final fantasy 13's
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Posted 2/14/08
heh trying to save for a ps3 and finally play ffversus 13 WHEN it comes yea...
i was wondering if people would buy either of these games when it comes out even if their not ff fans...
secondly, which version of the ff 13 game do you people prefer on getting and playing, and care to explain your reasons...

if you know info on it you can post and stuff...

main girl from ff 13
she's called "lighting"

hey look urahara ff-fied (mummified, gets?? .....fine don't laugh)
he's a character in ff 13 in case nobody knew called mr. 33cm (shoe size guys, shoe size) japan uses the metric system))

main guy from versus 13
called "storm"

some blond dude from versus 13

some hot chick in versus 13 (did i mention hot??)
no info on name as of yet

kanayuki forever!!!

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Posted 2/14/08
good for you man i mean it.
to tell you the truth i really dont like futuristic games there too far beyond for me and this game sure looks the part
BUT ffx was amazing and it was kinda in the futuristic play. and the girl is smoking hot. graphics looks amazing
AND i highly doubt that the game critics will rate this game a low score.
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Posted 2/14/08
Let me say that this game will be one of the greatest games of all time..haha yeah that guy does look similar to Urahara. Love the trailers with Storm man could he own up like everyone. (Many reasons)
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Posted 2/14/08
Are you kidding me? His name is Storm? Uhhh.... I'm never going to stop thinking of X-men while playing that game.

I'm waiting for Verses more because it's less futuristic looking (I don't like futuristic shows/games) and the normal XIII reminds me of Star Wars.
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