Visual novels on steam?
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Posted 3/5/17 , edited 3/6/17
Which did you like, and why? Also what kind was it (comedy, drama, tragedy, mature).

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Posted 3/5/17 , edited 3/6/17
I not an expert and I have only bought a few in the sales. I got Sakura angels, another Sakura one and both nekoparas. I'm yet to play them. I heard Neko is very good and cute.
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Posted 3/5/17 , edited 3/6/17
Well, my favorite is the Grisaia series. It's currently 2 games with 3 total add-on DLCs. If you've seen the anime series and liked it you most likely will looooove the VN since there's so much more meat to the stories. As for the genre you could say all four you mentioned then add in some sci-fi, some romance, some action adventure etc. Fruit of Grisaia itself is good for 80-100 hours of gameplay, with the sequel clocking in even more then add in all the DLC and to top it all off ... it's all quality. There are even 2 cutesy games sun off out of it too (non-VN ones).

Steins;Gate,once again for the same reason. You'll be playing it forever and not tire of it. The anime is great but so is the VN and it also has much content not found in the anime.

Roommates is a diamond in the rough. It comes in a male version, a female version or a combined set with options for straight, gay or lesbian relationships. It's all about both romance and friendship. While there are adult patches for it online, it's probably PG-13 to R rated on Steam at the most. It's romance, friendship and comedy mostly.

Go! Go! Nippon is fun for an entirely different reason. It's about dating in Japan and acts pretty much as a tour of the places and culture. It's handled in an anime-style way and is both educational and romantic with it's share of light comedy.

All of the above are VNs that let you choose your paths of progression not just kinetic stories to read.

Almost forgot one...

Everlasting Summer. It's a horror, sci-fi mystery that takes place in a Summer Camp in Russia. It's all the above plus a little comedy and a lot of romance. It's a very fun VN with it's own identity.
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Posted 3/6/17 , edited 3/11/17
Well... I do have a lot of the sakura vn's on steam (Keep mind they aren't very good story wise most of the time mostly just relies on you liking the art and characters really)

(Choices but they don't have much impact)

Sakura Spirit - Try to ignore the MC and you can enjoy this one. At least I did. I mostly ignore the MC in most VN's anyways

Sakura Angels - I ignored the MC as per usual and enjoyed this one

Sakura Beach 1 - Only played a tiny bit the artist was changed for this one not a huge fan of the change but its so far pretty ok

Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1 - It was enjoyable has yuri so I adore it. (Choices impact certain yuri scenes you view)

Sakura Swim Club - Has yuri so once again I adored it.

Nekopara Franchise - If you like catgirls you will like it. If you ignore the MC that is.

(VN's with impactful choices)

Long Live The Queen - Insanely fun and enjoyable. Hard to complete everything however.

Sakura Dungeon - Well, not so much on the choices but its a dungeon crawler with a lot of VN aspects.

The Neptunia franchise also has a lot of VN aspects but its more of a JRPG so I didn't include it on this list.

(VNs I have but haven't played)

Sakura Beach 2

Sakura Santa

Seduce me the Otome (Got it cause it was free)

(Does Danganronpa count?)

Go! Go! Nippon

A few others I'm forgetting the names of.
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Posted 3/11/17 , edited 3/11/17
I´ve been meaning to play some more VNs, but I´m holding out for a good sale.

From the few I´ve played thus far I loved Clannad, and Devil on the G string kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish
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Posted 3/11/17 , edited 3/11/17
Devil on a G string (Not in a G String. Here it is a reference to music)

Root Double Before Crimes

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Posted 3/11/17 , edited 3/11/17
Well, I only own three VNs on Steam.

Analogue: A Hate Story - A Korean scifi mystery, I guess? I got it for like $1 during a sale. It was alright, if short. As I recall, you're trying to determine how everyone on a colony ship died by digging through the ship's mainframe with the help of its AI.

Long Live The Queen - You try to raise a young princess to become a proper queen. Then watch her die because of something you didn't expect and start over. It's quirky and morbidly amusing because of all the Bad Ends.

World End Economica - Another one I picked up during a sale. I haven't played it yet, but it's a kinetic novel (meaning no story choices) from the author of Spice & Wolf (meaning it's infatuated with economics, go figure).

Several people have mentioned Steins;Gate, which I do own (just not on Steam) and of the VNs I know are on Steam, it's definitely one of the best if you like scifi, thriller type stories.
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Posted 3/14/17 , edited 3/14/17
Clannad - School Life/Romance/FEELS!! Absolutely love this one :)

Analogue: A Hate Story - Sci-Fi, very interesting, just not got very far in it, more interactive than any other VN I've played on steam

Muv-Luv - Genre Shift. I really like this, I was very surprised actually. I will state that at this point I have only played Extra, although I do know what happens in Alternative having read up on the Muv-Luv universe while watching Schwartzes Marken. So far, really good, almost as good as Clannad for me :)

If My Heart Had Wings - Romance. Good, very long, interesting characters and very few actual choices in the game. Also VERY heavily edited on the Steam version, whole chunks have been completely destroyed, but there is a patch that restores the original "plot" scenes, however I have read that if you install this patch it stops you getting achievements. You also have to complete the main route before you can follow any others, so it is very time consuming in that respect.

Like others have said, Steins;Gate, the Sakura Series, the Nekopara series etc are all ones that I plan to buy, I just haven't got round to yet
Posted 3/15/17 , edited 3/15/17
Danganronpa 1 + 2
Steins gate.
Literalyl the only ones I've played.
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Posted 3/18/17 , edited 3/18/17
Thanks everyone, right now I'm playing Danganronpa. Going to play Steins after!
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