Can Certain People Only Watch Certain Anime?
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Posted 2/20/17 , edited 2/21/17
Hey guys, I can see how the title of this forum can be very confusing, so I'll do my best to summarize what I mean. Hopefully most of you can understand this.
So first of all here are some shows I really like:
Akame Ga Kill
Sousei no Onmyouji
Steins Gate
Bungou Stray Dogs
Seven Deadly Sins
Kill la Kill
Fate series

And here are shows that I thought I'd like/sound super cool but just don't appeal to me:
One Punch Man
Kekkai Sensen(Blood Blockade Battlefront)
Soul Eater
One Piece
Durarara etc

So my question is, even though most of those shows sound awesome and are very similar to what I like and a lot of people like them, why don't I like them? What about certain shows are just unlikeable and hard for me to get into. Good example: K sounds so cool to me, the concept, screenshots I've seen are beautiful and yet I just don't like it. Is it the storytelling aspect? Something else? What makes it so that even though a show is very cool and well thought out, people just don't like it and others do?

I'd interested to see everyone's different opinions, because I remember trying to like Soul Eater for so long but every episode to me just felt like it was boring and I could be doing something better.
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Posted 2/20/17 , edited 2/21/17
Closed. Duplicate thread due to CR being glitchy.
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