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Posted 2/27/17 , edited 2/27/17
Look what's coming out, this October...


I thought it was gonna be a remake. Lots of remakes, you know? But it's a sequel.

I'm excited for this movie!
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Posted 2/27/17
I'm a HUGE fan of the original. Heck, I even appreciate the different versions of it. I'm not super excited about the sequel though mainly because it seems so pointless to me.

That said, the people involved are good and the initial trailer is decent if not mind blowing. I'll definitely go see it and I hope for the best but I'm also not sold as of yet.
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Posted 5/3/17
I enjoyed the original movie. Can't really tell much about the sequel from trailer, but I'll probably see it some time. Looking forward to it.

The book Blade Runner is based on, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, is pretty good too. Naturally, it has some good stuff the movie doesn't, though it was probably best left out-- it works for the book, the movie works for its own thing. There's also a major difference between the point of the book and the point of the movie. Major, major spoiler ahead...

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Posted 5/4/17 , edited 5/4/17
If this ignores Ridley Scott and doesn't make all the mistakes the prequel to The Thing did then maybe it'll be good.
I doubt it because all the sequels coming out years later are sucking.

I'll go see it but I'll expect nothing.
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