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Post Reply pope defends indigenous people's rights to ancestral lands
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Posted 2/27/17 , edited 2/27/17

redokami wrote:

Amyas_Leigh wrote:
Yeah well, they have casinos now
Plus the government dicks everyone over. We're talking about the infrastructure and needs of the world's greatest super power vs the wants of what, a few thousand?

as much as it seems assholey, it is true

Well, the problem here is they tried to dick other people over, failed, and just went down the ladder till they found the smallest, most easily dicked over group to steamroll. Then when the tide turned against them enough and the army engineers halted to do a full assessment like they're suppose to Trump looked at it and went "Nah, lets get that dick back in there".

The pipeline supporters in the state government essentially kept pushing the construction forward even when it was getting delayed by lawsuits, challenges, dubious legal loopholes, etc. Essentially banking on creating a corporate juggernaut that would roll over everyone by complaining that they had already invested x amount of dollars so why stop now.

As for the "infrastructure needs of the world's greatest super power" an oil pipeline is not infrastructure. This is a privately owned and operated commercial project. One which Trump has financial ties too at that and even had shares in the company in question as of last summer ( according to him that is. It's not like he's given up his tax returns or anything yet to confirm he sold them. ). Plus the CEO of said pipeline company has dropped a cool 1.5 million into the pockets of Trump and Republicans in 2016 alone.

So its a pretty massive clusterfuck on every level all things considered.
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Posted 2/27/17

Amyas_Leigh wrote:

ran76 wrote:

maybe the european nations should do the same, since they did most of the "work"

Let he who presented the turd sandwich take the first bite
t. jesus

runec wrote:

. The pipeline did not originally go through tribal lands.

It doesn't go through tribal lands now

No amount of toothpaste is going to help you then
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