Post Reply Are other folks have issues with shows not playing.
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Posted 3/17/17 , edited 3/17/17
Live in California with good internet provider and I am a paying subscriber. Lately I have been trying to watch some titles I didn't catch earlier or re-watch some stuff. Deltora Quest, Berserk, Naruto Shippudan from like 6 seasons back. The first episodes play and sometimes the next. Or sometimes it freezes. Never play 3 in a row without it freezing up. I can quite out to another web page and come back and restart and usually whatever I pick will play. But not always.

Before I go whining to customer service is this unique to me? I read the post about the recent changes that were supposed to make things better but didn't and that did not look like it applied to older titles but I'm not sure.
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Posted 3/17/17
This question post should be posted in this forum instead:

And no, I haven't been having any issues like that. Of course, I usually only watch two episodes of something at a time at most, unless I'm really into a show that's already finished, since I watch most of my anime on here as it comes out. But I haven't really been having any issues with older shows either.
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