Civil War vs WW3 vs Next Holocaust vs Something Else
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Posted 3/9/17 , edited 3/10/17
With all the shit happening around the world right now, figure I would start a discussion on who thinks what's happening next for man made catastrophes involving all of us.

I feel like there is already the beginning of all options so far. In America, there is much undercurrent shifting around with the masses finally accepting their system isn't made to work for them while groups recognizing this attempt to put people out to speak for those that aren't being spoken for... currently the system rather brushes past any threat to it once little guys start speaking for their interests. One can see this slowly changing with all the various talks, documentaries, discoveries proving the usual stagnating institutions not to be in our best interest while a system that is already rigged to silence actual freedom while defining acceptable freedom also has mechanisms to prevent anyone speaking openly about problems enough to cause real change. There is already a schism in media/politics that has only been growing for the past century until that bubble bursts, leaning towards civil war that shows a real possibility with any state that declares wanting to be independent, growing militia groups, and a complete lack of trust in leadership.

Currently, Trump is also upping his drone strike game showing similar signs of a new holocaust as he chooses to attack masses in what is quickly becoming publicized as more and more as race discrimination. Although this is someone else's numbers, showing he has be doing 1.4 a day with past stats showing only 10% of those killed in these attacks are their intended targets... while seriously? how the fuck far off from a gas chamber is this? or any other blind attack on all of us.

With the enormous increase in drones, one cannot help but recognize all it takes is all those being bombed, now near daily, to come together and begin ww3.

Then there is all the conspiracies, so something else still could be in the mix while all paths with something else is seeming more likely with each institutional failure to be peace, encourage healthiness among masses, and actually achieve something instead of creating a society that is set in a dictatorship of permissible actions with the masses seeking credentials just so others will fuck off.
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