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Posted 3/13/17 , edited 3/13/17
Hey! I'm new to Anime , been watching it for about 1 month now on this site! Currently Hunter X Hunter is my favourite show this could be because I can just watch through all the episodes instead of waiting but I really enjoy the character and I can relate in a way!

I also enjoy Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid as it is about unique beings fitting into Human Society , I enjoy watching Anime like that that's why I liked Pokemon when I was younger (When I didn't know the truth about anime )

Also I watched Attack on Titan season 1 (Excited for season 2) that was probably the BEST ANIME EVER!!!! :P

I would like to ask you to reply to this to tell me what you think! I want to know if you can relate or if you are still watching similar or the same as you watched when you first started watching Anime
Thanks for reading :P

Have a nice day/night!
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Posted 3/13/17 , edited 3/14/17
Hello. It's good to see you have been enjoying anime so much. As far as your discussion, I have generally stayed in the same genre as I started in (fantasy like shows). Recently though, I have been branching out into other genres. For example, I watched Cowboy Bebop (more Si-Fi), Wolf and Spice (More day to day) and Toradora (A romantic comedy).

To summarize this, I started in the same genre but as time went on, I branched out into other types.

If you would like some recommendations, feel free to ask.
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Posted 3/13/17 , edited 3/14/17
Glad you're able to enjoy anime so much, and you've got a pretty great start as far as I'm concerned! There are so many more amazing shows waiting for you.

As far as your question, I've always watched very different anime depending on what sounded the best to me, and that's still what I do now lol. But for the most part I've stuck to really enjoying Slice of Life anime the most. Aria,Hidamari Sketch, Non Non Biyori, Flying Witch... those always somehow seem to stick with me more than any other show.

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Posted 3/14/17 , edited 3/14/17
When I first watched anime, I was kinda in the same boat. I liked AoT when it first came out, but not that much anymore. I'll still be watching the second season though ;3

For as if my tastes have stayed the same, I think I would have to say no.
When I first started watching anime, I just watched anything I could get my hands on or that I heard about online. Mostly a lot of shounen since those happen to be widely popular.
Now I usually watch them because I hear good things from reviewers/Youtubers I like, I enjoy the openings, or if they have nice figures, since I'm a sucker for good figures.

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Posted 3/14/17
I pretty much like most anything.

Except Quadelia Code and OPM.
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