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Posted 2/28/17
Screenplay: The Test of Tifos Oeb
Narrator: Long ago, in a small, prosperous kingdom, there was a king who needed to find a girl to marry. Their country died still young, and the little prince turned king already early. At the age of 18, the king has to marry to maintain his title of king or lose his position as monarch, just as he commands the tradition and law of his people. But the young and inexperienced king could find no girl in his kingdom to please him. For all the girls wanted him only to have the title of queen, and not exactly because they loved the boy. Therefore, the reio ordered the summoning of 3 powerful warriors of his kingdom for a unique mission. Visiting neighboring countries as a clandestine and there as an outsider and seen as a young man, meet a girl worthy of becoming his queen.
The mission, though simple, becomes dangerous in view of the fact that some neighboring kingdoms have been at war with our king's kingdom for many, many years. And therefore, they do not accept outsiders well. So it's up to our heroes to infiltrate the neighboring kingdoms and complete their mission. They are:
Elder the Master Magician: An old and experienced sage, especially when it comes to justice and women. He is honorable and kind, but when it comes to love he lets it go by the perverted side sometimes. In addition to being a powerful wizard, powerful ancestor spellcaster, he is a great love counselor. He's half-elf. A mixed race of Human and Elf.

Lassy Ebony Caninus: A teenage werewolf, with vast experience in battle experience, however is very close to strangers. Battle using his powerful claws when in the form of werewolf and two swords in human form. Despite being a powerful warrior, she is shy and self-confident.
Trollado the Troll: A troll skilled in fighting with axes and clubs. He has a considerable brute force and a faithful companion of battles. Despite all the fame on the battlefield, he lives in financial trouble and has a notorious sense of humor. He's on this mission for the money.
Henrique de Peres II the King: A human who became a very young king, but to maintain his title as king and to honor the laws and traditions of his native land, he must find a girl to marry. Although he was 18 years old recently, he is a skilled swordsman, and has done some mercenary missions in other countries. He inherited from his late father the holy sword Capricur and learned to use it as a boy, but only mastered his skill with the cut and is unaware of the mystical powers that the sword possesses. His father told him that when ready, he would awaken the true power of the sword, from which it is based directly through the power of the user's heart.

These are the heroes of this adventure. Do not waste a minute, to know what will be the result of ...

The Oeb Tifos Test!
(Press Start)

Butler: Lord Peres, king of the Kingdom of Sagnopara Wing. Your majesty turns 18 today and must know what your responsibility is to the kingdom and its people.
Henry: I know. My heart did not beat hard for any girl in my kingdom. I did not feel my gaze paralyze nor my pressure rise, as my father described when he met my mother. So I decided to look in other realms. As I said before, I'll cling to you until my return. Correct Marcos? I know you will take care of the kingdom until I return.
Mark the Butler: Yes my king. Your wish is an order. Take care on your journey. By the way, your fellow travelers have arrived.
Henry: Yes, I want to meet them.
(Henry and Marcos enter the throne room, where the trio awaits him)
Mark: Your Majesty, sovereign of the honored and virtuous Sagnopara Alada, I present you: Elder the Magician;
Elder: It is an honor to serve you my king.
Mark: Lassy of Ebony;
Lassy: Uh ... I'll do my best on your majesty mission.
Mark: And Trouble the Troll.
Trollado: And then heads, let's get some kittens. I know a bar in Arapucarana which is oh, a maximum.
Mark: These three brave warriors are your chosen as well as, the most capable for your mission, O mighty king. Carefully follow your path and bring honor to your land and ancestors.
Henry: Yes, I will. Let's go, comrades.
Elder and Lassy: Yes, Your Majesty.
Trollado: Cracked with the favela cúmpadi.
Narrator: After this, the heroes leave the limits of the kingdom.
Lassy: Majesty, where shall we go in our quest?
Henry: Girl, do not call me majesty. We are comrades of battle now. Formalities are unnecessary. We are friends now.
(Henry holds the girl's hand to show confidence)
(Lassy turns slightly red)
Trollado: The manjarias manjarias man with the woman. This mission is in the offing.
Elder: Yes. But let's not lower our guard.
Henry: Elder is right. And the same goes for you. They do not need formalities for me.
Trollado: I already pulled out what the scheme is, after all "I suspected from the beginning".

Whenever I get time I'll do a proper translation , but for now I'm just using this fast google translator translation. If you uderstand Portuguese you can see the full story on my blog.
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