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Posted 3/16/17 , edited 3/16/17
I read the first chapter of Kemono Jihen and I have got say that I got Tokyo Ghoul vibes from it.


Here's the synopsis:

Kemono Jihen is about a boy known as Dorota-bou who is avoided by the people who surround him, and Inugami, a detective who specializes in the occult. The story begins with Inugami arriving at the boy's town to investigate a case where many cattle are dying and their bodies rot in just one night.

I'm surprised not many people know or heard about this series, though it's fairly new, I feel that this could eventually become a big series like Tokyo Ghoul. Though only time will tell if this series can keep on going without it getting cancelled like most new series that came out recently.

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Posted 12/8/17
yeh, I read the first three scanlated, but whoever was doing it fell by the wayside. Currently ordering the manga from Japan so I can translate it myself. From first impressions seems better than Tokyo Ghoul to me (but I lost interest in that after like volume 5)
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Posted 12/28/17
Was gonna check it out until I heard about the scanlators dropping it. I might try it if it gets picked up thpugh.
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