Post Reply Crackling noise in fullscreen on Crunchyroll only
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Posted 3/1/17
I've searched for anyone else with this exact problem, but no luck. Basically, my sound is perfectly fine on any other site in any other video format, but on Crunchyroll if I fullscreen a video, I get intermittent crackling sounds. It's like the audio is saturating, but I have no idea how.

I've tried changing volume levels on my computer, the CRoll player, and the tv to varying extents with no change. The audio is going out through my video card (HDMI) and, again, has no trouble at all with other sites/videos. It's only on CRoll. This makes me think its an Adobe Flash or driver corruption that only affects flash player. Does anyone have a clue?
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Posted 3/28/17
I also have this problem. Have messaged them.
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