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Post Reply Is VRV worth the switch over from Crunchyroll?
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Posted 6/22/17 , edited 6/22/17
well its a very flexible subscription service, that offers Crunchyroll, Funnimation Rooster Teeth and others that you never heard about all in one place. It doesn't really hurt to having it, but it unnecessary to some people.
The question is will it kill The CR mobile app because VRV mobile app is basically the same thing?
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Posted 7/5/17
I know that Crunchyroll is pushing VRV but I can't work up any enthusiasm for VRV. The Funimation line up has maybe 3 titles I’m interested in and maybe some of Adam savages shows look interesting. The other 5 channels in the bundle are what is holding me back they appear to be less than funny or viewable. From what I have seen they are very low quality YouTube style shows or Ren and Stimpy animation without the writing quality or production quality. I would say that of these channels you would pay to not watch them.

Also the app, I have tried both on my cell and IPad and it is very lacking and this is as of July 4th 2017 it has gotten better since the beginning of the year, but that is a very low bar. They appear to have pulled a Netflix style stupidity in that everything is a comedy, drama, sci-fi, western, adventure, the categories don’t mean anything. They are stirred with a stick and muddled together.
The Anime is very split, Crunchyroll is as always Subbed and funimation is dubbed, that is good but they have not added a lot to the titles on VRV, till they get a bit bigger I will just stick to Crunchyroll.

When it comes to cost they literally are the same $59.99 for a yearly, but currently VRV is not worth the cost to me. Not till they are better, 90% of funimation’s titles are on Crunchyroll and what they don’t have I don’t want.

Amazon’s strike has taken this year’s big titles from both at least on first run I hope that they can bring them at a later date so I will wait and watch, If they are exclusive to VRV it might be a reason to switch.

As it stands VRV is an answer to a question no one had
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Posted 10/15/17
I've been debating this since it had been introduced to me via E-mail. I personally thought, It would be bada$$ to have everything in one place, but I love CR. They already have SO MUCH ANIME. After going through and reading all of the posts in this thread, I'll consider doing the trial for vrv, but I still feel skeptical. maybe if i sub to vrv without including CR, I can have both? lol.
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