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☆Land of sweets☆
Posted 3/16/17 , edited 3/16/17
so apparently, if you rub olive oil after removing the sticker, the oil will remove any residue left, leaving the manga clean, residue-free! it's also safe, it won't damage the manga cover. i was able to remove all kinokuniya stickers this way, it works wonders.

special thanks to the guy for sharing this life hack
How to remove annoying sticker residue in 10 sec
Posted 3/16/17
I've always used a hair dryer to loosen the stickers and then gently peel them off. Works most of the time.

If I run into a stubborn one I guess I can try it. I usually just use tape to pull off residue.
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34 / M / outer wall, level...
Posted 3/17/17
peanut butter if its a plastic jacket.
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Posted 3/17/17 , edited 3/17/17
Just completely rip off the cover. 10/10
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