Post Reply Shigatsu wa kimi no uso. Feelings? Whats your masterpiece?
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Posted 3/5/17
So i watched this a couple years ago, and to this day everytime i see a characters face, hear one of the musical pieces or reminice on it in general i feel a tug on my heartstings. Has anyone else been moved by an anime as i have shigatsu wa kimi? Been so touched by an artist's story telling, artwork and soundtrack that a virtual romance with fictional characters spoke to you. Id like to hear about your person master piece animes. The ones youll watch and rewatch, and though theres no mystery and the plot is already foiled you find yourself enthralled.
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Posted 3/7/17
Not necessarily a masterpiece, but still watchable. A tiny bit too melodramatic for me and some of the drama did feel forced. Some scenes were repetitive and the monologues were annoying at some points, but I was fine with those for the most part. What really put me off, were the comedic scenes in midst of an emotional scene. That kind of comedy does not fit well with a supposedly dramatic show. The concert scenes and the soundtrack overall were brilliant, I must admit.
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