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What jobs have you had?
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25 / M / Abyss
Posted 4/20/17 , edited 4/21/17
Lawn Care (Mowing, weed-wacking, edging etc)(Owned my own mini business, how I paid for most of my Uni).
Movie Theater (shit)
Lifeguard (little less shit)
Subway (shit, but really, really nice boss)
CAD job (just drawing up room requests for builders, fun, paid shit)
I now do a semi-job of tutoring for fun. It kind of counts?

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22 / M / Venezuela
Posted 4/20/17 , edited 4/21/17
locksmithing(idk if it's the correct term), musician and fixing computers. Currently just studying.
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28 / M / Canada Ontario
Posted 4/20/17 , edited 4/21/17
Green House Worker
Lawn and Garden Care
Charity called ADRA I was an assistant
Network Admin
Pizza Hut
Graphic Design
Front End Web Developer
3D Object Designer
Game 3D landscaper
Bus Boy at Italian Restaraunt
Customer Loyalty Rep for OnStar
Marketing for Druxies Deli
Buggy Boy for Grocery Store
Sever Admin

And now I own my own buisiness and get paid tens of thoughsands to do nothing but collect my royalties ^.^
Posted 4/20/17 , edited 4/21/17
UPS Clerical worker
Light factory work
In line cook
Teaching assistant
Summer camp instructor

Right now I'm a teaching assistant for a couple of lab sections at my Uni.
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22 / F / Uk
Posted 4/21/17 , edited 4/21/17
Worked in a pharmacy as a dispensing assistant for about 4 years, was really fun but it was the shadiest place ever.
Luxury department store, selling designer stuff but that was pretty shitty, just talked to snobs all day =_=''
Now I'm the perfume girl at an airport duty free, pretty fun and I'm super friendly with my manager, we go out to eat and drink regularly, he's almost like a work bestie
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M / Chicago
Posted 4/21/17 , edited 4/21/17
I'm currently a college professor of studio art.

I've also worked the following jobs:
Nursery school teacher
summer day camp teacher for school aged kids
Counselor at a camp for teens and adults with severe developmental disabilities
Retail (lots, mainly at Tower Records, but also at TJ Maxx, a children's bookstore, and others)
Copy shop clerk
bookkeeper for an art gallery
laying sod for a sod farm
middle school janitor
working ticket sales at a comedy club
and lots of others I can't remember right now
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29 / M / Sundsvall, Sweden
Posted 4/23/17 , edited 4/23/17
Im working at my first job as an industrial electrician been working here for 7 years.
Srarted as one of those jobs you get over the summer break in school and they thought i was so good at it that they hired me.
At the moment im trying to advance in the company and become a system engeneer (kind of like a programmer but for ABB interface) instead as I find that kind of work rally intressting.
As it turns out there wont be an opening at that work for atleast another 2 years wich kind of sucks.
But atleast they are calling me to help out when someone at the system departement is sick wich is nice.
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