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Post Reply Bit Rate Decrease?
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Posted 3/13/17 , edited 3/13/17
For the people who are saying its not intentional you are wrong, it is completely intentional as exactly one day after a video airs the bitrate is reduced in order to save bandwidth and cut costs I'm sure, hopefully we'll get some official feedback to the decrease in quality which is becoming more and more clear every day
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Posted 3/13/17 , edited 3/14/17
Copying my post on the Premium Members forum.

Well, I've made an interesting new discovery. Somehow, the program I'm using to inspect video data is unable to detect ANY videos that are less than 2 days old. It has no problems detecting last week's videos from those same series, or anything older than Heybot episode 24 as of this post. I'm afraid this is hard proof that Crunchyroll makes changes to their encodes a day or two after the episode airs.
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Posted 3/14/17 , edited 3/14/17

Gotham814 wrote:

As of recently it seems as though CR has gone through a decrease in the bit rate for their video encoding, first starting noticing a drop in quality myself between episodes only to have my concerns validated after reading a Reddit thread where other users said that they were experiencing the same issues.
Can someone from the CR team explain the reason for this decrease, one that had no announcement or reason given for the change?

Here's an official statement from CR in Site News
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Posted 7/29/17 , edited 7/29/17
I don't think it's actually a drop in bitrate it's most likely the usage of a faster encode preset which will give you worse quality especially in dark scenes, I have an example from RE;Zero where they obviously used a faster encode setting as 3000Kbps Video is better in these sences than crunchyroll if a longer encode setting is used, also it will also mean the loss of distinctions between small gradients of colour.

Although you may not be able to see it as clearly if you don't have a monitor with a high contrast ratio or at all if your in the sub 900:1

Tbh though Crunchyroll should just use the second longest setting for 1080p content because it doesn't really cost them anything unless you have a lot of shows going out at the same time in which case you need more hardware to do the rendering, but tbh I don't mind watching shows that I really want to watch on release in 720p and have the 1080p version take a couple of more hours so that shows that I want to binge can be in the best quality possible.

And why not the highest preset... Well it's called placebo for a reason.
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