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Posted 3/15/17
I should have brought this up ages ago when the app got the major update but after months of trying to ignore it I'm pretty sick of it.

When the major update came out the viewing history was removed. Why? Knowing what the next ep I need to watch is a pain in the ass without it. If I rely on the link at the top to play the next episode (only after I add it to queue) then it messes up the order if I ever go back and watch an old episode (like if I show the first episode to a friend). Why would you remove a basic feature like the viewing history? At least on iOS (which still has the history list) you can see the progress on various eps to know which eps you've seen.

The second issue is more minor but still really bugs me. We used to be able to browse anime by broadcast season. This feature is still available on the site and on the iOS app. Why would you remove it? There are so many genre sorting options now that are simply less useful than browsing by season.

The interface on the latest update is just generally worse. You should make it so the Queue prioritizes shows you've most recently watched, not shows that were added to queue the earliest.

Another "feature" that was removed was the pop up that asks if you want to continue or restart an ep. It's really annoying that when I rewatch an ep I have to scroll back to the start of the episode because it's continuing playing at the end of the episode. I get not having a pop up every time you start a new episode but why not have a button on the side that says "restart episode" like how Hulu does it?
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