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Posted 3/20/17 , edited 3/20/17
With the Winter season coming to an END, I was curious as what were your favorite moments this season and what were your least favorite moments?

Here are some of my favorites/ least favorites!!!

My Favorites( so far );

Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid;

When Kanna is getting her school supplies and her face sparkles when they go into the cute shop.
& Episode 10 in its entirety.


When Darkness pretends to be pregnant. Kazumas reaction was priceless!

Gabriel Dropout;

Shooting Satania with the Laughing Gun and When Raphi is unable to participate in the physical exam

Least Favorites

Masamune-Kuns Revenge;

I know it’s essential to the story but I just can’t stand Kanetsugu!!!


My Boy Truck-Kun failed me bad!!!!!!!!! (Even though I like the anime original lol)

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Posted 3/26/17 , edited 3/26/17
This is my third time typing this out cos my computer doesn't want to post this!

HAHA anyways I think there wasn't anything in particular for me that stood out this season and I've been becoming more and more busy so I don't know what to say is my favourite...

I think YowaPeda is going good so far (tho I'm so sad about the third years ) and I still haven't seen ma boy singing mA JAM! Other than that I guess Fuuka was okay but the ending was too rushed.... the music was great tho.

And ones that weren't so good was hands down BanG Dream (I'm so sorry but this is an opinion. I'm so sorry if you like this show... ) cos it was a K-On rip-off. TBH I didn't really like K-On either (AGAIN IM SO SORRYYYYYY) cos they were all like yeah we have a goal and 3 seasons later they... still haven't done much. great plot much

I would write more but I'm kinda tired of typing this again and again cos I keep forgetting to copy it all before it fails again
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