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Posted 3/22/17

CronoT wrote:

MagicHatMan wrote:

CronoT wrote:

Seeing as how I'm probably not the only thirty-something on here, I probably won't embarrass myself too much.

I got a bonus gift card for Amazon from work, so I decided to get something I had been wanting for some time, but had decided it wa too juvenr to spend money from my paycheck on it. Now that I've purchased a realistic Master Sword, I may purchase an SAO Elucidator, as well.

Sword is super cool. Kinda tempted to get my own x )

If you ever buy the Elucidator, please do post pics as well :D

This one I got relatively cheap, as far as real cosplay quality swords go. It's real carbon steel; ie, it WILL hold an edge if I decide to put one on it. The cost of both the sword & the shipping was less than $40. All the Elucidator swords I've seen run at least $60+.

I'd have to REALLY WANT IT for that price. I'm more likely to get the Shield next, since most of them run around the same price.

Sounds like some real A-grade stuff :p
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