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Posted 3/14/17

martin12165 wrote:

DarthRutsula wrote:

I do not understand why you recommend the most powerful single GPU on the market and then tell them to get a shitty CPU. I know, most games can be played with that lower end trash i5 but most games can also be played with an i3. If you are going to drop 4k (money) on a PC you might as well get something to last you a long time.

I find it difficult to explain why I think I am right but most of the times I am right.

Personally I'd say to get a 1070 or to get a regular 1080 when the Ti comes out (because that price would most likely drop). Not like he's using a 4K monitor. But everyone seems to want to make it a Ti. 4K is very demanding for a card, At least he wants a 1440p which is very less demanding. Its still demanding (which warrants at least a 70 imo). But why not just get a last gen CPU or two gens old like I have (a 4790k, too much for me).
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