cute, light-hearted manga?
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Posted 3/19/17 , edited 3/19/17
I've just recently started reading manga again, and I'm currently reading Sailor Moon and am planning on reading Cardcaptor Sakura after that. I've been browsing both mangafox and mangareader but I'm having a hard time finding a manga that seems as "cute" and light-hearted as Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura is (talking from my experience with the anime).

Do you have any recommendations on what to read? It would be nice if it were some excitement in it, like a quest (such in the anime I've mentioned). I don't want it to be too "calm" (I don't want it to get boring you know). I liked Usagi Drop the anime, and I guess that's sort of what I'm looking for, but a bit more stuff going on. I'm sorry if my request is too narrow! if so, feel free to just go for the "cute and light-hearted" manga you can think of. And preferably a completed one, since it stresses me out not knowing if I'll ever find a site which will complete it.

if you can't bother to read all of the above: I'm looking for a manga in the same style as Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon, preferably a completed one.

Thank you! ~
Posted 3/19/17 , edited 3/19/17
Magic Knight Rayearth is the first thing that comes to mind if you enjoyed Cardcaptor Sakura.
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Posted 3/19/17 , edited 3/19/17
Some other manga to consider, all completed:

Ah My Goddess! : A bit of action, a lot of romance--though very little relationship drama, as the two leads are head-over-heals for each other--a lot of comedy, and a great ending. Art starts off pretty bad, but gets good.

Kagetora : Young ninja fall for the cute girl he's supposed to be guarding. Cliched, but sweet. Some action, mostly martial arts sparring or training.

Change 123: Cute in a different way. Nerdy kid discovers that his crush has three other personalities--all of whom are insanely good martial artists. He vows to help her. LOTS of boobs, lots of violence, but if you don't mind that, there is a really cute story at the center.

Inari Kon Kon: Girl makes friends with a Goddess and inherits part of her power--with consequences for both of them. A lot of plot, not much in the way of action, both the girl and the goddess have very sweet romances.'

Angel Densetsu: Main character has the looks of a demon but the heart of an angel. Art is awful, so be warned. But the manga is hilarious. Lots of fighting--high school brawling stuff--as folks pick fights with the MC. Most of them end up becoming his friend--and he even gets a love interest or two. Lots of "awww" moments in between the laughs.

Similar to Usagi Drop (cute kids, awkward and love-struck adults) -- none are quite as relaxed as Usagi Drop, but not much action either.
-- Aishiteruze Baby
-- Taro-Kun wa Kou Miete...
-- Papa to Mama Hajimemashita (short)
-- Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie (a bit more drama here)
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Posted 3/26/17 , edited 3/26/17
A Town Where You Live : Kimi No Iru Machi.
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