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Posted 3/3/17
In this topic, I challenge you to design a fictional character that is inspired by an animal species that are either extinct within the past few millions of years, endangered, or largely unknown to the US citizen. A character that is inspired by non-animal species is fine as well. You can present your character design through an artwork, a character description, or both. The character can be an anthropomorphic version of the inspired animal, a supernatural creature that is inspired by the selected animal, or the exotic animal itself.

I am making this challenge because anime and manga barely make mention of animals outside of Japan especially those that exist outside of Europe. This lack of mention may be due to Japan's history of isolation. Donald Trump also make the extinction of species more salient by his open anti-environmental position which make this a good time to discuss wildlife diversity.

Examples of animals that can be used are: the lemurs of Madagascar, the new world monkeys of Latin America, the Marsupial mammals in the Southern hemisphere, the prehistoric mega-fauna mammals, or other non-mammals species.
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