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Posted 2/24/17
The Idea of this game is to simply have fun while creating your own word, it does not have to be logical, but it can be fun, funny, silly, entertaining, serious, or plain but the goal is to get other users to understand your word on a functional level.

How to:
1) Use the word from the previous person in a sentence
2) Write down your fictional word
3) Give a description of what it means (vague descriptions lead to more interpretation)

No derogatory or racist words (definitions included)
Abide by CR forum rules
Use (English) Latin alpha numeric characters
Do not use a word someone else has posted as your own "new" word.
Be polite and respectful of others
Limit your word to under one line of text
Words have to not be in any diction already


Sentence from user above's "new word"

Maxanimatedly: Adj; When a person place or thing reacts in such a way that is beyond the ability to be considered "animated"
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