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Posted 3/15/17 , edited 3/15/17
does anyone know why the 10th episode isn't on crunchyroll yet it aired yesterday

I need my fill of kobayashi, help me!!!
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Posted 3/15/17 , edited 8/19/17

kanatamea_kun wrote:

I need my fill of kobayashi, help me!!!

1) The Anime forum isn't the right place for questions of this sort; it's more discussion-oriented. A better place to ask and get speculative or knowledgeable answers would be in the existing discussion thread for the show, rather than starting a separate thread. However, since I can't merge threads, I've moved this over to the Site Support / Minor Questions forum.

2) "Episode 10" as a thread title is pretty useless. I've added a little more info so that at a glance someone has an idea of what the thread is about.

3) (Not completely your fault) you put the main part of your thread, which should have been in your opening post, in the "Description" which pretty much only gets displayed in very limited circumstances. Many people will never even see the "Description." (I'll edit your post to include that info).

4) From what I can tell the show is usually simulcast on Crunchyroll on Wednesday mornings, and it's currently only 20 minutes later than is showing on the show page, so while clearly delayed, it's kind of early to get panicky.

ETA moments later: and now it's up: /miss-kobayashis-dragon-maid/episode-10-troupe-dragon-on-stage-they-had-a-troupe-name-huh-728819
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