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Posted 2/26/17 , edited 2/27/17
Last nite SAT 2 / 26 got the most most complaints ever about the ongoing SAT problems but happened last TUESDAY too

I do hate to complain buts is has made anime a chore !
It is suposed to entertain us not makes us enraged !

There is a differnce ! BTW I am trying to be polite / constuctive /asking nicely !

entertain to keep a person or a group of people interested or amused:

enraged Very angry; furious.

We acceptted the 2 major DOS attacks ! But come on

The problems have been on / off for some of us I dont know why ( location ? ) for the past year or so.

When the Fall 2016 season started I couldnt stream anymore despite doing massive tweaks ( voodoo PC fixes ?) For this website only.

Now with CR having so many problems after celebrating a million paid subs ( I dropped my in JAN ( cant watch ) I tried to support CR / legal anime after alomost 6 years continous CR really let down longtime supporters !

But now it is not only major failures going on but little things like only 5 most recent comments post on a show page

Now the pictures code is messed up ( Why they did that no idea ?? )

Like I said there's also been the rash of 404 / 500 errors / login problems / webpages wont load etc I can go anywhere else with no problems

So I am tired ( and lots of others ) taking the blame all the time CR took quite the beating on the forums and some staff are being evasive about what's going on

CR / Elation should be ashamed !

THE new IT staff is horrendous and should be removed and bring back the fired enigneers / This is a majot failure on Elation's part thinking they could save money but its failing fast!

Some fixes / this is bold but CR cant handle having all the anime w / o major upgrades etc

Now if CR cant handle the load / Funimation should take on some new shows / withe VRV it would be OK if they fixed the player problems

BTW flash shoud just be replaced already for all !

Maybe a CR rebuild should just be outsourced as all these patches just aint working no more!

So if things dont improve CR will lose more paying customers as stated in lots of forum posts thus defaeting their milestone.

CR from 2011 sure went downhill for customer happinees and qualitly of service.

And Cloud Fare got hacked too so how safe is that for CR to continue using that despite saying CR customers were not affected.
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Posted 2/26/17 , edited 2/26/17
This has been an ongoing issue at least with the site going down on Saturday for at least 6 weeks, the Xbox app has been broken since December. I am seeing more and more people starting to really get pissed off at this company. I had stopped paying for their service (and when to Funimation) because the Roku app just was garbage but eventually they fixed it and decided to try Crunchyroll again and for a while things were good, but for well over a month now things have gone from bad to just nearly unusable. It's shameful how a company can even operate like this and just hide in the dark and not inform its paying customers there are issues.

Funimation did this exact same thing and it hurt them badly but they eventually woke up and fixed everything but that no longer matters as they only carry dubbed anime that I don't want to watch while Crunchyroll has the shows I want to watch but yet seem to not be able to when I have the free time to do so. At this point people are going to cancel and start pirating the content because this company can not get it head above ground, but instead just hide and cower and not actual. So this company want to actually make money they may want to start fixing this because there are rather very easy ways to get their shows without paying.
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Posted 2/26/17 , edited 2/26/17
When you sign for money, the hope for perfect streaming is determined by its users.

The great thing about that, you have people still paying CR.

The solution...... Well gee, it's not that hard to figure out, because money talks and walks on a daily basis.

Good thing for me I haven't been watching anime for a while now. I'm really just paying for my special crown. Maybe throw on Fate zero again.

Is there any reason right now to pay for premium? realistically, its all about money at this point so no, there isn't a point in doing so unless somebody wishes to change the ways of a power hungry manifestation.

I see it everyday, so I just buy what I want and keep it for myself, there is no point if there is no merit in doing so. Either way we are paying for 70% of the return.

Im not stupid. They have the money so they wont budge, because they can get away with it. Just like any growing company/ corporation. As soon as they begin to drop lower than they would like, start kissing ass again.

Hello world
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Posted 2/26/17 , edited 2/27/17
They don't care about their customers anymore. We ain't informed about the issues or the development to resolve the problems. If they want to stop piracy, they need to give better services.

But I don't think the 23948349080 posts about lags will change anything....
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