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Posted 3/20/17 , edited 3/20/17
for example my grandparents had this dog while i was growing up thru middle and highschool. On the family hiearchy the dog came before me. For instance one time i by accident stepped on her paw. My grandpa screamed at mewhich made my mom end up saying we will leave, which do you want, us, or the dog, he said he wanted the dog and for us to get out. Another example , in highschool i was allergic to so much shit my meals consisted of palm size broccoli and cheese and maybe some rice, at my grandmas where i would live alot, there was this small drawer where i had my food, tiny drawer a foot long, not even,after time that became the dogs treat drawer and i didnt have food, and the meals that would be cooked, before i could finish it my plate would be taken and given to the dog, and id be hungry
because of this I was like 95 pounds lol

and they wonder why I hated that dog
oh because I wanted to go into the vetinary field since I was a kid they would always shove that in my facetoo lol
"how can you be a vet if you don't like our dog?" well gee

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Posted 3/20/17
Yup, back in December 2016 (shortly before Christmas) my brother and mother went and left to live with someone who has more money than me and my dad do (I know this, because I still see my brother sometimes, he has nice looking shirts and a nice pair of leather boots, something me and my dad would never be able to afford right now). My mom also lied saying my dad never let her leave the house, yet she went for walks each day, and talked to our neighbors for 4 hours a day. Another day (the day before my mom and brother left) a protective services agent came to the door saying my dad wasn't buying food (which we always have plenty of food) and said my dad never let my mom leave the house. (my mom called the agent and tried to tell them my dad wasn't taking care of us, and not letting my mom go anywhere, which were complete lies). I tried to talk to my brother and he just ignored me, and my dad also had to pay 190$ for pictures that she wanted, even though they were pictures she ordered. Then my brother came back, but not to stay, he just came back for the TV, xbox and all the other games for it (left me with 2 games). They still live with someone else, but it doesn't bother me.
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