I'm having growing issues with society i want to put my opinion out
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Posted 3/13/17 , edited 3/13/17
So i wanted to post my feelings somewhere
i don't understand why we are forced to live in a society where you can be subjected to a life of pain because someone has different morals to you.

For example i look at how people in my country get sent to prison for looking at stuff like loli characters (you know what im implying) and i honestly feel disgusted in my country and the people here who would ruin someones lives when no one has been hurt just because someone did something against their beliefs that hurts no one it's just against their sense of right and wrong.

I can't understand how these sorts of people spout shit like being good people and humane when they do this.....sometimes i think the world would be better off without those people. I don't know what to do with these feelings i honestly despise society and the people in it morality is just..a waste of time people are being hurt for other peoples dumb opinions it just is pathetic if they can hurt others.....

why can't we hurt them back but those people are protected by "laws" which are mostly shitty and protect no one they just cater to the majority and their beliefs and shut out those who don't agree every day i just feel my hatred for people keeps growing and i don't know what to do with it.

I believe people should be prisoned when they hurt someone or deal harmed not when they do something that harms no one like look at a drawing or do drugs or other harmless things that are illegal for no reason in the world.
It just feels like we are slaves to the world and unless your morals and beliefs align with everyone else your going to have a hard time.

People want to prosecute you for your beliefs or morals or therefore lack of morals.
Personally i break a law in my country that is harmless but illegal due to my country being a nanny country i just don't understand why people have to be put away for someone elses beliefs when they are not hurting others.
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Posted 3/13/17 , edited 3/13/17
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