science - he's just 24. Best adviser
Chinese - sucks... boring...
CLE (Christian Life Ed.[religion] sometimes he's boring but sometimes he's a friend in class (the teacher that is)
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23 / F
Posted 2/21/08
geo= the best, funny and awesome
maths= neat freak
english= boring
pe= ok i guess
music= emotional problems
art= way into the subject
drama= too happy
science= random
ict= random too
dt= fun and funny
history= crazy and totally cukoo but fun
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25 / M / Norway
Posted 2/21/08
English: Stupid, retarded, old, coughing all the time, slow at everything he does, deaf on one ear and almost deaf on his other -_- (He is just an annoying idiot)

Science: He is just awsome, he is really funny but at the same time he is really good at teaching us about stuff and you can talk with him about everything

Math: Total asshole who thinks we are army students and teaches us in that matter (he used to be our PE teacher too before) He is really old (over 60) And he takes everything seriously and get pissed of all the time. And I think he is more interessed in making us look bad infront of others than teaching us.

PE: Same guy that we have in Science, and as I said he is awsome And a really good PE teacher too but he trains us really hard like make us do tons of pull ups, push ups, sit ups etc but I love doing those kinds of exercise so that fits me perfectly

Art: She is just fucking hilarious I love that teacher (not literally), everything about her is just so funny and she is really nice and easy on the grades, she is also our religion teacher I have straight A's in both of her classes, so easy to get good grades in her classes

History: She's an annoying bitch that moved her last year and became our "main" teacher this year and she is moving next year too. I and everyone at school hate everything about her. Also our Geography and Norwegian teacher...-_-

Geography: Same as history >_<

Religion: Same as our art teacher

Norwegian: Same as Geography >_<
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24 / M / no where
Posted 2/21/08
isay all of them r borin except my p.e. teacher lol
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77 / F
Posted 2/21/08
Math/Science - A bit boring, weird, funny.

English/History/Advisory - Really entertaining. Makes class fun. But shes strict.

PE - In the beginning of the year, we had a sub for the semester and she was hella nice. But now we got our real teacher back... and she fucking scares me. She's nice and all but shes really strict.

Tech - She has a little bit of humor, not all that funny though. She can be mean to some students (the bad ones).

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26 / M / With in the light
Posted 2/21/08
all my professor bored me to sleep; so i dont go to class for lectures any more. I only go the exam days.
Posted 2/21/08
They act like they have PMS 24/7

thats some scarey ass shit =]
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24 / M / Colorado
Posted 2/21/08
Science- bitch, she focuses on me and im not being paranoid
LA/English- short fused but easy to manipulate
Math- awesome
Spanish- funny
Posted 2/21/08
I like my French teacher the most. He's gay, I think.. because he acts like he is.
I don't like him because he's gay though. Gay is just a sexuel orientation anyway.
Well, I'm not someone to judge people by the way they act, I'm just feeding prejudices here XP.
But yeah, he's a really awesome teacher!
He can't top my old English teacher though, I still think he's the best teacher ever ~
The only teacher I can't stand is my biology teacher. He always grunts after he says something.
And we're having lessons about sex with him soon. Which is stupid.
Especially since we had lessons about sexuality since second grade. It's getting annoying.
Imagine someone you can't stand talking about sex and grunting, like...ew.
Posted 2/21/08
well my science teacher and english are mean! but my math and economics teachers are AWESOME!
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28 / M / lost in a lovely...
Posted 2/21/08
Well right now, my music teacher is my favorite one. He's hella funny and hes really knowledgeable about the history of music. He broke down the song reflection from Mulan in class one day and it was so awesome cause the music pretty much makes a reflection of itself in the background.

Hmm my chem teacher is alright. Shes really spunky and she knows what shes talking about. She keeps the class entertained with her random humor. I'd like the class more though if I liked chem.

My math teacher is horrible. He like, has no clue what hes talking about. Even though all of us pretty much know what we're doing and we can skip steps, he insists than we write everything out, therefore turning a simple 2 step problem into a 10 step disaster. Also when we ask him simple questions about how he got from one step to another in an example, he won't answer it. He'll go off on some wild tangent about how math is meaningful to life and how its a dance and we need to follow all the steps get it perfectly. Sighhhh that makes for like 5 bad math teachers in a row.

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25 / F
Posted 2/21/08
SPANISH- i like her bc shes like me lol. shes interested in travelling, shes nice, unique and cool. but i hate the subject she teaches
HEALTH- this weird old guy whose always happy and motivated. idk how he does it at his age
BAND- a newbie teacher who i dont even consider an adult bc hes so young and talks like us. he always tells retarded jokes and acts like a trumpet player. oh ya he IS a trumpet. but hes alright.
ENGLISH- this woman is uber young and always peppy and happy which is the opposite of my english teacher last year who was so mean and dark and not very nice. this lady always smiles and laughs and fails you with a smile. its almost scary,
GEOMETRY- this lady is down to earth and relaxed, uber smart, and pretty cool
HISTORY- shes real unique and funny, sarcastic and idk i always like history teachers
IPC- this guy is so retarded. i dont think he ever grew up. he always gets off topic and the whole class starts discussing something random and then he gets mad at us even though he started it. if someone recorded what goes on in our class hed probably get fired lol. hes tazed himself, blown holes in the roof on purpose, cusses at us, tells us his personal life which is like complicated. he married his ex girlfriends best friend who was pregnant and left by her boy friend who was a german exchange student even though he already had one kid from his high school girlfriend at 18.

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