Post Reply The current implementation of cloudflare and posting on the forum
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Posted 2/21/17
To make a long story short, when cloudflare kicks in when I'm trying to post on the forum it will eat the post.
After doing its thing cloudflare will redirect to which is just a blank page with an error message

Error in form, no name given!

It's not exactly a huge issue, after having it happen a few times I now just copy my post to the clipboard before submitting it so in the case it gets eaten I can just go back to resubmit it, but I figured I might as well leave some feedback about it.

This is on Firefox 51.0.1
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Posted 2/21/17

All I have to do is double tap back on my phone and it just refreshes with my original post.

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Posted 2/22/17
Its been doing this for me for the past week. Still no answer from anyone.
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