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Post Reply Chicken-gate: Subway chicken only contains ~50% real chicken, according to cbc study
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Posted 3/2/17
Once again, an American fast food chain cutting costs by using filler ingredients. Once again, I am not surprised. Once again, I'm miffed! And once again... I'm boycotting another restaurant till they receive a full blown investigation and change EVERYTHING that they are short-cutting on. McD has yet to change their ways, KFC has yet to change their ways, Arby's has yet to change their ways, etc.

Dam... I'm running out of restaurants. At least the one's I still go to regularly, I know they don't shortcut. I even saw them cut the lengua (cow tounge), the onions, and everything else they put into my favorite 2 pound super burrito!

It's very simple. Don't do a shit job, and I'll shut up and give you my money. Even if you have to raise prices to make the food 'real'. Do a shit job, and I'll take my money elsewhere where they serve quality food. And quality made food on a decent price is not that hard to find. 7 bucks for a massive mexican street style burrito, 8 bucks for a big bowl of ramen, 6 bucks for a sandwich with so much meat in it that it's difficult to chew though all that turkey. (thanksgiving style turkey, not that sandwich meat shit) 2.50 for 4 pieces of sushi as a snack 2 go, and my dad's favorite (not mine since my tastes are a bit more girly), a 44 ounce quad shot no frills no foam just a chocolate syrup mocha for 5 bucks. (you don't even need to serve quality food, you just need to not lie about it.)
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