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Posted 3/8/17 , edited 3/8/17
This probably has been brought up before but I figured I'd add my two cents. It would be great to have a function that gave you suggestions on anime's based upon what is in your queue. For instance right now I have a few series in my queue but I want to watch new things, however, I am kinda picky what I watch. So having that type of functionality built into the website would be great.
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Posted 3/8/17
I totally agree man, I get what you're saying. I'm pretty picky too, and I stop watching a lot of shows after the first three seconds, but I wish there was more of a recommendation system. Totally agree with you on that one.
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Posted 3/11/17
As cool of an idea this is, there is plenty of other things which need fixing on this website before new features are added. For the time being, you could just go to other anime websites like MyAnimeList and just check for recommended shows there based on a series you are watching. Sure it's not as convenient, and you won't know if it's available on CR, but it will get the job done. Because what you are asking isn't a simple feature unless it's just recommending shows based on genre.
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