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Posted 3/20/17
Hello all. I had ordered the Rem mini dakimakura pillow back in December, and if I'm recalling correctly, it had a release date of March 2017. Problem is, I can't check anything on that now as if I click on the link in my order, it just takes me to the store as the item isn't listed anymore... Is anyone able to give some clarification on what's going on with the pillow, and if it's still scheduled for this month?

At the same time, why doesn't Crunchyroll keep pre-order items they've sold out of listed at least so that buyers can still look at the info provided for it? I can understand delisting them once they're released and there's no stock, but doing it beforehand seems kinda cumbersome to the customers. Just a thought.
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Posted 3/31/17
I am in the same position. I ordered the same product. I had emailed Crunchyroll about this and all they said was that March was just the estimated delivery date, and that they would ship the item as soon as they received it. Well today's the last day in March and still nothing.
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