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Posted 3/19/17 , edited 3/19/17
Hey, sorry if this is not the right place but the help section didn't seem appropriate and the anime section isn't the place for a question like this.

So, I got to watching this weeks DB Super and the subtitles are off as the conventions have changed, but for the worse because if "Khai" is how you're going to translate then "King Kai's Fist" is an example of

Please get the subs back to how they've been for the first 81 episodes of the show!

Thanks :)

PS because this doesn't matter much, buuuut really, "Marcarita" guys? I know you have to change names for JoJo because of some sort of weird, legal stuff but not only does Whis clearly enunciate the g sound he pronounces her name in a Spanish accent! Is this to protect kids? If so it's counter productive.because evening having that clearly misspelled every time is just going to cause people to google what they hear. Which is what happened with Jojo.
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