Any news on Crunchyroll Expo?
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Posted 3/15/17
I'm a vendor local to the Crunchyroll Expo, and I'm wondering if anyone has any news other than when and where it will be held. I have to make plans pretty far in advance if I'm going to have the right equipment and supplies for the area.
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Posted 4/6/17
Hey guys, so I have zero CR points but I wanted to start a new thread for CRX 2017. Could someone start it for me? Thanks. Here it is:

Thread Title: Crunchyroll Expo 2017 Roomate Thread

Description: Looking for roommates or a room? This is the thread for you!

The Post Itself:

(Stolen from the Fanime Forums)

What you need to know:
+ Please be respectful to your roommates along with everyone else on the same floor.
+ Please do not try to crowd beyond the maximum occupancy of the hotel since it is a fire hazard.
(If you have any other suggestion, please voice it out.)

Roommates Wanted: (only main leader can post it)
+ Introduction: Introduce yourself and your disposition/personality. Do you have Facebook or Tumblr? Feel free to post it up.
+ Hotel Information: where are you staying at and how long you're staying in.
+ Costs: how much for each person, how to pay, etc...
+ Requirements: what are you looking for, your set rules, etc...
+ Contact: How to get in touch. Please keep all your PMs and/or emails until the day they're check-in.
+ Miscellaneous: Anything else you like to add, such as health needs, whether you are cosplaying, etc.

Need a room:
+ Introduction: (same as above)
+ Hotel Information: where and how long you're willing to stay
+ Requirements: any restrictions or requests you like to make.
+ Contact: (same as above)
+ Miscellaneous: (same as above)

Please write in bold and underline if you have fulfilled your need for a room or for roommates.
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Posted 4/6/17
As of today, tickets for CRX 2017 are on sale!!
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Posted 6/1/17
i need to know their guests before i buy a badge
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Posted 9/6/17
Event over please look forward to the new one!
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