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CR's Terrible Manga Reader Discussion: Grievances and Suggestions
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Posted 3/14/17 , edited 3/15/17
I don't find much wrong with it, other than sometimes chapter's won't load properly, even when i completely reset the app.
Other than that, it's decent.
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Posted 3/18/17 , edited 3/18/17
I recently have started a premium account and i have to say i am very disappointed with the manga reader.
First I will say I use their manga reader on PC.

List of problems:

When Finishing a chapter while full screened the manga reader drops out of full screen and I have to full screen it again. Why?

The background for the reader is too bright. There needs to be an option to change it or dim it.

There is currently no short cut to zoom that I am aware of which means I have to click on the icons at the bottom of the screen and then adjust the page by dragging the image to the location I wanted to zoom in on.
The mouse wheel should zoom in and out at the location of the cursor rather then turn the page or they should at least give me the option to configure it that way.

The Navigator works poorly if you are using the mouse. The cursor shows the options for "next" or "previous" when hovered over the manga pages, but only turns the page when you click on either area outside of it. This was confusing when I Initially started using it, but makes since so you can drag the page. They just need to disable the "next" or "previous" indicators on the cursor when hovered over the pages.

There are more issues I have with the manga reader but I think that these are most annoying ones currently.

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