Post Reply Anything to Do with the Live Action GitS Movie? No, just No.
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Posted 3/18/17 , edited 3/18/17
I love this site, and all the anime it provides and all. But just do not offer anything to do with that movie that is loosely (like, more loose than a five dollar hooker on two dollar night) based on the Ghost in the Shell manga/animes. It's a whitewashing piece of crap that needs to flop hard, so that Hollywood will stop screwing up these stories. Did they not learn their lesson from the DBZ movie?

So no, I don't want movie tickets, posters, anything. The only thing I want is for that movie to fail.
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Posted 3/18/17 , edited 3/18/17
No one is forcing you to go see it, dude. Some people are actually optimistic about the movie. And you can't just assume every Hollywood anime adaptation will be bad forever because they screwed up Dragonball Evolution. The guy responsible for that movie even apologized recently, saying he was just trying to make a quick buck at the time.
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