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Posted 6/28/17 , edited 6/28/17

Rujikin wrote:

fredreload wrote:

Rujikin wrote:

fredreload wrote:

Shipwright wrote:

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Right but as society advances, everyone should be clothed, everyone should have food, and everyone should have shelter.

So everyone should have the right to take someone else's labor for free? That's called slavery.

How do you intend on generating revenue?

Come on, don't get mad at me lol. We're in the 20th century. During the Roman Empire even the homeless were given food and shelter, if I remember my World History correctly.

Back then, without the industrial revolution, clothes are made by hand. These days you can get a T-Shirt anywhere for a cheap price. Sure you can't be handing out T-shirt at a price of 0, that means you would be giving out infinite amount. Maybe a T-Shirt for each person, free rice refill, free soup refill, etc.

I am looking at this from an MMORPG perspective, most MMORPG are free, and you can look at it as to how it generates revenue. Even FB is free, I am not complaining.

Sure you are not complaining about a 6 dollars burger, but where I live here in Taiwan, in terms of salary we get around 30 U.S dollars a day as a software engineer. That's 1/5 of my salary for food a day just from a burger. Even then Fred is still over weight, he's fat .

And house, it costs just as much as a regular house 300,000 U.S dollars for a decent house in Taiwan. That would take my salary 10,000 days, which is 333 months, or 27.75 years.

So why isn't Fred working in the U.S? Beats me, I got my citizenship and diploma, but Fred needs a shelter , perhaps from his girlfriend

I'm not mad just letting you know that requiring people give free labor is slavery.

Were they given shelter out of the goodness of peoples hearts or did the roman government mandate it?

That T-shirt, that rice, and that soup required someone to work to produce it. You need to pay the people for producing it. Maybe have the homeless that want such things to perform some menial work that no one else wants to do as payment.

The way MMORPG systems work is that some people dump $50,000 into pointless crap because they have too much money, some put a hundred, and others put in nothing. They run gimmicks to keep getting money from users till they run out of ideas then they abandon the game and create a new one. Many are pay 2 win so it gives people who have lots of money and little free time an advantage which they pay for. Not sure to translate that into free handouts for homeless.

$6 burger? That's outrageous.... Oh wait your in Taiwan. That makes sense. How many large pastures do you have in Taiwan? Probably not many. You have to import beef from across the pacific or get it from the Asian mainland where China is a huge competitor. Well I bet your fish prices are cheaper than my beef prices. Fish is somewhat expensive where I am but its good. Also you could cook the beef yourself and save a ton of money.

Price is a market force. Crowded areas have higher rent than less crowded spots. Move to a place less crowded?

It's mandated by the Roman government. Well food is either free or expensive. The machinery makes it easy for 1 person to produce large amount of food in an automatic system. Do people dig and plant? No the machine does all the work. Eventually you control the environment, given an amount of land you could produce all the food you want through cycling.

But my point is still trying to earn money with food, not making it free completely.

Why am I complaining..... Right the Taiwan salary is just not enough for one to afford a good living condition
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