VRV needs to notify you when new episodes are up
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Posted 3/10/17 , edited 1/29/18
I switched over to VRV recently since the deal was good (crunchyroll + funimation combo is great) and the app at first glance seems like an upgrade from the regular PS4 Crunchyroll app, however there is one big problem I have with it that may result in me abandoning it and going back to the default PS4 Crunchyroll app:

There is no notification of new episodes for anime in my watchlist!!!!

In the crunchyroll app it would at least show you that a new ep released when your queue thumbnail image changes, but in VRV there is no way to tell unless you go into the actual anime and then go into the next season and hope that the episode it defaults to is the new one. It doesn't even tell you if you've seen an episode already or not so it's super easy to lose track of your history...

This is pretty much a deal breaker for me to continue using the fancy new app, on top of the fact that it was a mission to find all my favorite series and add them to my watchlist since it didn't auto-populate my queue from Crunchyroll. I mean, the original PS4 crunchyroll app has notifications for when new episodes come out as well as viewing history, so why would the new VRV app not have this essential feature? Even Netflix and Hulu tell you when new episodes are released.

What the heck crunchyroll/vrv?!!

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Posted 4/6/17 , edited 4/6/17
Closed because this seems to be more feedback that should be directed to VRV via their contact info, than ranted about on CR General Discussion, where there is already a thread for discussion the VRV experience: /forumtopic-979031/anyone-jumping-over-to-vrv
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