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Posted 3/7/17 , edited 3/7/17
So I come to watch One Piece. I'm given this
statement, "Sorry, due to licensing
limitations, videos are unavailable in your region."
Then I wonder if this is the same for other anime.
I checked Attack on Titan, Is it Wrong to Pick up
Girls in a Dungeon, The Heroic Legen of Arslan, and
several other shows only to be told the same thing.

I have exclusively watched each of these shows on
crunchyroll yet now all of a sudden I can't watch
them because of my location? My location hasn't
changed. Why would licensing for One Piece or
Attack on Titan be dropped in my region? These are
very popular shows in the anime community and in
my region. I just don't understand why I can't
watch the same shows that I have been watching for
a long time on Crunchyroll.

I can only watch a few shows, shows of which I'm
not interested in watching, which makes this
membership basically useless to me. All I can say
is that if I can't even watch very popular anime
(which should have licensing in my region) then I
will, no doubt, be cancelling my membership with

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Posted 3/7/17 , edited 3/7/17
The licensing for those shows hasn't changed, but likely your detected location has. Try going to /contact and seeing where it thinks you are by looking at the detected country at the bottom. If it is correct then it is possible it was wrongly detected before and has since corrected itself. If you tell me what country you are in, I can look up to see if those shows are supposed to be available there.

Also, when it correctly detects your country, you can find a list of all available anime here: /videos/anime/alpha?group=all

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Posted 3/11/17 , edited 3/11/17
Are you using a VPN?
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Posted 3/12/17 , edited 3/13/17
Depends on the country you are in, for some due to a lack of licenses it is worthless to have imo.
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Posted 3/15/17 , edited 3/15/17

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